Please Help! (M8-6) How can I prevent those Shield guards from dying?!?

Already own Gladia! :ak_okaydokay:

Also, I will probably rather take Silver Husbando as Support! :fgo_mordredthink:

What do you mean you’d rather take Silverash??? You’re asking for advice but you still want to do it your way! With your current units you can’t brute force it, you need a tactic!

I mean I would choose Silver as the Support!
Until then I still need to turn everyone I need into Promotion 2 and max Lv.
What I’m trying to do is not somethin I can simply rush trough in a day or two! :fgo_mordredthink:


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Completed it after 2 months of trying with my mostly E1 squad.
Use Shamare S2M3 & Liskarm charger at the bottom and you can use the doll infinitely. I used tequila & specter (both E1) to clear the first red wave and for the second wave, let the 1st and 3rd guard block the red lizard men and use rosmontis to clear them. Liskarm charger is kind of tricky thats why it took 2 months :joy:


I’m kind of impatient and lazy, so I wanna make it with the least effort and as soon as possible . . . :ak_wlaugh:

This seems like the most straightforward one. You need just one E2 unit which you can get as a support unit, and E1 Perfumer. It is mostly AFK with just a couple of tactical Gravel drops and Rosmontis skill activations.

  • Keep an eye out for the red lizardmen in top lane, they look almost the same as all other lizardmen but hit hard! Stall them with Gravel so they dont get blocked by the front Shield Bros.
  • There is room in the squad, so you can add Vanguards to block bottom lane and generate DP
  • Steward can be replaced by Ceobe
  • Next to Thorns you can add Gladiia or Lappland for extra damage. Cliffheart Skill 2 is also good to stun choice targets for Thorns.
  • Bottom lane can be moved closer to the blue box to free the ranged panels for units like Ifrit or Warfarin.
  • Perfumer is there to heal Shield Bros with her passive global heal aura
  • In the next banner is Ashlock, who can stand on bottom lane and hit the lizardmen with physical AoE attacks

Thanks, i didn’t know how to unlock these hidden lore before.

I’ve read some comments before doing my run.
Hoshiguma talent don’t apply to Shieldguards but Whislash talent give them at last 100 def and her skill 1 increase her talent effect.
Rosa can help the first Shieldguard.

I used Bubble to protect the first shieldguard from these projectile thrower.
I deployed Manticore /Ethan but i’m not sure if it’s a good idea because Rosmontis skill with effect stun is aoe and can help the front shieldguard.(when she can hit an ennemies at her range)
Bind may be the better choice but Manticore stun could help too.

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Machine Translation:
Essence II’s Perfumer’s talent of slowly regenerating blood can regenerate blood for these shield guards (also recommended with skills 2) . Angelina can also help shield guards regenerate blood. I also used Shamare. She can reduce the enemy’s attack power by 50%


I wished I had shamare . . . :ak_sceneannoyed:

I didn’t know Shamare also reduces attack power! That is rare in Arknights, and I thought that only Bubble and Waai Fu have.

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Well? Give us a status report :fgo_insane:

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Currently working on increasing most of them to E2
and since I (luckily) got Ashlock -

(Am I the only person that can’t help but “LMAO” because I understand German?) -

I’m building her since she would fit in perfectly to shoot from the lane below, through the wall, at the lizard’s attacking the Shield Brotha’s! :ak_okaydokay:

(But at the moment I’m trying to get “Holy Sh*t Nearl”) :ak_wlaugh:

Ps: If you are interested, I was just about to create a new Post talkin about the free 6☆ Operator Ticket! (I can’t decide who to pick!) :fgo_jeannu:

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Sooo, now with Aak in tow i keep trying to promote him and Corrupted Skadi! The rest can come after! :ak_okaydokay:

Just a reminder you can withdraw Rosmontis and deploy your own operator on her position… bottom lane is easy. Coura and 1 caster with good damage can hold the line.

I remember I use rotation of SilverAsh and Surtr to burst red mad enemy and Perfumer to slightly heal those rearguard… not sure if Skadi S2 can also buff those rearguard or not

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If by ‘withdraw’ you mean ‘teamkill with Aak’, then yes.

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Does ‘retreating’ her actually still count towards clearing the requirement?



Honestly, I’m getting sick of this shit!

Even after months of trying: No success!
I tried with this Team:

I tried with some others and I tried dozens and dozens of times!

At this point I am sick of trying this stupid garbage mission! F*ck the creators of Arknights for seriously thinking this map was a good idea!

Can anyone post a video with the secret so I can just watch it and move on?

I won’t bother trying this shit anymore!


Ps: The only ray of hope I’m having is that maybe Fiametta with her over the top murder Skills might have a chance to carry me to success but I’m not being too optimistic!