Platinum Badges, add any info you'd like

I was looking up a list for requirements to get Platinum Badges in some categories…I didn’t really find the info I was looking for but I saw this on someone’s twitter. Guess it’ll be a new category (I don’t have this update). Would this be the number of 7 day streaks whether spin or catch (and sometimes you’d get both in same week)? I’ve had a catch everyday since they started 7 day streaks, missed maybe 3 pokestop spin streaks. Did those streak bonuses start 4 years ago or 3 years ago? Anybody have this update already and can tell if they’ve “unknowingly racked a bunch”

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A selection…are there any in particular you want to see?

Thanks, that gives me better sense of the scale for some of these Platinum Badges. My jogger is at 8,330km and needs 10,000km. So I’m getting there, eggs looks like a player needs 2500 and I have 3200. Hopefully in the ballpark for many other ones

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Wow, I trade quite a lot. Mostly with myself (but lived extended times 600km apart from other place)…my pilot total is 5,350,000km and Platinum is 10,000,000! Gonna be tough for whole buncha players

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I was getting so close to gold, but now the slog begins…

As an Aussie, most overseas friends are very long distance, so that should be manageable.
Let’s just hope for desirable 7km eggs now.

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LOL won’t have to many of those medals, just got my magikarp gold medal… wel we know what to do tyhe next 5 years…

@aSp is the platinum dragon medal also 2500 catches? And are the other region medals also full dex medals?

All the catch type medals are 2500.
So I am only half way there on dragon. That one and Ice I will need to rely on events to get.

All the Platinum region medals are full dex…one exception, Unova, doesn’t have a platinum badge listing.

So most of those platinums we won’t be able to get, Kanto is full but I miss Heracross and the rest of the regions isn’t even fully released (Hoenn nr 352 as an example).

I still need Corsola and Heracross myself.
They have never been available to me unless I travel FAR.
Anything isn’t even possible.

I had the luck I traded a Smeargle for a Corsola once, I told the guy it wasn’t a good trade for him but he wanted to have a Smeargle… so now I have a Corsola (he told me he never got Smeargle when he tried to photobomb his Pokémon).

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Exactly. My Kanto dex is full only because the regionals were available from Ultra Bonus Unlock. For Johto, I am only missing Heracross.

Thanks for sharing these! I see there’s a +4 catch bonus for the platinum catch badges, so that’s neat!


Should be easy enough’

I’m not on SR much, but this might be a helpful list


For those who cannot read Chinese, the Pilot Platinum medal requires 10 million.

Looks like I would immediately get seven medals (Kanto, Collector, Scientist, Backpacker, Battle Girl, Berry Master, Pokemon Ranger) and have three reasonable targets (Jogger, Breeder, Hero). For Johto, I am only short of Heracross, but not going to travel, spoof or trade for it.

The bigger point of this thread I knew you had to have a certain nimber of Platinum Badges to master a certain level. I went scouting the web to remember which one and I saw this:

Level 45

  • Defeat 100 Team GO Rocket Grunts
  • Purify 100 Shadow Pokémon
  • Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader 50 times
  • Earn 10 Platinum Medals

Seems I have 16 or 17 already?, so trying to solve all these goes back to the passing interest category (XL fish catching)

Are that only the “normal” medals or would the typing medals count too? Because I believe that most of the people that reach level 44 would have most of the typing medals…