Please Adjust the Fighter Calculator for Zenkai Characters

I understand the stance you have taken not to include Zenkai Characters within the Tier List as they are difficult to obtain, not core Characters within the Meta and a poor investment of resources. Its a stance that I actually completely agree with and respect.

But… I know here comes the but. The current method you have of displaying Stats of Characters that have been Zenkai-Awakened In the Fighters Section is inadequate.
This is because a Zenkai-Awakened Characters can receive additional Stat boosts past the 600% boosts that normal characters typically can receive, per Awakened Level.

The Issue arises that in your current system all of these “additional” stats are already incorporated in the base power level of the character. You can not make incremental adjustments per Zenkai-Level that accurately reflects the true Stats for the Characters.

If anyone is reading this far you are probably thinking why would this even be important?
Well Tonight I was trying to figure out If I spent some Dual Medals on Zenkai-Souls would it be worth boosting my Z1 Good Buu stats by 1 Zenkai-Level ? ( ie 100%)

To Get some Clarity I Plug the numbers in the calculator in your Fighter Section but the results are skewed too High. It is incorporating all the additional Zenkai Stats not just the first Level that I am trying to obtain. I can not use the information it displays to formulate an answer. So the only option I have is to painstakingly add all the Stats Manually from the Soul Boost Board to my Characters Base Stats.

For anyone who wants to know my findings were that if I spent those medals on Sous my Character would increase each stat by approximately 1.2%.
Definitely not worth Spending Dual Medals on.

My First thought was I wish this system was more accurate on Dbz Legends GG so I do not have to do this arduous process when I need to make decisions on where to allocate my resources.

Zenkai-Units inevitably are going to integrate the game. Yes Beerus, Goku and Broly did not have a Meta defining impact as they came into the game because of Factors discussed earlier. However Good Buu is having an impact :

  • He fits on a Z tier Team

  • Old Unit (many would Have him and be able to Zenkai Awaken)

  • Fulfils his Role as Tank/Support?Utility Adequately At Z1
    ( Z1 the level required to not be an" Expensive" Character, Obtainable for General Player Base.)

  • Can Be used as Both Core and Bench

  • Arguably Has Better Synergy with Perfect Form Cell with His Tank/Support Role .

You do not have to put him on any List , Or put any Opinions or Recommendations for Him.

If you could Please Please Adjust the Fighter Calculator for Zenkai- Awakened Characters it will make a world of difference . We could at least have a clearer understanding and come to our own conclusions.

After doing that process just once I have a new found respect for the time and effort you do put into your site to not only provide us information but also providing integral tools that really help the community.