Picnic Felicia Which IVs?

I have two of them, and dont know which one to merge into the other. The first one is -def +res, which is a combination I always appreciated because of her weapon’s effect. The second one I got is is -def +spd.

I use her with her regular kit + DC on her A slot and atk/spd bond on her SS slot.

Which one should I merge? And do you guys maybe have any suggestions on her build?
Thanks in advance!

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if you’re running DC on her, i would merge into the res. Felicia’s speed is already pretty good and doesn’t need to be touched too much, and while her res is also good, it will help her tank more.


It’s difficult. I would say +spd because with all the speed powercreep these days you’ll likely find she doesn’t double that often. But +res is also a very viable option

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Yes, I’ll recommend speed too, her mixed bulk is pretty good already and she can be supported to boost it, improving her speed will help with her default [Special Fighter 3] and doubling in general.

I don’t have any suggestions, the build is really good as it is :ok_hand:t2: but if you use other armors with her she might enjoy some buffs from them via their C-skills


+Res or +Spd, but probably +Res
+res boosts her weapon which in turn boosts her Spd, solving both issues (kinda)

For your consideration:

Which do you like more?