Please Help! (M8-6) How can I prevent those Shield guards from dying?!?


Yes! I need help! :fgo_jeannu:

After trying this stu- err . . . Difficult . . . Map over 50 freaking times I got sick of it!!!

How the hell can I prevent those Idi- err . . . Shield Guards . . . From dying???

I’ll do anything and everything! Doesn’t matter what! All I want is getting that damn secret scene!

And while we are at it . . . Any tips for Tallulah on JT8-2???
(I don’t want to create another Topic in a few days for her! So imma ask about it too!)

Many thank you’s in advance!!! :ak_okaydokay:


Have you try any guide on youtube?

My own clear require some firepower to it, if you’re still interested, show me your E2 list.

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E2? You mean my Operators? :fgo_astolfothink:

Yeah, your ops which have been promoted to Elite2

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Not too many but I wouldn’t mind promoting some to get the job done! For example Perfumer seems to be able to heal those guys! :fgo_astolfothink:

Well… I hope it’s that simple, even with additional global regen like Ange, if you can’t kill the enemies quick enough it will result in failure.

That’s the reason we need some big firepower, we need to kill them quickly, and that’s why I need to see your E2, so we can try to make your own clear.


To make things easier: Here is every single Operator I own! Like I said: I’ll do anything! I just want to get this done already!
Part (1/2)


Part (2/2)


Just saw some low rarity clear and thank God it only need 1 support you didn’t have, either Thorns, SilverAsh or Surtr as main damage dealer, but perhaps global regen is a must, just to make sure.

It’s doable rn
Better check them first, it’s more approachable than using my braindead strat.

And it’s a farming event currently, so you might want to focus on that part first and finish this later.

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If I recall correctly from messing around. It’s doable without six stars. But it’s pretty tough because of range limits. But using a puller or long range nuking the harder hitting melee foes goes a long way. Like Ifrit & gravel + red combo was fun.

Surtr S3 can help nuke 'em a bit. But with mild global regen, it’s really the heavy hitting ones that are a problem.

Surtr S3 is also great vs Tallulah, although true dmg really cuts it. Talllulah is easier with decoys to bait her fire over time skill.

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But those YouTube vid’s are so complicated . . . ! :fgo_jeannu:

Red combo? :fgo_mordredthink:

Projekt Red. A 5 star specialist that can stun on deploy. I love using her stun to delay problematic foes while my snipers get’em.

Also. I’d find it tough to do the special challenge thing with your current roster, but maybe would manage with friend support.

The three possibilities I recall doing were. Surtr + Silverash nuke with varied support. Thorns + Ifrit or Schwarz & redeploys (Red/Gravel). & lastly the pullers + sniper burst or mines.

Also. Perfumer + Blaze & vanguards at start can support an early Thorns attacking upwards. Most comfortable & simple thing is nuking wisely & trying to improvise against the other hard hitting guards. But I don’t know if there’s a solution without care in timing.

Otherwise, long range snipers or letting the first shieldguard get 3 foes on him when a leader can’t be nuked in good time.

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Ugh . . . Why does it has to be so pointlessly complicated . . . ? :ak_sceneannoyed:

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Well. It’s probably in the top 10 challenges in the game so far. Far as I’m concerned.

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So it gets easier after Tallulah? :fgo_astolfothink:

Hmm. More like the bosses and some specific levels are more restrictive.

JT8-2 & JT8-3 are some of the hardest levels for sure.

Chapter 9 foes are tough but hmm. Mostly it’s not putting the wrong operators in the enemy path. To me hardest levels are mostly H levels, bosses & some of the other challenges. I mean it in context of a varied roster.

None of the levels are too hard if you really know what to do and have the better ops for it. But playing to win and playing for fun don’t always overlap. So yeah.

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Wait! Arknights has H content?!? :fgo_ryouma:

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… I mean H5-1 & other end chapter levels. I don’t recall if there is some unlock condition. But they are optional levels at the end of chapters.

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This is how I cleared it. Gladiia S3 is great at top left spot. Just get her as a support unit.

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