Pity System

Hey guys, just wanted to get a discussion going about the hypothetical implementation of Pity system that we see in other gaccha games like Genshin Impact and etc. I can say on behalf of everyone that we don’t like getting shafted on banners. For example, I’ve spent almost 10,000 CC on the new Gogeta banner and still have not pulled a single copy of him. If you do not know what a pity system is, In games like Genshin Impact, they have a system where if a person spends lets say 5000 CC, they are guaranteed to get the featured unit in that banner. I personally think this will be a great implementation to make the players and the community happy and the game more rewarding and enjoyable. Let me know your thoughts!

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1-10k is not a lot of crystals
2-We have legends tickets, which is this game’s pity system, it sucks hell and needs a revamp though
3-Its Bandai

Just as the other guy said, we have a pity system called Legends Tickets. It does need a revamp tho. You need to spend 100k crystals (correct me if I am wrong) to get enough legends tickets for an LF.

I say an LF for 20k to 25k cc looks great. But since it’s Bandai and Toshi, don’t have any hopes lol.