Platinum Medals

Excluding those impossible to get currently (such as Ultra Hero - defeating Giovanni 50 times), which platinum medal is the hardest to get?

Best buddy (200 is quite a lot and very boring to get to) Magikarp (especially if you don’t live close to water), maybe unown (yes there was a raid time, but I think it was short). Most probably some of the region specific medals, but i don’t know out of my head what’s possible and what’s the most difficult - unova, sinnoh, hoenn?

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Since only the first 2 generations are fully released, only Kanto and Johto are possible platinum medal for region collection.
I think “Gym Leader - Defend gym for 15,000 hours” one of the hardest platinum medal to get, if not the hardest.

The Gym Defender is really easy if you live where I do, 10+ gyms but relatively quiet town so can comfortably rack up 250 hrs per day on a good run - I have a karp in one really rural one that’s coming up for a year. I expect in a big city where getting more than an hour or two in a gym would be impossible unless you’ve played since 16/17.

Mega evolve 1000 times will take a while. Also the Fisher (xl karp) and Youngster (xs rattata) ones are difficult - I only have about 300 of each.

and yes, the 200 BB can go and fornicate with itself, I’d rather eat my own shoes than do that.

I second @oaf, the gyms are defended easily. You just have to spot a few village gyms where no people play and get in, plus some not-so-well attacked gyms close to your house. Remember that you can have a lot of mons in gyms in parallel. Take 10 gyms a day, stay in average two hrs, already 20 hrs, that’s nearly 10k in a year, not counting additional ones. I am at 26k right now.

Lol lucky youse. I live in Hong Kong where we can barely hold on to a gym for more than 10 minutes

What about those a bit off, such as sai kung or the north? Is the frequency also that high?

The worst badges to get were already mentioned, but I 'll mention a few that were a bit annoying for me to get when I was trying to reach level 49. Ace Trainer was very tedious. Unless you really need the platinum badge for level 49, that’s one I’d avoid. Also the GBL/battling badges for GL, UL & ML can be quite a chore if you genuinely dislike battling or don’t have the XL candy for UL or the dust and best, high IV pokes for ML.

Those are a bit better but I seldom go there just to occupy gyms. That’s why defending 15,000 hours are hard for me lol

Well, personally, I find the trading medals hard to achieve, since there’s no one around trading, but I am also too lazy to find players ;)
Guess for most socializing players it’s not a big problem to get these…

I never got platinum for the trading badges, but I was able to get the 50 lucky trades for level 49. The only reason was that me & 2 other in-game friends were all trying to reach level 49 at the same time. Even though I reached level 50 in August, without them, I’d probably still be level 48 right now :rofl:

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That’s fun. Maybe I will try similar - know a city a few hrs away where most PGo friends are based - then, it’s six (five to 48) levels to go :D

This is ENTIRELY dependent on your local reason. Right now I’m at 52,102 hours - and I barely touch Gyms these days. I barely even try to get 50 coins a day anymore. If I was as invested in Gyms now as I was 2 years ago, I would easily have over 100,000 hours of Gym Defense. If I decided to be an absolute jerk (and had enough GR’s) I might even be able to get up to 150,000 hours. That’s just because where I am, the Gym scene is dead. As an example, I currently have a Wobbafett who has been a sole defender on a gym on a main street, next to a large church parking lot, who has been at Minimal Motivation for 72hrs - and no one has tried to take it down. There are 5 other Gyms in the area that are similar - I’m not taking them down, no one else is taking them down, so people are staying on for 3+ days. In the middle of a large city, with a very large and fairly active player base.

Other than that, the ones I think is hardest is Mega Evolving 46 different Species because it’s one that depends entirely on other people to help you. And in my area, no one cares to do most Mega’s even enough times to get that first Mega Evolution. Hell, I’m not willing to even try for most because I just don’t Mega Evolve anything outside of Community Days to get more Candies, so it’s hard for me to blame other players for not wanting to do Mega’s when I want to do them.

(that and Size Pokemon medals - Tiny Rat’s and Giant Karps. I rarely see either of those Pokemon outside of events these days, and there’s no way to know if it’s Tiny or Giant until you catch it.)

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Gym Defender: 243,916

I have 3 individual gyms with more time then that medal. 24,560, 16,182, 15,842 with a fourth close

Just to thread drift a little… I wonder if anyone has any platinum medal that beats mine ratio wise.
243,916 / 15,000 = 16.2 tmes

On another drift note, having looked at medals for first time in a while, I’m fairly certain that before you get ELO rated in a league, your Ace Trainer medal is used for matching purposes. Which makes my main acct harder to level up with its 6249 then any of rest

Nowhere near, best I have are 2 or 3 times the platinum. That’s impressive. Granted when my magikarp comes back it’ll help (currently on about 300 days in a middle-of-nowhere gym).

I have platinum Hero. Not sure how difficult that is. Some people really dislike Grunt battles. I just collect eggs from leaders and stack hatches with star pieces.

I do not whish to put your efforts down… but defending gyms is mostly a location based hardness… I mean that rural players have an easier time claiming/holding/defending gyms then the big city players. The gym defender is probably my best medal too, it stands at 12 times (so nowhere near your performance) but I believe this is/was the easiest medal to get for me…

Look at the vid from Brandon Tan his Berry Master medal is at 1 000 000 but he “only” has like 20 000 hours defending gyms (less then 10% of your achievement :wink:), that is why I think this is a location based effort I do not think that I am anywhere as good as players like a Brandon Tan because I have a medal that is way higher then their medal.

The vid: I Gained 30 Million Stardust Only By Doing This in Pokemon GO - YouTube

At 2:30 mins you can see his Gym Defender medal

240k still impressive if you take into account that one gym per year delivers “only” a bit less than 10k. So that’s about 5 gyms held for 5 years constantly!
Sure there are others somewhere beating that, maybe in Mongolia, but I’d be anyway interested in some top rankings. Would be cool if Niantic builds up something
After all everything is Location-based except pvp. Guess in the gym ranking no big city players are in, except travelers. I bet those traveling a lot are top in gym defending, just driving through off spots and have 500 mons planted in off arenas :D
500k after 1yr

You can “only” have 20 Pokémon in gyms at any time… so the max you can get is 2024=480 hours a day 480365= 175,200 hours a year.

The 240 000 hours is really impressive, I did not want to put that effort down, the only thing I tried to say was that I have 180K+ hours but I never felt like it was hard to do that (being lucky that I live in a “rural” location). In a active city enviroment coming close to those numbers would be really impressive…

Ah, didn’t know that :D never bothered, since I have never more than five in gyms. What’s your longest defense gym? I have only two worth to mention
The one at my place is at 307 days (17k threats. usually lasting five or six hours a day, that’s my daily coin income).

The other is at 247 days (and 3758 threats), at my parents place where I go once a year. Then the mon stays in for a month - except once it lasted nearly half a year :D

@oaf - does it count only after your mon is defeated?