Picnic Felicia: +Spd or +Res

So now here refine is here, I can use trait fruits on her without worry.

Given she’s got the menace and getting a fairly easy +8 to all by HP conditions before the Res compare, I’m not sure if she particularly needs the +Spd so securing more from the Res compare and the DR against more things may be the better option.

Basically I suck at committing to using rare fodder and items so if anyone can give a shove, it would be appreciated.


I would say it depends on her B skill.
Special Fighter screams +Spd to me.
Crafty/Slick/Wily Fighter have an easier time with +Res.

At max investment (which is your case) I think her best set is:
+Res IV, Sturdy Stance 3, Slick Fighter 3, A/D Near Save 3, Steady Breath.

Let me explain why: her prf’s Res check means she must always have penalty neutralization in order to not lose it when debuffed, but she also wants penalty neutralization on Atk/Spd/Def, meaning Unity skills (which only give 2) are out of the question, and instead go for Slick fighter.

The also must-have guard effect then goes for the A slot. Having already a defensive NFU in prf’s refine and auto-double on Slick, means her most desired stats become Atk and Def, which explains Sturdy Stance and A/D Near Save. The breath effect is a given in SS, probably with Noontime to sustainability or Ruptured Sky.

With this set her match up against F!Edel is always consistent and she has the most defensive potential against other PP melee units like B!Eirika.


Bro, did you just send P!Felicia flying?


Lol I meant near save, my bad haha


Just an hour ago I saw a super-speedy DR build for P!Felicia on Reddit, but it seems that the topic got deleted… but since it somehow fits your question, I tried to recreate it:


IIRC the Res comparison factors just the visible stats in, so the spectrum +8 in combat has no influence on it… under these circumstances you should definitely go for +Res


Thanks for the advice. I have gone +Res for her which has the nice side effect of having her Res stat match with her big sister.



While I think the Stance skills are a good option for the A slot. I think Atk/Spd Unity is even better. Guard isn’t necessarily a must when the unit doesn’t get doubled. Either the opponent has their special ready before combat and the guard effect is redundant, or P!Felicia is fast enough to prevent doubles and double herself. This should be your aim. A Unity skill with Spd guarantees your unit’s speed stat doesn’t get undermined by debuffs and panic. Units that initiate can get really speedy without much effort, a B!Eirika with Atk/Spd Menace can ruin your day, that’s why nowadays I recommend Atk/Spd Unity for these types of units. Also having the stats in both phases is an added bonus.

IMO even though her weapon relies on Res, I still prefer to focus on Spd first. If we get Spd/Res Unity that would be her best option.