Pity 40th Pull

So I’m at 35/40 pulls on the Fallen banner (Pity broken by Rinkah, don’t feel bad for me :joy:), but after failing so consistently to pull Fallen Ike and sinking so many orbs into this, I feel like it may be more prudent to pick the best bang for my buck here. Since the pity pull will have to be neutral IV, who would be my best option here? Julia or Lyon? I know I sunk so much into getting Ike, but again I’d much rather have these orbs contribute to something with maximum utility and like everyone else I have like 50 red swords of all movement types.

As always, I really appreciate people’s’ thoughts and opinions on this! I’d also love to hear how these heroes have been in combat for you guys so far :smile:

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depends on what unit’s you lack.

at neutral stats either F!Julia or F!Lyon perform better especially Lyon he can tank a lot of ranged units even unmerged F!Julia is very good because of that B slot and her tome is great too. If you invested in Julius his refine might be similar but we dont know nothing, if you already have a specialized green raven tome (Robinne or Cecilia well maybe go Ike but he works better merged and with speed boon)


Julia gets screwed by worse IVs worse
She has 3 bad boons (HP, Spd, Def), and 2 bad banes (Atk and Res)
Lyon has 2 bad boons (HP, Spd) and 3 bad banes (Atk, Def Res)


I have an optimized Cecilia build and I still went Lyon for three reasons

  1. I like Lyon a lot
  2. I need a green Raventome for Light Season
  3. Staff/Firesweep counter

Would you rather have a neutral F!Lyon or +Def with the intention of eventually +10 him?

That’s honestly what a big concern of mine was! I have a +Spd L.Celica , so I wasn’t sure if it was the best idea to go for Lyon or not. I also have a +Atk Kiria and neural L.Julia, so maybe there’s not much of a point in picking her over Lyon?

Wrong Green Mage Gal. Cecilia is the horseback one. L!Celica has a drastically different playstyle from F!Lyon so I wouldn’t compare the two.

If you have Kiria she fills a similar niche as F!Julia, so I would go for Lyon.

I do have Julia but I’m leveling her up rn. Lyon has definitely clutched some wins thanks to the amount of ranged units I see on Dark season. Even tanked a Soiree Ishtar twice and a stray Leanne.

I think Lyon is the better long term option just because percent-based skills and effects tend to have tons of longevity in FEH (Urvan, Divine Tyrfing, Crusader’s Ward, Lunar Arc, Close Call/Repel).

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Met a +6 Nagi this morning in Arena. My core has no red or dragon effective units, so that was a long match where I had to chip away at her with a Firesweep Norne. FML I need to build Itsuki ASAP

Oof, where was your Ashnard?

From my summons, I got all 3 of them. I chose Lyon for my free summon since he is pretty good against ranged units and null c distrupt helps him counter ranged units that would usually stop him. He also has middling def/res, so if you put fortress def/res on him he can be a reliable tank.

Julia is designed to be good at nuking with her high attack and to counter mages with her res. I believe her kit is based around being alone too, so you’d have to consider a team that best works with that.

Like most people have said, depends on what you’re looking for in these units. All of them have good fodder and good kit to moderately invest in. Between the two, I think Julia has heavier competition (Lysthia, Kiria, Lilina). Og lilina works similar to her (high attack, fairly high res, low def and meh speed). The nice thing about Julia is her B skill.

I would say Lyon is probably a better pick since although he also had competition with other greens, he can fill a different role. The only comparison I can think of to him would be Boey. Since Boey has poor speed and decent res and good defence.


Not built yet, got Mordy, Echidna, Norne and Mercedes builds to spend feathers on.

I need a solid red arena unit though. So suggestions are welcome

Itsuki and Astram are the two big ones but Ashnard is definitely a unit I didn’t think I’d invest in but uh…
vietnam flashbacks of arena teams of Marth Emblem and Chrom Emblem
I had to adapt.

B and Seal are jank I know, but I wanted him to be a threat at all times

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As someone who has L!Celica (-speed though Oof) I would definitely say that both her and Lyon have different roles.

Celica is a speedy unit, best against units with high res because of her weapon. Lyon is slower but better against units like L!Alm or Reinhardt because of his damage reduction in battle.

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I think I’ll definitely be going with F.Lyon then :smile: General consensus seems to be that he doesn’t mind being neutral, performs a really unique role amongst green tomes, and has long term applicability.


I shied away from him simply because of a lack of powerful skills for fliers compared to infantry. If he had armor or dragon effectiveness that would put my mind more at ease.

Units with a set role do have a tendency to age better than “bundle of stat” units like the f!corrin’s or the f!/L!tiki

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Also, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Kiria as the third red on this month’s Mythic banner. I don’t think she has appeared on another banner since her debut. As was said above, Kiria fulfills a similar role to F. Julia

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F!Julia is good, but many other units can perform her role pretty much just as well. F!Lyon is also good, but the other units that perform his role lack the damage reduction on his weapon, and that really sets him apart. As already mentioned, damage reduction skills have longevity because they scale with power creep (oh, your new ranged unit has 4 more attack than any other? It’s only 2 more attack against F!Lyon).


I got my free Lyon this morning :smile: You’re definitely right about Julia, I figured my Kiria fills basically the same role as her anyway, so the decision became a lot easier after that