Please help a man decide which servant to get from new chapter

assassin or berserker? like by maxing out the servant’s skills and lvl cap 80 who is going to help me in the long run?

Hard to say without knowing the rest of your lineup
Do you think you need a strong boss killer, or somewhat of a Quick team supporter with good damage potential?

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yeah i know what both are capable of team wise it’s that i both need quick supports and a berserker that isn’t chacha and can buster buff party wide

Go for both, then? Though if you’re using Berserker to support Buster teams, you may be doing something wrong.

It’s not like you really have a choice, other than to stop rolling if you got the “right” one. :slight_smile: 1.2% chance for either per roll.

Rider of Okeanos is better choice… Berserker of Okeanos is also one of the best.


I mean just look at her!!!

How can you possibly pass over someone who looks this cute?

All she wants to do is disembowl you!


That’s good but wrong picture


Both of you got the wrong picture just look at this delivery Amazon.


Megane Pent is good civilization!



tbh, if you just want one and don’t mind waiting, halloween 3 would be a far better time to roll

since they both appear on separate days as solo 4-star rate ups (of course the 5-star is still on the banner, but her rate up chance doesn’t affect other rarities from showing)

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Wait ,she shares a banner with cleo ? Omg what have i done

Just roll again :fgo_buster:

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Noooo! GO away ,i have nothing left and i must save for summer noooo

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Wrong banner.

They mean the Osakabehime banner:

Click here please!

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Oh god ,now i m happy, thanks ,i don’t care about that banner,all i want is cleo as an assasin(till kama comes out)

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that’s halloween 2 rerun

hallowen 3 has okki


Cleo’s banner has Nito and the banana

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yep i forgot ,i will finally get my nito chan mwahahahahahhahahahahahahah(please cleo come home quicker than nito)

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I mean hm

on one hand, np2+ banana or np4+ cleo

on the other, vlad for more team options

what will probably actually happen is I just skip this banner in favor of saving quartz for new event ce rolls and salem banners