Playing For Keeps- The Need to Update Zenkai Corner

The introduction of Universal Z power, and the increase in Zenkai units available has made the competitive teams of PVP reach extreme levels of power.

More and more often I am facing teams with 9-14 star Fighters and more often than not those teams will have at least one Zenkai unit at level 7 to get an edge over those that do not.

Bringing a Gun to a Gunfight

Zenkai Corner was Established to show the power of Zenkai Teams and Fighters in the Meta.

Zenkai Corner Needs an Update, and Placing Zenkai Teams with All Teams in Zenkai Corner, will allow the community to understand the power of fighters in the Meta more than individually ranking them in the Tier list.

There are teams that can out play Zenkai Teams, Id be interested to see where Godki sits on a Team tier list, Z7 Beerus is undeniably the Best Unit in the game but currently his team is not, This hurts his team viability, can he make up the difference for his entire Team?

Prevalent units I see in Large Numbers include:

  • Z7 Buu on Regeneration
  • Z7 Broly on Movies
  • Z7 Beerus on Godki
  • Z7 Cooler on LOE
  • Z7 Kid Goku on Saiyan

More of the player base are acquiring these Fighters, the other portion of the player base are utilising teams such as Fusions and Female Warriors which hold a place in the top tiers without any Zenkai Fighters. The Current System you have is outdated and does not incorporate what the higher level of pvp is starting to shape up like.

I know with anniversary around the corner you will be run off your feet covering up to 10 new units, but please take time to update Zenkai Corner and specifically the Zenkai Team Tier list incorporating all teams not just Zenkai Teams.
With the powerful Opponent Tag being introduced I think this will make Zenkai Corner even more Relevant as the units mentioned above almost all fit into this Tag.

The Bitter Sweet

The Bitter pill to swallow with Zenkai Units is that they are extremely expensive to acquire. The sweet is that most Older players have these units highly starred and that they are obtaining guaranteed summons. (crystal are not getting wasted on unwanted sparkings).
As players weigh up the cost to benefit ratio it can be seen that more are opting to take the plunge and Zenkai.

To Compete with Zenkai Fighters, Legends are releasing units such as Majin 21, SS3 Gotenks and Transforming Vegito that after transformation have Zenkai Level Stats with Zenkai level Uniques, they are only missing a Zenkai Ability.( After Transformation these units are essentially Zenkai’s just not by name)

GamePress in a nutshell keep you SP Tier List, Keep your Team Tier List but ;

please, please update your Zenkai Team Tier List to show members in the community who want to to know what are the absolute best teams? How they compare to all top Level Teams .
(Including Teams without Zenkai’s if they are Top Tier) Because these are the teams we are facing.

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