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Good evening everyone.

I am a new player, and I’ve only been playing this game for a month now and only after school and before sleep. I don’t know if I am just unlucky or now, I’m already at the beginning of Camelot and each time I tried to run the first node I always fail. My highest star servant is Heracles and then next is Ushiwakamaru ans Kiyohime, other than those I have nothing but 1 star and 2 star servants. I already spent all my Saint Quartz and even bought some, all of those ended with CE and 3 star servants that I already have. Ushiwaka and Kiyohime is my strongest having their NP at level 5 and with Kaleid, it has been a week already and I cannot move past the first node in Camelot. I am getting dishearted, should I just delete my account and create a new one? Lately I am finding myself simply staring at my screen phone and not knowing what to do. Is this game not for me? Or am I just unlucky? This is my first time joining such community and playing such a game so I am pretty much a beginner, so please be understanding.

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You should borrow a friend servant and let them handle the work.
Can you also provide me with a screenshot of your unit list?

How you spend all your SQ and yet gotten no other 3 stars other than ushi and kiyohime? Anyway the first part is completely doable with just a Cu alter from friendlist.

wait how you only got heracles as a gold servant and only ushi/kiyo is np 5 despite playing for a month? did you burn everything?


Camelot is a bit more difficult than earlier parts so brute forcing it won’t be as effective.
Like @Waifu69 mentioned it is possible to rely on support servants if your team isn’t cutting it but in the long run it is better to build up a solid foundation.

You only mentioned Herc, Ushi and Kiyohime so what are their levels?
Have you started raising Mash?
Which support servants do you pick? If you rely on the NPC it can get a bit more difficult.

There are also loads of useful 1-2 star servants so don’t make the mistake in ignoring them.
Unlike some other games star rating isn’t a clear indicator of how good they are.
Georgios and Hans are two of the best examples.
Georgios can taunt the enemy and draw their attention for 3 turns, provided he doesn’t die.
That is highly useful combined with Berserkers.

Hans can provide healing, attack buffs, defense, critical stars, critical strength…
He might not have much in the way of health but those benefits are worth it.

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For a month from last Summer [when I started playing] till Nero Fest, my account was carried by a EMIYA (Level 80), Mash (Level 60) and Friend Support. Camelot hit me hard: fail the first node 3-4 times to realize that my team is just not enough.

But thank to Nero Fest, I got ton of embers to raise great Servants like David, Hans, Proto-Cu, Lu Bu, etc. and they really help me go through Camelot. I recall the very first node with the Gazer was dealt with by Proto Cu and Lu Bu (his NP God Force hits really hard at NP5) and Support Waver.

You really should just farm embers and roll the friend point daily to get a variety of other 1*-3* Servants. Learn to use them. Your time will come.


I don’t think that would help, you’d just lose time that way, in my opinion.

Personally, I only reached Camelot a bit over 2 months after I started playing, and I failed at the first node on my first try, too.
I then went back to focusing on the daily nodes and events, upgraded my roster that way, and then tried again later.
With the friend points and free SQ you get from logins, farming and events you should get some more decent 3-star and 4-star servants eventually, or more NP levels for 3-stars other than kiyo and ushi. Try to raise at least one decent 3-star in every category, and absolutely raise Arash and Spartacus for easier farming in dailies and events. Also. don’t use any duplicates as XP fodder until servants are NP5.

As others have said before a screenshot of your roster would be usesful so we can see if you underleveled and if you have any other useful servants such as hans. Until then i’ll just give general advice, make sure to invest in Mash because she is very useful especially, if you have Hans invest in him as his buffs are helpful.
Make sure that you don’t burn any servants you get. If you get them to NP5 you can burn excess of that servant then. Fgo can be completed by low star servants with the right comps and strats so they are not useless.
If worst comes to worst you can cheese camelot with a friend support herc with a bond CE however keep in mind that you would eventually need to level your servants anyway as herc cannot solo the entire game.
As said please attach a screeenshot of your roster so we can give more informed advice ^^

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Ironic that Herc in the story never seems to win when it matters, given the meme. Should read “dare ni mo katenai.”

Power of Positive Thinking EX is not a real passive, Ilya.


So… Really don’t. Even more if you have spended real money. Plus you have kaleidoscope, thet CE is worth more then a few 5 star trust me.

Ok the thing is
Camelot is a wall. You can’t get pass is by picking any servant and brute force your way trought.
You need to start using your skill and your tattics accordingly.

My suggestion is, start working towards a support uniti like mash. It is important to raise her skill to. Mash, especially once you reach mid Camelot, became one of the most powerful servant in the game.

You must also level your servant accordingly, and most importantly use the right servant for the right enemy.
Also, try to be careful with berserk, they need more babysitting then other.

I suggest you here a couple of servant thet can make your life easier. Those are 3 star, so as long as you keep play you will eventually get them

David. He is an incredible Archer, even more for undeveloped roster. He offer your team defence, attack and a St np. Most of low star Archer are good, but he is the most well rounded for any content, and he can easily fit in any team comp

OG Cu. He is a specialist solo fighter. Very strong.

Hans Christian Andersen. he is a very good servant. Basically any roster without Merlin and waver like him

Hassan of hundred persona. Very strong all around assassin. She will cover your anti Rider need for some time. Unfortunately, she require more support later on, but her peak performance exceed almost any other assassin below 5 star

Spartacus . You will love him when you start farm.

My last advice is, if you can’t do a piece of story right now, just do something else. Farm what you need for some skill /ascension, or do the event. There is no need to rush.


Except when newer accounts want to do newer events with higher starting requirements, then they panic run story and wind up getting walled. Too many newer accounts panic, and they wind up getting disheartened.


Ok I am not trying to sound rude here, but since you are a new player, have you start to learn the basics of the game yet? Like class advantages, servant traits, card mechanics, skill effects, support list, ascension and skill level ups etc.? If you haven’t, I suggest you start to learn about these things, from Camelot on there won’t be any more important battles that can be cleared with simple brute force. You will need to set up your team according to the situation.
Your luck is terrible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play. Everyone will have terrible luck at times. People had cleared Camelot and subsequently the entire part 1 with just bronze (1-2 stars) servants before, you just need to know the game well.


Right now there isn’t a need to rush.
I just checked zuth’s compendium and the next event that requires more than clearing Orleans will be Halloween 2020.
For this one LB2 is the requirement.
After that there is Babylon for the X-mas rerun and LB1 for X-mas 2020.

There are almost 4 months so plenty of time to raise servants and advance in the main story.
Plus there is a lottery in september as well.

I didn’t mean to imply there was a rush now, only that newer accounts see higher requirements and rush, only to be disheartened when they can’t get there.


First, welcome to the community :fgo_ereshlove:
Second, i’m sure that you should have also at lest a Caster Cu and a David (unless that you have burn then), either way i recommed you that if you aren’t desperate for end Camelot i recommed you that you use like a full week of only farm to make the servants that you already have stronger


That is a fair point, my perspective was a bit narrow.

I experienced that on JP and had to skip Xmas 2018 and the original sparrow Inn event as my account was new.
It was discouraging to know that there are events with materials I needed but couldn’t enter, I remember it feeling like a catch 22.
I needed to do events to get materials but to do events I had to advance the main quest, and that required those materials.



I mean this is normal, the game doesn’t force you to do nothing after the tutorial so is kinda understandable that you don’t know what you have to do, i was like to mounth just farming and playing events just because i didn’t want to play the story

I don’t know what tht have to see with the other things?


Usually the super strong characters usually lose when the things really matter, like Hakumen in BlazBlue, when is important he is surprisingly useless, but when the things aren’t important he is almoust invencible


Adding to the chorus:

You’re not unlucky. Some players out there still don’t have even a single Kaleidoscope after having played longer and spent more.

Rerolling the account at this point would be wasteful.

The pace of the game for many players is to complete available story, run any event that might be in progress, and otherwise farm for needed materials and/or run the big daily quests for QP, embers, and some MP.