Is there anywhere near Pinsirs, or any location I can snipe too? Struggling to find one

just stop spoofing and play Heart Gold instead lmao


Sure, what’s your username?

not a snitch for Niantic because who doesn’t love cheaters


sounds like a case of “they hate us cuz they anus “ lol. Dude just wants a pinsir. Rats are worse than cheats. By far.

There are spoofer subreddits that would be better places to ask a question like this. There’s also the Silph nest atlas, since Pinsir is a nesting species.

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I remember that is what they said in middle school indeed

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The better question is… how did you get here before Silph? That is, by far, the largest resource for Pokemon Go information online.

Edit: Also, unless I’m very much mistaken, doesn’t Cliff still lead with a Pinsir? Take his, it’s a guaranteed spawn that you’ll A) have to do at some point to get the current shadow legendary (Entei as of this writing), and B) is definitely tough, but definitely doable.

Or, go out in the rain.


I have Pinsir left and right but what I want is Heracross and Scyther