Player phase Ayra

I know Ayra is not as good as she used to be but I wanna make her work.
I currently run this.

The reason I wanna make her pure player phase and not both phases it because I already have a sword infantry who does that in Soleil.




Even if you’re using her on player phase, a refined Slaying Edge will probably be better for Ayra than her prf :feh_arthurthink:
The extra HP & Spd help.
If you have the fodder, Time’s Pulse would go very well with a Slaying Edge for a Regnal Astra every turn :feh_birbpeek:


Would the slaying Edge with refine still be better if I don’t have Time’s pulse? :thinking:
I suppose it would be but just to be sure.


You could use Wrath instead :eyes:

And one cooldown is always better than two.

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May I recommend Nuke Central?


I would say so.
You lose out on a small bit of attack, but the extra Spd for the refined Slaying Edge makes Regnal Astra stronger to make up for the lost Spd :feh_birbpeek:
And the extra HP makes her tankier.


Looks good. But like someone said, I’d replace her weapon. Her Flashing Blade effect doesn’t have good synergy with a 2 turn cooldown special. You could run a Slaying Edge or even a Wo Dao. Time’s Pulse is a fantastic skill if you have it. More reasons you should support Sothis in the upcoming VG


That’s the “break the weapon triangle build” and with slaying wrath for 2 RA

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Alright I’l swap to slaying edge ^^
The reason I’m running Nullfollowup instead of wrath is because there are so much skills that prevent followup in the game, it feels very much needed. Ofc if the opponent has no such skills wrath is better.
Sothis hasnt won the gauntlet yet so whats another good C skill?

@ShinxDaSphinx that build looks very deadly, I like it XD maybe if I pair Ayra with a infantry pulse units I can kinda make something like that.


Agreed :feh_edelfrown:


I was gonna ask for the connection till I remembered Líf also has Time’s Pulse :catroll:

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I run atk/spd solo with null follow up and rouse atk/def,so my build works in both phases,I qant to give her Time’s pulse and repel,but I’m waiting for her refine to see what synergizes best.

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Unfortunately people stopped voting for Líf because they thought he was “safe,” when previous voting events have shown us multiple times that isn’t the case :feh_elisad:


Uhh can I ask why this is? Because heavy/flashing blade effects have perfect synergy with 2 turn specials when paired with desperation (which is in her base kit…)

Her base kit is irrelevant, Desperation isn’t a rare skill.

There are much better B skills out there, including Null Follow Up, Wrath, and Close Call/Repel. You need to rely on being below 75% HP when using Desperation, and with a special like Regnal Astra, why wouldn’t you use something like Wrath instead? Same HP condition and it helps you charge your special quickly. It’s an instant charge if you run Slaying Edge or Time’s Pulse, which also makes Flashing Blade meaningless. On pretty much all her builds, there’s a better weapon than Ayra’s Blade since it needs to be paired with Desperation to make Flashing Blade useful, and even then, a Slaying Edge would have the same effect but it would be more consistent since it’s a permanent charge on your special and gives you better enemy phase potential.


In Ayra’s case, that makes sense. I just wouldn’t use the word synergy because that implies that her blade and her special don’t work together. They do, but there’s better options for her to reach her full potential, like you mentioned

Thanks for the tips everyone. I came up with this.

I upgraded swift sparrow and kept null followup to avoid needing HP thresholds. Because I don’t have time pulse I figured why not make a full infantry team.
Infantry breath is insane with

Basically when he gets doubled next to ayra he always retaliates with aether ready. And he also gets ayra’s special active when entering a map because infantry pulse. The seal is only for now, when I get more merges/flowers to get 52 HP I’ll change it.

Lastly I added a blue unit that benefits from both infantry skills and is good both player and enemy phase.


I added performing Azura to the team and it’s /performing/ very well. Pun intended.
Ayra being a offensive centerpiece that is also helping the tanks when needed is nice.
Infantry pulse kicking in every map in multimap is great, Azura boosting all stats is while benefiting from the infantry bonuses herself is working out better then I expected.
Tried some of the harder content like abyssal ghb, and pvp with succes. ^^