Please help me build a decent team

I’m not really understanding synergies yet can you help me build a pvp team?

Synergies refers to your character’s tags and z abilities. Z abilities are the passive buffs that characters apply to the whole team regardless of whether they are actually fighting or not. All z abilities buff a category of fighters, usually tags but can also be color based. For instance your Vegeta (purple) z ability buffs Saiyan blast attack. So to take advantage of that you’d want to use characters that have the saiyan tag. Tags can be found on character’s detail page. Atm you’re so new that you don’t really have a lot of anything to make any meta teams, so you’ll mostly just be using your strongest units. Gamepress has a tier list, just go off that. Based off what you got though my best guess would be a Saiyan team. You’ll probably end up running Kaoken Goku (blue), SS Vegeta (red) and Vegeta (purple).

Thank you that helps a lot. I will check out the gamepress tiers and keep collecting more characters to form a better team.

Happy to help.

Here is an update of my crew

You can kinda run an android team.
Core- SP Cell (yellow), Android 13 (blue) and Android 15 (purple)
Bench- Android 16 (green), Imperfect Cell ex (yellow) and Android 19 ex (red)