Please for the love of everything that is holy in this world, don't make Nótt a defense mythic :feh_notlikethis:

I was just tinkering around with my AR defense and thinking about those pesky cavlines :feh_eirikathink: Then I was thinking about Pathfinder and how you could combine the two

…and I came to the conclusion that this is not something that should come into existence :feh_lucinastop:

So, there’s a lot of options but here’s an example, you have to pretend that Solei is not Solei but Nótt :fgo_ishtarshook:

Here’s what would happen in this set-up:

At first the threat range of this cavline will look rather underwhelming. But then everything changes when the enemy turn begins. Lynja is the 6th unit and will end her turn. L!Azura will move to Lynja to dance her (L!Azura doesn’t need a flier movement skill for this thanks to pathfinder) Lynja can now move to 3 out of 6 backspaces. L!Leif and S!Mia can also use pathfinder to cover more backspaces.

First it looks like this:

But in reality it’s like this:


Nótt too obnoxious to be a defense mythic?


Don’t worry in a few months we’ll get a mythic that disables pathfinder anyways so IS can make more money.


Implying IS cares about balance enough to avoid doing that.

Nott could be Astra or something instead, but Dark seems very likely for whoever’s next.


She gon be dark and shit gon get lit


I’m all for it. This season is piss easy on offense and defense needs something ridiculous like this

Replace Mia with an OR cav and this will be unstoppable


But not to worry… They’ll just change the maps again.

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I doubt it

They haven’t touched the maps in like 2 years now

What we need is new maps


Has it really already been 2 years since they changed lava? Damn… I’m getting old. But yes we absolutely need more maps.

Yeah they changed lava floes and one other map a few months after AR’s introduction. So it’s been awhile

Yeah, add the double wall map to AR already IS.


okay let’s not get crazy


tenor (85)

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Nott feels almost guaranteed to be dark since Dagr was light. Especially since they have a sun and moon thing going on between them too.


How to make this setup even more obnoxious: Replace Lynja with a Bladetome flier and put Earth Dance on L!Azura


Would it be though? Buffs are much easier to negate these days so Lyn feels like she’d probably be more consistent than a blade tome.

You can use OR tho, right?

OR? What’s that?

IDK i feel like Lynja with +ATK and double death blow is pretty scary. (mirror impact/windsweep to survive tanky stuff)

(Also, Nott might give +ATK since we already have two +SPD, one +Def; one +Res, one+ATK.)


How so? It’s not like they can get panicked, and people don’t really use Lulls on offense

Just that there are more effects that can. Lulls ofc are one even if maybe they aren’t common. Weapons like the pirate ones come to mind too. Not saying a blade tome would be bad, just that I think Lyn would be less likely to have such problems. She’s also probably better in the situation where she isn’t danced by Azura if that happens for any reason (idk they kill Azura or something). Being colorless also makes Lyn strong against more foes than typical mages. So more that Lyn has less potential pitfalls imo.