Please build my AR-D for I'm actually serious

The title is actually completely honest.

I’ve been procrastinating building a solid AR-D for…ever, actually. I’ve only made top 3K five times but I know I have the units to be consistent (maybe).

But… I don’t really know where to start and I don’t have the patience to sit down and really brainstorm it all out (and I’ll include the excuse that I have two children under the age of 2 and that keeps me busy)

So this is my plea: I’m wondering if anyone who’s good at this stuff would be willing to help me figure out AR-Ds for each season?

Is this a pathetic request? Absolutely. Should I be publicly shamed? 100%. Do I care? Nope.

If anyone’s able to help me, that would seriously be a load off :sweat_smile:
But I’m also totally not offended if you couldn’t care loss (I obviously haven’t up to this point :feh_lucyshrug: )

For those that are bored and have nothing else to do but help out a desperate fellow, here are the goods:

"The Goods"

List of notable/meta units I have and what Mythics I currently have.

Do note that B!Hector is maxed and has Far Save; OG!Hector is also maxed and has Near Save. I do have a couple Near Save fodders kick’n around and one other Far Save as well… so I could build someone if need be.

  • I do NOT have D!Lief nor have I ever pulled a single Candlelight/Flash fodder… sadness.

Just got B!Catria today…

I have ideal builds for pretty much anyone listed (or I have the fodder to improve them).

And that’s all I have to say about that. I guess if you want to help me out, you could use the AR-D builder and help me understand the rationale?

Cheers… lol


Well, you do have the units to make an absolutely obnoxious cavline (Nott, Sigurd, V!Lief) but I’m not sure the best way to make one. Usually you still need rally traps and stuff to mix up people who will just plonk otherwise.


Imma be honest

Go on your friendlist, where hopefully you have some high level reliable players that have kindly left their mock battles on, and just copy their defense :feh_royyes:

You can try replace the units you don’t have, but you have to understand their purpose on the defense, and the fact that some defenses hinge almost entirely on one unit, and some units are irreplaceable (L!Sigurd, Har!Catria, etc).

Also, use far save. Every defense needs far save at this point. Hit and run, and other offensive strats are simply too powerful when you don’t have a really strong far save unit.


Tbh I am exactly the same as you except that I’m not motivated enough to take screen shots of all my units :feh_babyseliph:


Yeah, but everyone also has a counter to far save.


Except far save can’t be countered, the unit that’s using it can. There’s literally no way to get around far save except to just kill the unit using it, which is easier said than done given the strength of certain armored units. Oh and to use melee units, but traps exist and melee units are generally worse for hit and run in the first place


Well that and near save units also exist. But usually a unit that counters one far save unit counters most of them. I.e. a windsweep user. Sure there are one or two dragons that run far save, but most AR players do bring a windsweep unit to shut down save units.


*casually sweeps that time I did literally this exact same thing last year under the sofa


both of my defense maps:



You’re also gonna start seeing a lot more far save mages after that h!ilyana forma


Hi, serious. I’m Mask.




Anyway, you have the units to run a Bridal Catria Cluster (CatriaBall). There should be plenty of resources in your friend list and in GamePress too. :feh_bylethshook: