Picnic Felicia still good?

I was wondering if Picnic Felicia is still a good unit, I have her +1 with +Atk


Every unit is good with enough work behind it
Besides that if yours is merged she has no flaw since that goes away when merging a unit

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So +Atk?

yeah my bad forgot the bad stat goes away with merge


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yeah, she’s still great. even with +attack, her attack is still a bit low so she won’t be oneshotting many things unless they’re squishy. still, she makes for a great res tank and DC user if you wish to give her that.

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This reminds me, I got a -atk one on my second account :elisad:

yeh I also have her +Atk @+1

So? If she’s any one of +Def/Res, or even +Spd, she still works.

She’s +res. But that’s only 26 attack. 42 with her prf. She’d have to rely on specials for damage.

I’d have something to say about it, I honestly haven’t used her Prf enough to know how does Res factor in. Do visual Res buffs help her?

And that’s pretty much the whole idea for her character. There’s a reason she’s packed with Special Fighter, and comes with Spd/Def Bond. I would’ve preferred to take -Atk over -Def (also superbane) on my first one. With that in mind, she’s actually pretty good when you realise she can play mixed phase.

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I believe so. It says “at start of combat” which usually means visible value. So buffs would probably help. To be honest though her prf doesn’t look all that good. Thinking maybe something like this. Get all those icebergs off.

Not sure if I’ll actually use her honestly, I already have a Surtr and a B!Ephraim I haven’t leveled yet.

Well, if you have +Res and visuals do actually count, it’s pretty insane. Play to her advantages. This means she can get the extra +Atk/Spd a lot easier. If you have access to something like Fortify Armour, it makes it a lot better for her.

She can easily run something like Glacies, thanks to Special Fighter. She doesn’t even need a Slaying Axe for that. I personally gave her Wo Gún, since she can easily hit for +40 Dmg off of it.

Her Prf’s debuffs are during combat, meaning she can actually stack them with Ploys (visual debuffs)…she can consistently get an extra +10 Atk out of this. Atk Ploy isn’t a bad idea, considering she can also tank physical hits decently. I’d switch for Atk/Def Bond, or maybe even Brazens.

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Yeah except not quite. Her weapon doesn’t give her atk/spd, it reduces the enemies.

I know it doesn’t, but it essentially does. It’s basically the same to reduce +5 stats. The difference is still going to be that you’re +5 stats ahead of your opponent, regardless.

Bottom line, not only is she fixable, but she’s actually pretty good.

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Yes, but reducing their attack doesn’t help hers though. The spd is good, and she’ll be more tanky but she won’t hit harder :elisad: but agreed, she’s certainly salvageable.

Do you know if I should use Aether or Glacies on Felicia I’ve tried out both but can’t seem to see which one is better

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How would you build P!Felicia

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Generally Picnic Felicia is more defensive and Picnic Flora is more offensive.

Eldhrimnir reduces foes Atk and Spd which essentially gives Felicia more Spd, Def, and Res, this improving her bulk. Her kit complements this with Spd/def bond and special fighter.

Saehrimnir r dices foes Atk and def. Reduceing their atk is ok for her bulk but the main draw is the reduction of defense which boosts Flora’s effective Atk to astronomical levels (especially with death blow or ar-d Atk/res if active). Again, her kit helps her be an offensive powerhouse with bold fighter and armor March.

A -Atk Felicia will deal less damage but if you play to her strangths she will serve her role well. As others have said DC is allows her that be a mage slayer, but she can tank mages just fine without it. Her def at 30 is good but not great. However once Eldhrimnir is factorednin it becomes at least 35 in most cases and Spd/def bond boosts it further. Slap Atk/def bond on her and she is one of the tankiest units in the game.