Planning to get resplendent Robin soon

I’ve been planning on how I could use M!Robin once I get his resplendent variant. I think he might be decent in light season, as his tactical bolt, alongside null-follow-up, would make him pretty good at fighting Bramimond. Here’s the build I had in mind:

I also have the option of switching out his tome for the Flora Guide if that would be more useful.

I’m also unsure on the ideal support for him. Mainly because Bramimond negates support effects like M!Corrin’s. If Bramimond wasn’t a factor, then M!Corrin would be great due to absorbing chills well and providing big buffs. Are there any other supports/builds you guys would recommend?

Looks pretty good.

Marianne look alike or something, M!Corrin should be fine tbh. I like Kaden but he’s rare and needs a supportive partner with atk/def link, and the payoff isn’t even that amazing


Bramimond is just one unit and Robin already hard counters him like this so M-Corrin is still a perfect support


I do have Kaden, and have used him alongside Caineghis before. I feel like panic is common enough where Kaden feels inconsistent. I’ll likely stick with M!Corrin, due to him being consistent, on top of absorbing chills well.

What boon is best for M!Corrin?

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Whatever he needs to absorb chills. Otherwise just spd tbh

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