Picking a House is sooooo hard! (just like–) :feh_notlikethis:

Firstly, no spoilers! I’m trying to go into this game knowing as little as possible. So, no story spoilers, unit stats, etc.

I’m struggling to pick a House in FETH. :feh_notlikethis: I love all of the characters (Claude, Dimitri, Eldegard), but picking one is hard. I’ve say I’m stuck between picking Eldegard, because the characters from there, and Claude, even tho I hate archers in FE. But, I’m still conflicted. And I’d even pick Dimitri, cause I like him too, but… man. It’s hard choosing. Who would you chose?

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Well it seems like you know this but just in case you don’t, just choose for the main lord

I’ll go Male Byleth first playthrough with Black Eagles,then go Female Byleth second playthrough to Golden Deers.

Then,i’ll just toss a coin for the gender and go Blue Lions on third playthrough.


Yeah, I’m going M! Byleth. He looks cool! But, I still don’t know what House to choose…

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I would, but I may not be satisfied with the result, which would probably be Claude.

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I made a poll as well and now I’m going with F!Byleth because of it. Not sure if that’s good or bad.

Well, try with a random house and try to understand if you like the lord/students. If you are disappointed reset the game and try another house.

Britain, France, or Switzerland?

Switzerland for me. :feh_corrinmug:

Of course.

I’m the Swiss Miss after all. :ylgrwink:


Holdy came up with that name.

Well, of course he did.

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You should also choose based on the students you want in the house. Unless the recruit mechanic is more than I think I’d probably go with Blue Lions

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Well, I like Dorothea, Mercedes (I think that’s her name?), and Ashe.

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Easiest thing would be to pick Blue Lions because mercedes and Ashe are both there already, and you can probably recruit Dorothea

I am simple.

I saw Edelgard in the first E3 trailer and i decided to stan her forever. So Black Eagles was a pretty easy pick


I pick based on ideals closest to mine.

  • black eagles: control and power
  • blue lions: still think a religious city-state is a good idea
  • golden deer: pretending that giving everyone what they want is feasible. Aka potatoes.

All my opinions of course. But I ain’t about to choose a faction I think stands for foolish ideals.