Platinum > Jessica?

Hi, I’m am new and I was wondering wether it is worth levelling a Platinum to E1 and beyond (currently my Jessica is E1 60) how much of an over Jessica would she be? I also have Kroos but her DP cost is far lower compared to these 2 so she (for now) I believe will be more than worth using.

Currently I am still building up the rest of my team, but before I can consider getting anyone to E2 and beyond I am seeing who I will get with the upcoming Anniversary rewards (!) and thus was also considering Plat’s priority for levelling.


Go for Platinum, she will be a great help for your Annihilation

Platinum’s range is her forte once her S2 is fully charged she will be able to snipe in like +4/+5 range in front of her and her attacks are fully boosted she’s great in stages with slow moving drones and squishy ground units

Jessica’s S2 allows her to dodge attacks thus she has more survivability than most snipers sans April and she needs less DP to be deployed you can use her until you E2ed Platinum but using both at the same time are not bad either since you need a lot of snipers

Here is my take on these and some other snipers:

Platinum and Blue poison are core snipers who are almost always good. Both can deal with armor (plat has high damage and BP arts poison). Platinum has longer range with S2 and blue poison higher fire rate. 6* snipers do not replace these two. They are good but more situational I would say.

Jessica is not worth to E2. If you want 4* snipers, May and Shirayuki are good. May because of the slow and Shirayuki because of long range arts damage with S2.

Kroos is fine if you just need some cheap sniper.


Between Platinum, Jessica, and Kroos, I would recommend focusing Platinum and Kroos for a new player.

As a 3*, Kroos caps at E1 lvl 55. That said her damage is great even compared to higher level operators at that level. For new players I would recommend getting a team of core operators up to ~E1 lvl 40-50 before trying to E2 operators. Kroos should be able to take you a long way.

I would definitely recommend raising Platinum. Her S2 increases her range by a whole row which makes her very unique. Her individual attacks deal larger damage to make up for a slightly slower attack speed, meaning she does a little better than other snipers against high defense targets. I find myself often taking Platinum over even 6* snipers for her range alone.

That said, I wouldn’t say you need to stop using your Jessica if she’s already E1 lvl 60. I probably wouldn’t recommend promoting her to E2 any time soon, but she can still pull her weight. I’d recommend having at least 2 snipers available for your core squad. If you haven’t raised Kroos yet, maybe just raise Platinum and use her alongside Jessica.

I’m reading the rest of these comments and not sure I agree. That don’t seem to account for the fact your Jessica is already e1-60.

From what I gather you already have Jessica at e1-60 and Kroos at e1-55. That’s a great sniper pair for early on. Don’t e2 Jessica, but until you feel ready to e2 her replacement, I’d focus on filling out the rest of your team.

Platinum’s a great long term investment, a unique sniping option and better than both Kroos and Jessica , but if it’s still early days for you, she’s not going to be a game changer or anything.

The e2 game changers early on are pretty much the S+ dps options on the Gamepress tier list - if you don’t have any of them, then focus on filling out a team of 12-15 operators to e1 max and maybe e2 a personal favourite to access some high powered e2 friend list support options.

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Yes, you should develop platinum not because she’s that much better than Jessica, but because it is recommended to have at least 2 developed AA snipers on your team. Or you can develop Kroos instead because all aa snipers are interchangeable in their main role (shooting drones) especially during early-mid game, but Platinum is a much better invetment long term

Hi, if you are just starting the game, I would suggest Kroos and Platinum,
Kroos is probably be your best Sniper till you get a 6 stars or E2 a 5 stars, she is very strong for her rarity.
Jessica has great survivability but you will rarely need it, and when you need a sniper to be placed in dangerous places you will probably need it as a Hellidrop, which Jessica can’t do because she needs to fill her skill.
Platinum on the other hand, while she has a way slower attack speed than Kroos and even jessica with her second skill every attack of hers will be as strong as Jessica first skill activation, she good against armored enemies and her extra range will get lots of use later in the game as its something no other single target sniper can reproduce.

Sincerely I am kinda of a Sniper entusiast and I have almost all of the marksman snipers developed at least on E1 20,
So for sniper related things:
Kroos is arguably the best sniper till E1 max (with the exception of 6 stars)

Between 4 stars snipers :
you may want to get Meteor developed because she is the most consistent DEF debuffer in early game, tho her utility falls later.

May can be great or horrible depending on your playstyle, usually I preffer using Slower Supporters, but she can be useful in situations where supporters aren’t usable (like in contigence contracts), but she is by no means a must.

Vermeil… well I never found the need for her targeting two enemies with her second skill, so I pratically never use her.

Jessica is useful, but she doesn’t develop well in late game, because her only differencial is survivability which you rarely need in a sniper.

on 5 stars:
Well almost all five stars have very different uses and are very good,
Greythoat is tecnically the strongest 5 star sniper but also the one that feels 6 stars powercreep the most, she doesn’t offer any utility besides killing things really fast, so she is worth if you don’t have 6 stars sniper

Platinum has way higher attack than basically any other Marksman sniper, and extra range, she fills a niche when you have statinary drones which are outside of the rage of other snipers and your AoE snipers are targeting normal mobs, she is very good against bomb drones.

Blue Poison is very good against crows of enemies, but sincerely that is also subjective, since there are other ways to kill them, but that doesn’t change the fact she has a solid niche.

April is the way to go at dropping a sniper in a very dangerous place to kill annoying enemies, she can save your hide in events which have special drones.

6 stars:
Any marksman sniper released till now is worth developing.

Up Kroos and Platinum, if you have the opportunity get April.
Meteor and May are freaking easy to get recruitment tag, but they are luxury, just upgrade them if you need the support they give.
Every other non-6 stars sniper is even more luxury, if you ever need them, its probably going to be on a chalange mode or CC

Here’s my foothold from the early days, it’s okay to hold it E1 max, because it’s the lowest recommendations for doing Annihilation