Picking a wyrmprint for Xanderfried


About to start running some high Brunnhilda and I’m not sure which wyrmprint would be the most effective on Xainfried.
First wyrmprint is volcanic queen obviously
Second wyrmprint I’m torn on. I have:
1 UB Resounding Rendition
0 UB Heralds of Hinomoto
3 UB Gale of Beauty
MUB Hitting the books
MUB Fresh Perspective
And all the Valentine’s Day wyrmprints and some healing wyrmprints.
I also have 2 golden keys at my disposal.
Again, looking for the most effective damage dealing wyrmprint.
Edit: Thanks! Look like Gale of Beauty is the pick. I’m wondering if I should use a key or wait for the wyrmprint shop update.


To be honest, Xainfried is meant to maximize his dragon form length and therefore doesn’t have that great of a personal DPS outside of being a dragon. As such, you’ll probably want to stack dragon time with that Gale of Beauty of yours. You’re pretty lucky having 3ub already, so mub it to increase the dragon time and broken punisher on it. As it is a hybrid and the HBH wyrmprint will take the other slot, it’s probably the best choice since it dips into two of the three things Xain wants: Dragon Time, Broken Punisher, and Dragon Preparation. All important parts to make Xainfried dish out some punishment during the break state.


Since you have Gale of Beauty I say slap a key or something on it to MUB, Guardian’s Fury + Broken Punisher in dragon form will fucking wreck havoc. Otherwise I like to use Heralds of Hinomoto, the skill haste is nice on top of the skill damage.