Place your bets here! Any more future freebie servants?

So our clairvoyance tells us that the only remaining pick-a-servant ticket is expected to be in 1 1/2 years with the 20M DL campaign. Any true clairvoyant among us want to call if/when the next ticket is available :fgo_elementarymydear:

  • Hell No
  • Yes, 25M DL campaign
  • Yes, Camelot movie 1
  • Yes, Camelot movie 2
  • Yes, Solomon
  • Who needs free servants :fgo_insane:

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Hoping we get a new SR/SSR ticket with the Camelot movie campaign (along with an animation update and a buff for Larturia if we’re lucky) this December. if not, we’re gonna have to wait until the 25M campaign next year

I was not sure if you just meant ssr ticket or sr ticket. But the ssr ticket is a hell no, and I honestly do not see an sr ticket for Camelot either. Not even sure they want to rush that event given all the Covid stuff messing up the HF3 timing and all that jazz.

Given we only have like 2 welfares this year… I guess maybe they might give us a ticket to compensate. But idk, probably not this year.

I can see them eventually doing an SSR ticket every anniversary starting from the 6th one but wouldn’t reach the limited SSR part until the pool get much bigger than what we have now. For SR then it gonna be a while until we see one since people now experienced the feeling of grabbing a free SSR.


so it appears I messed up when setting up the poll and it doesn’t show who voted for what. Can I just add public=true and not mess up the casted votes :fgo_jeannu:

YAMEROOOO uhm, I guess you can.

Apparently no after a test post. welp 1st time for everything

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Probably the Camelot movie, a good amount of the important servants are SRs that you can get from the free SR ticket, so would make sense just like we got the SR ticket of Babilonia that showed us that we were able to get Caster Gilgamesh and Gorgon from the ticket, two important servants on the serie


I think we’ll get a free servant next month, with the annual christmas event


From what I recall, they didn’t sound like they were in a hurry to cough up another SSR ticket when they were asked about it, but we never know for sure.

More SR tickets seems like a safe bet, though.


What if we get sr ticket but only for the Camelot servant?

That would be (no offence) kinda stupid

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Rather than giving more SSR tickets, I’d be happier if they introduced a reasonable pity system, like many of us frequently wish for. Guaranteeing an SSR Servant result for every 200 cumulative rolls or something would be reasonable and allow even “F2P” players to save strategically.


1 USO every couple dozens of consecutive rolls with no SSR would be great. :fgo_illya:

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I not-so-secretly hope for a revamp to the USO system as well, because DW has a good record of making changes retroactively benefit the players…

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That would be great but I personally think it’s very unlikely to happen since it’d be a huge impact on your (even my) future spending. Even when they changed 10 rolls to 11 rolls, imagine if they “refunded” us 1 free roll for every 10 rolls we’ve done since we started playing, that’d be pretty insane.

(Okay now I’m sad reading my own post…)


(Deep down inside, I do agree with that system of 200 rolls for 1 SSR but that would be too nice)
If something could happen to USO, I think they could change it to:
-You can get 1 USO per banner as long as you roll 500 SQs or more and it is limited to only one per banner. (There would be a count to see how much SQs you spent on the banner similar to how they count Free Quartz and Paid Quartz)
-Story summon USO would be reset every months (This is to bait players) so you can get 1 USO if you roll 500 SQs on Story a month.
-All servants’ USO cost lowered down to 5.

I feels that it does give a more incentive to rolling hard for one banner even after you already got the servant and it would still benefit players alike even if they get shafted.


It’s okay i know it’s kinda stupid
Considering Camelot movie, and “probably” LB 6 coming soon i just thinking DW gonna milking every Camelot servant until it’s last drop in every way posibble.
Anyway Servant Agravain when DW?

USOs are so rare for most players that even a change like decreasing the price for a Servant to 5 USOs and retroactively doubling the USOs awarded up to that point would impact few players while making it more likely that the majority of players might eventually get to pick a Servant if they spent occasionally or saved hardcore for a couple of banners each year.

Even if they removed USO system, I doubt that the majority would even notice (except for some); but then they have to make a system in place of it so I’ll rather them try making better changes now.