Picnic Felicia IVs

While summoning for another Flora for better IVs, I got another Felicia when there were no reds. My current Felicia is + Spd and the new one is +Res. I’m leaning towards +Res since it benefits her weapon but I’d like some opinions since I’ll merge them.

  • +Speed
  • +Resistance

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I put this in the Q&A section, hope you don’t mind. Added the Picnic Felicia tag too. I think +Spd is better, as her Res is pretty high already. She’ll be able to double against more opponents whose Res are closer to her own. You’re lucky getting her! Congrats!

I think she has enough speed to double or not get doubled by most things (speed is one of those stats that kinda becomes useless after a while),resistance only adds to bulk and damage with Glacies/Iceberg.

I think having high speed becomes infinitely more useful when you’re running special fighter. In order of usefulness of boons on her I’d go atk > spd > res > def >>>>>>>>> hp.
So in your case speed. You can easily make a case for res too, but I’d prefer her to be as fast as possible to take on the speediest units

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Wow, seems quite mixed so far.

If you’re keeping the prf, I definitely say +res. I think she already doubles mostly everything.