Playful, but underwhelming units?


What are your most underwhelming units, that you actually use and make use of?

I sometimes use my Spr!Xander to tank things, it’s actually just hilarious as, occasionally, he deals no damage to the foe and vice versa. It’s just satisfying.


That’s underwhelming? How much damage is his Ignis hitting for when he’s fully buffed? :neutral_face:


B-but people see him as Donel fodder or just useless.


I mean, he’s like the seasonal version of Silas, and yeah his resistance isn’t that great (it’s actually workable if you bump his speed as well), but I wouldn’t say his defensive capabilities are mediocre.

Give him a defense refined Vanguard+ and that’s +17 defense. +24 if Atk Smoke is active I think.

Juicy tanks.


I was thinking of Vanguard, I’ll just wait until Thea gets demoted. She probably won’t because it’s IS.


Underwhelming… i guess my close counter raudrowl +def -spd hoshidan summer micaiah counts
as well as my +1 +def blarowl close counter spring lucina


here they are

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…I’m guessing you kinda regret that? That looks very unique, but wouldn’t Atk Smoke be better than Spd ploy?


Yeah, Ploys on units with 25 base resistance is… Pretty bad.


when saias is killed it doesnt really matter. yea atk smoke would be better. no i dont really regret it


was going to go atk smoke but SP didnt approve