Planning ahead (gameplay)

Heyy guys, I was recently about to quit FGO but then a yolo Merlin made me decide to start playing again. I have a pretty good roster now and the only two servants I’m really looking forward to getting are Eresh and Achilles. Now gameplay wise Merlin does fill up a lot of holes but what Nero fest did teach me was that my roster was still lacking in a lot of departments. Eresh would solve a lot of the problems in my buster comps and in terms of arts comps I really don’t know where I should be looking to upgrade. Some suggestions would be nice as to who to roll for and invest in the future in preparation for difficult content so feel free to drop your two cents below.
P.S. Also skeptical about Skadi and quick teams since I already have both the premier Buster and Arts supports in Merlin and Tamamo.
Things I am missing-A last man, a ST Buster Berserker, a reliable DPS assassin, an offensive caster(Nito doesn’t really dish out a lot of damage), an arts focused lancer, an extra class servant who isn’t really tough to get and good gameplay wise.
Edit: Here’s what my roster looks like, will max ascend Merlin and the Altria Alters soon.


Post your line up if you want more targeted advice and also where exactly are you facing problems in arts comps and in general? Are you unable to NP spam since that is the only thing an arts comp does.

Supports are always good to roll for since you can freely use a friend’s dps and skadi I can’t inform you since I didn’t use her very much.

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Sorry about that! Just uploaded my roster. Also I don’t really face a lot of problems with Arts teams except class related issues. My buster set ups weren’t as effective before I had my own Merlin.

St reliable Asssassin can be shiki that is coming soon to NA for free , last man standing isn’t a big deal maybe u should have gotten herc/nero in the 4 star gacha but with schez upgrade coming soon she is a beast giving everyone guts so it’s all good , offensive casters i feel are only xuansang and illya soo xuansang can spook u anytime , i feel melt is a better offensive servant than those two tho.

Don’t be skeptical of the quick meta. You have a Zerklot; now roll for Skadi when she comes and (almost) all your farming troubles will be a thing of the past.

Achilles is a great servant—Skadi compatible, good farmer even without her, pretty self-sufficient, amazing NP animation. Can’t go wrong.

Eresh is likewise super good (50% battery = amazing) and a has great Merlin synergy.

For an ST Berserker, Ibaraki will get a solo rate up soon, but it’s hard to do anything but recommend waiting for Berserker of El Dorado’s rate up with Halloween 3. She’s just great all around—huge (teamwide) steroids, a passive battery, can spook so easier to np2+, and is a good, class-agnostic boss killer (That also has Merlin synergy).

For Arts…you have Tamamo and Merlin. Throw in any (support) Arts DPS (Archuria, Scheherazade, Kiara, Surfer Mordred, Shuten, Bride, Shiki, etc.) and you’re set. I believe Tamamo/Merlin is the ideal comp if you want to use Abby in hard content, and Hokusai is just after Eresh’s banner and she’s made for Tamamo too.

Musashi comes back, if you want an ST Saber. And Gramps is the ST Buster Assassin you want—but don’t sleep on this banner, either. Cleo is great.

For a last-man, regular Cu works great. He has low-cost and his entire kit is geared towards survivability. He’s worked wonders as a clutch for me against, berserker, archer, and even neutral bosses. For higher rarity options, Nero and Herc are pretty much the only ones I know of. Nero has a 3x guts skill and Herc is only a reliable clutch if you get him to Bond Level 10 and even then he doesn’t live up to the hype.

For ST buster berserkers, Lu Bu is a great nuker with really high damage potential. Higher rarity options include Pentheselisa, Ibaraki-Douji (who’ll be on this halloween banner), Hijikata, Cu Alter, and Beowulf.

Penth has great damage potential with two attack buffs and an NP battery but no survivability. Ibaraki has great damage potential due to the demonic nature of oni skill, and her other two skills focus on survivability, which makes her very durable. Hijikata has high damage potential with a hard to work with niche of doing more damage the lower his health is. He’s also limited and rarely shows up. Beowulf excels at nuking but has poor sustained damage and is in the general pool.

The only two offensive arts lancers are Fionn and Li Schwen. Fionn has poor performance but gets better over time, and Li Shwen has nice nuking potential but poor sustained damage.

For an extra class that’s not hard to get and good for gameplay… I’m not really sure. Gorgon is story locked and has poor performance, but Hessian Lobo is in the general pool and has a nice kit for killing ruler bosses but he rarely sees rate-ups. Of course Jeanne Alter and D’antes are very limited, seeing a rate-up once per year if you’re lucky. Ruler Jeanne is great for challenge quests and is in the general pool, fitting especially nicely into Arts-stall teams. Ruler Martha is a good dps along with Amakusa Shirou as well, and BB is welfare but won’t be coming back for a couple of years.

Sorry if I droned on for too long, I got a bit carried away

That’s what I said during 3rd Anniversary last year when I didn’t roll for Skadi. Worse decision I made in FGO (besides from starting this game and spending money) . In JP she has never seen another rate up outside of gssr. Don’t make my mistake.

I think most of my thoughts have already been covered but you mention wanting an easy to obtain extra class. Mecha Eli-chan (Alter Ego) will be available as a welfare in October.

You shouldn’t be skeptical of Skadi teams, they are basically the strongest farming teams in the game when looking at objective metrics like coverage, damage potential, no. of bonus CEs you can hold et cetera, the main drawback against them is that they are expensive. They perform well in most CQs too.

If you are planning ahead for gameplay (by that you mean difficult content), you should be looking at how future CQs work, because planning ahead means understanding how the CQs work (and how to counter/cheese them) instead of rolling specific units.

In reality, once you understand a CQ’s mechanism/counter-strat, you will realise almost all of them can be solo-ed relatively easily by friends or be done on a very cheap requirement. So you never need your own Merlin, or your own Anchor, or own (insert gacha servant) to beat those CQs.

Farming is the majority of this game, and there are actual tangible benefits to being able to farm faster as well as stricter requirements on what can farm fast and what cannot compared to CQs, so if you plan to roll for gameplay it actually entails rolling units to enable better farming setups (particularly for lotteries).

For starters, getting Waver allows you to access double Waver farming team which is a significant QoL improvement, then up next consider Skadi since you already have good Quick DPS who farms well with her like Astolfo and Lancelot.

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