Please don't leave that box unchecked

You asked a question and people go out of their way to answer you, (sometimes even looking up websites to link just so you can just tap it) and the least you can do is to check that box. :fgo_circereally:

It…grinds my gears. If you visit the Q&A tag, sooo many topics are just left unchecked, even after tons of replies. I feel like I was left hanging by the OP, after getting what he/she wants he/she will just basically abandon the topic and move on. :fgo_hassandonot:

Tbh, it just does not look orderly. It’s way too messy. And I think this is why someone started the General Help Thread in the first place; so people won’t go around creating topics and when answered, would just abandon and not check the box.

So please. Check. That. BOX. :fgo_seibagun:

Ty. :fgo_umu:


…No comment…


It’s tiring, really.

I remember the last week before—and first week during the free SR ticket…the threads are all over the place :fgo_badciv:

I’m not disagreeing…

:sweat_smile: Just… No comment about why I made that thread…


I will abide by this by simply never asking a question


Sure thing. This is my rant thread, after all :fgo_umu:

Nope. Clearly, you missed my point.

It bothers me the same way people who do huge walls of text do.

That’s another thing, people need to learn to space their shit out so it isn’t an eye killer to read a text dump.


no idea what you are talking about tbh i mean its not that big of a deal how is this hard to read though so yeah im not using punctuation either cos that helps or is that annoys i dont know whatever boxs unchecked like shrug okay I think a lot of people just ask shit and then disappear into the ether i wonder why they even bothered to make an account when you could just search for an answer as most questions are dumb anyways like do you really want to know whether to burn a limited ssr like seriously or which crappy archer should you put your fous on zzz argh command codes are too hard i just leave them in my inventory im too scared to use them so id rather just let them rot also check out my grailed heracles its so cool i didnt even bother to raise his skills past 4 anyone see the game on thursday night so glad my seahawks got back on track also


Jokes on you, I speed read at 500+ wpm, punctuation is optional for me!


speed read at 500+ wpm

isn’t this called skimming? :fgo_seibathink:


So honest question. What if you come up with an answer but one specific response didn’t actually give the answer. Instead it was a combination of offered solutions. Should you just reply with what you decided or just pick the closest to your solution. I ask because I asked a question about who to grail and never checked an answer.


Kinda yes, kinda no, it’s a skill I picked up for 2 reasons, to read though technical manuals quickly, and to watch subbed anime at 6x-7x speeds

Used to use this to practice


ah yes the hidden technique to finish filler anime episodes.
i wanna do this but i still love my 20/20 vision :fgo_gudako:


I’m not sure how the checkmark works but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people select their own replies as answers, so I’d say reply with your decided course of action and select that as the checkmarked answer.

I’m just ranting abt those who ask-and-run, but if you don’t think you didn’t get what you were asking then it’s totally fine and that just means the replies weren’t helpful.

Leaving boxes unchecked harms no one, tbh, I’m just nitpicking lol

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it’s a skill I picked up for 2 reasons…
…to watch subbed anime at 6x-7x speeds

I only watch 1.5x - 2x at max if it’s a filler or the scenes are unbearably cringey, but that’s superpower


Bait post is bait.

You think it’s funny, but it just makes you look uneducated and gives me a headache to read because of how fast I read and how close together everything is.

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I’ve watched as high as x3 on shows that I really hated but was just determined to finish for one reason or another. Like the second seasons of Guilty Crown or Aldnoah.Zero; the entirety of some trash ones I won’t name :fgo_dshy:

Normally I watch at a simple x2 for subbed anime, slow it down for really impressive action scenes, and maybe just do 1.5 on shows that I’m super attached or that are dense - Psycho-Pass, Oregairu (I watched at like 1.2, barely faster than normal), or some other mysteries where I have to pay more attention.

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I do think I got helped. And thanks to the response I came to a decision. I suppose I should have posted what I decided. I also understand where your coming from. If someone is looking for an answer to a question they should let the people that responded know that they came to a decision.

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