Pkmn Master Casual wondering of "Optimizing"

So I’ve been playing Masters for a good while now (played a bit, stopped near the first halloween event, and then rejoined around the time I think when Cynthia was first teased in the newsletter?). But that’s been primarily in my own bubble. I just want to hear it from a potentially bigger net.

What’s currently the meta and the meta units? Is there something I could try focusing on if I want to get a little but into the fold? … are units like Kommo-o Cynthia and Gloria good? And most importantly “how do you decide team composition?”, cause I am not that great at it.

Tldr; Give me an idea of the more “competitive?” Aspect that Masters has… much to the bubble that I currently use. Go ahead, I can take it. I hope.

Cynthia with Kommo-o is alright, like a lot of other units, but just not outstanding. She can definitely work with dedicated support like Whimsicott and the upcoming Dialga with Dragon Zone though. I think Gloria with Zacian is the best Steel attacker right now? So definitely usable, but rn power creep has made the meta revolve around pairs that can offtype the vast majority of hard content like CSMM 2k, like Necrozma and the weather duo.

CSMM… that’s Champion’s Stadium (Just noticed the Master Mode), I’m guessing from the acronym. I figured it would be a challenge, but not to the point of it being described like that.

But I Do have Necrozma, albeit lvl 1, so any team comp help can be useful. It might be harder for me, but I’ve been wanting to use her for a while now.

…another unit I’m curious on is Mega Ray. I still have the perception of Mainline where they’re AG. I’m guessing that’s not the case here? Or is it, and I’m undervaluing him.

Mega Ray is sorta underwhelming compared to its dominance in the MSG, but it does perfectly fine against Flying weak stages (best Flying attacker IMO).

About Master Mode, the point cap raise from 1.5k to 2k definitely ramps up the challenge a bit, since you could just fit all the Attack up tiles and make 1.5k points, so CS back then was just a matter of how fast you could clear, but with 2k you’re kinda forced to pick up 2-3 tiles that make your enemy a lot bulkier. To be fair though, the additional rewards you get from 2k are much less significant than those you can already get from 1.5k point clears, so you don’t necessarily need to do 2k. Besides you can always just use toxic stall on harder CS stages.

So going back a bit on Necrozma. What team do you reccomend for them?

Bianca is a good partner if you have her, weather and terrains in this game are absolutely busted and you can even use Musharna as a secondary attacker with Stored Power. For the tank I use SS Blue, but really any half-decent tank with gauge or Speed support will do.

…time for a casual question (oh boy). Which tanks are the best right now? I don’t have SS Blue, and I think the only tank I’ve used are Rosa… Pheobe a few times, and I think Halloween Caitlin?

Yeah, I can’t figure out a tank from the pack of offensives.

Halloween Caitlin is definitely one of the better tanks thanks to good buffs and setting dual screens on sync. To be fair, a lot of the units in this game are pretty good at “tanking” like taking damage, but what makes the game’s top tanks stand out is what else they can bring to the team aside from being a damage sponge, like Skyla having good gauge management in group Speed buffs and guaranteed MGR on Gust as well as Potions, Ingo being a mainstay on pretty much the majority of dual striker teams thanks to group Free Move Next, Hop actually being able to deal good damage thanks to his offensive buffs and Freevenge, Sycamore’s omnipresence in Villa teams with probably the game’s most MP independent buffing and healing, and SS Blue having literally everything, I guess.