Playing for a while now but still have no clue how to build teams

Here is the link

Fusion Warriors Team:
Core: Super Vegito, Gogeta -Blue- and Vegito.
Bench: Super Gogeta, SSJ Gotenks and EX Goku.

God Ki Team:
Core: SSB Goku, SSB Vegeta and SSJ Rosé Goku Black
Bench: EX Whis, God Vegeta and SSJBKK Goku (You can switch him with someone in the core if the opponent has a strong purple unit).

Sagas from the Movies Team:
Core: SSJ Teen Gohan -Yellow-, FP Bojack and Vegeta -Blue-
Bench: Bojack -Yellow-, EX Thouser and Metal Cooler.

Regeneration Team:
Core: Kid Buu, Super Janemba and Perfect Cell -Yellow-
Bench: Majin Buu -Green-, King Piccolo and Zamasu.