Placing the new fallen units in the tier list

Thanks for coming to my ted talk :feh_sothispout:

With the exception of Fallen M!Corrin I’ve tried out all the new heroes. This is a very strong batch of new heroes. Ok, I know most users here are not a big fan of the the tier list in general but I like a good discussion :feh_claude_gun:

Let’s start with the free to play unit: Ashnard

There are not that many fliers with good mixed bulk in addition to a build-in Iote’s shield. He can serve a role that not many others can. Ashnard can be pretty hard to take down in a flier ball. However fast enemies are a problem because he will be unable to prevent follow-ups during enemy phase. His player phase is also kind of lackluster because of his speed: Tier 3

Fallen Ike: :feh_fbike:
I think this is possibly the most underestimated Hero of this banner. His weapon makes him completely immune to stat debuffs and standard debuffs are turned into in-combat buffs. This alone makes Fallen Ike a monster to deal with in Aether raids where debuffs are everywhere, you can use his statline to turn him into a debuff soaker. Unlike Mareeta or Byleth he doesn’t have a weapon that disables foes skills related to follow-ups but a build in Distant Counter at least gives him a free A slot. In addition to Mayhem Aether I think Fallen Ike fits right in with the recent trend of OP swordmasters: Tier 1

Fallen Julia: :feh_juliamad:
This unit is absolutely amazing in the hands of the player. When she’s far away from her teammates she turns into one of the best nukes in the game. She can be compared to Lysithea in terms of firepower. However Julia has two rules in order to reach this potential: She has to stand solo and the opponent can’t have a weapon effective against dragons. These conditions are not much of a problem in the player’s hand, However it makes her usefulness in Aether/Arena defense a bit questionable. She also has terrible speed and defense, this makes her quite vulnerable during enemy phase. However I still think she’s strong enough as an offensive threat: Tier 1

Fallen Lyon:
You know it, I know it, every knows it: this unit was made for your Aether offense team. In terms of usefulness in this mode Lyon is in a league of his own. With his amazing tome he can make allmost any ranged units dissapear. Like F!Julia he might be a bit more awkward when he’s not under player control but Lyon does have some respectable mixed bulk and ranged units will always struggle to take him down: Tier 1

Fallen M!Corrin: :feh_corrinsweat:
I’ve seen many users wonder: how does he compare to his female counterpart, strong, stronger or worse? In my opinion he certainly wins in the art and voice acting departement. F!M!Corrin comes with more BST and a slight upgrade over Savage Breath. However strong blue dragons are not quite that uncommon as strong colorless dragons. F!F!Corrin is more unique in this way and it enables her to run a Vantage build more effectively. However F!M!Corrin still has the slightly better statline and weapon and in the end they are both monsters to deal with during any phase as long as they are isolated: Tier 1

I hope everyone enjoys their new assets, thanks for reading! :feh_flaynsmile:


fallen julia is kind of like bramimond, the follow-up is just icing. she’s best used to try to ko in the first hit with a special anyway. i’ve been trying it out, and it’s not hard to keep her solo on her first combat, and if she is solo and invests in her defense, she’s possibly the hardest unit to tank in the game. if she isn’t, she’s basically l! julia who has sadly been powercrept. lysithea is more flexible to slot into a defense team, fallen julia has more potential. both should be tier 1 imo.

lyon i predict will get put into tier 2 since due to “weakness” vs melee, even though ar players will see him as tier 1. i actually plan to use him on defense.

corrin is a shoe-in for tier 1 even though i doubt anyone will use him in AR after bonus season.

considering v! ike is still tier 1, fallen ike is guaranteed tier 1 for the next 10 years.



I’ve complained too many times about it already, so I won’t go into detail again, but Lysithea in tier 2 is all kinds of wrong


Nice post my consagrado

My opnion is

Fallen ike t1
Julia t2 wekness with AI game
Lyon t2 wekness vs melee
Corrin t2 maybe t1 , i dont no
Ashnard t3

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My personal opinions.

I may not like Corrin as a character, but I can clearly see him as a T1 unit for the simple fact of Infantry Skills existing for arena purposes. But Aether raids he is T2. He still dies to green ranged threats with that less than average for today’s standards resistance, though. And in Aether raids he will die as quick as his counterpart against most units who is powered by Naga.

Ike as an enemy phase unit will be a great pain to deal with. But when you are the one tanking during your turn, just be sure to put a good tank in front of him and watch him wear himself off and then kill him off next turn. If Larcei and Mareeta die with that strategy, then Ike will die as efficiently too. He also has the disadvantage of most people opting for base kit repel instead of a Null skill, and he will die against fully invested aggressive staff units with the help of a dancer. For me, fully invested Brake Ike is a bigger threat. He is powerful, but putting him at T1, just like Laslow’s case, would be an exaggeration. He is Tier 2 for sure.

Lyon, for what he offers, should be Tier 1, specially with his anti-colorless and Ophelia meta. He is slow, but against the threats he will deal with, it doesn’t matter. And I am not a Lyon fan at all and I wanted Julia instead as my free summon. Speaking of her…

Julia is a very high tier 2, almost 1.5 unit in my books for the fact that she can do Lysithea and Kiria’s job as well, or sometimes better. A great nuke to be sure, and with the right team composition she can kill most threats efficiently.


that’s with a unmerged and fully debuffed fallen julia with a precharged iceberg initiating on a +10 fallen ike with spectrum -7 debuffs, spectrum buffs, drives from lucina, and a breath effect in light season.

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Well that all but confirms what I figured before: Impact skills + forced follow ups are F-Ike’s bane. Brave Ike is still the better tank overall IMO because of Urvan being so stupid.

pretty much. i’d probably add that lull skills are super underrated on defense, and spd is never 100% a dump stat. Bike (if he wasn’t green) would be able to ko fallen julia in the same situation if he had spd investment. forcing/denying follow-ups is the biggest stat cheat there is feh except maybe dmg reduction by %.

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So Hardy Bearing on Julia and BIke is done. And inB4 Null D-Reduction is a thing. Bike, Repel club, Nagi, Micaiah, FLyon, all of them done. If that is ever released, I’ll definite be getting that skill for my HFMicaiah support haha. So she can one shot most of them.

Yeah seems right

I think F!Julia can be used on ARD to good effect but she had to be placed correctly (unlike mine in my ARD, don’t use her where I do) and sturdy impact and sturdy blow should be used

But otherwise yeah seems pretty accurate