Planning my summons (1,700+ orbs)

So I’ve been thinking about a few things in regards to summoning, and I would like some input to help me make a choice. I’ve put my thoughts in the hidden sections to keep things tidier.

Firstly, who to pick for my CYL3 free summon (yes I still haven’t redeemed it).

My thoughts

I’ve been uncertain for a long time on who to pick, but I’m worried it’ll disappear soon, so I need to make a choice.

  1. B!Eliwood - I have 2 copies right now, but his fodder is so good it would be nice to have another copy.

  2. B!Camilla - I haven’t got a copy of her before, but her fodder looks pretty decent. She also looks like she could come in handy for certain PvE content.

  3. B!Micaiah - I have one copy of her, and her fodder is pretty good. Could be handy in AR (if I actually start playing the mode properly).

  4. B!Alm - Seems to be the weakest out of the bunch while only having okay fodder. Not my first choice personally (even if I think he’s cool).

  • B!Eliwood
  • B!Camilla
  • B!Micaiah
  • B!Alm

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Secondly, what to do with my 1,700+ orbs?

My options
  1. These new legendary hero remixes look very promising for value, especially green due to the two legendaries. I have water season covered, so I need at least one fully merged legendary hero for two other seasons. The main problem however, is that L!Lyn and L!Hector don’t score the highest nowadays, so I’m not fully sure if it’s worth.

  2. I can wait for a legendary banner that has very ideal units in a single colour (e.g. let’s say L!Edelgard is paired up with another high scoring legendary). This is how I’ve been saving so far, by waiting for the best chance to summon.

  3. The new hero fest has Shinnon (I think that’s his name), which could provide deadeye and times pulse for my +10 L!Chrom to make him even stronger in arena. The spark also provides a nice backup.

  4. Try to have fun by getting fodder for silly builds (e.g. getting distant foil for Gunter). I know it’s not ideal at all, but it could be fun for me.

  5. Hold off on summoning for something fancy/high value to show up (e.g. hero fest for CYL4 characters so I could merge B!Dimitri).

  • Summon for L!Lyn and L!Hector on the legendary remix banner
  • Keep waiting for a very ideal set of legendary heroes to show up
  • Summon for Shinnon to give my +10 L!Chrom a big boost
  • Have some fun summoning fodder for silly builds
  • Just keep saving until something REALLY fancy/high value shows up
  • Other (provide your own recommendations)

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Thanks for any input you guys provide! :feh_flaynfish:


I’ve noticed many votes from the first poll tell me to get a second copy of B!Micaiah. Is it because of ground orders fodder, or is having another copy of her that useful?

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Micaiah and Camilla have the biggest potential for a broken refine imo

Alm has too much competition and Sendscale being in his A slot hurts. Eliwood is a lance cav and will always be a lance cav


Honestly, I was mainly considering their fodder potential at first, but B!Camilla could also be useful in PvE content.


Based on your thoughts I chose what seemed like would be the most enjoyable to you - it is a game afterall, fun should be priority number 1.

Did you hear that IS


I appreciate that sentiment! I was contemplating summoning for NY!Selkie to do a fun build for Jagen (when the banner was around), but I remember being recommended against it.

I suppose I usually tend to think about practicality first, as fun builds tend to be theoretical to me. This is a reason why I’ve saved so many resources (I even have 999,999 feathers that I need to use before more go to waste).


I would go with Camilla, she is the only one of the brave 3 winners with some relevancy and her eventual refine will make her even better. For me she has ben very useful in many modes, specially AA.

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For 1, Micaiah. She’s just a really good unit, dual effectiveness, and high mobility. I get a lot of use out of her, in all forms of content

For 2. Do what’s fun. If you want a broken unit, sure summon for one, but I think you’ll get more enjoyment with summoning for fodder for units you like.

You mentioned Gunther. Is he meta? Hell no, but if you like him go for it. I think you will enjoy this the most.

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