Please help me choose which unit to offer for Binding Worlds (Poll)

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Since I’m not gonna be the one buying my own unit, I’d really appreciate it if you could pick what the most appealing offer would be to you, since I’m struggling to decide. I’m showing what I believe would be the best skill options when more than one inherited skill is available for that slot. I think these would be the most interesting units from me without just posting everything I have.

You can vote for 2 units.

Sothis also has NFU and Fjorm also has Steady Posture 3.

Thank you for your feedback.


Only unit I’d get use out of is L.Lucina… and that’s only for her Tempo and 12 DF since I use the same exact build on mine just with Lull Spd/Def instead

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Lucina is my favorite by far. She is ready to go for arena, has a ton of premium skills and she’ll benefit a lot from the free DF coming with the Forma. Also, she is still a great arena unit unlike Roy and Fjorm.
My second vote went to Walhart but most of the other options were about the same level of usefulness IMO. Sothis looks amazing, unfortunately she’s such a lackluster unit…


I seem to recall the announcement saying that Forma’d Legendaries and Mythics DO NOT give bonuses, so that’s a mark against any of those for me; so from what’s left, I vote for Eliwood. He’s got a lot of usability, especially against Embla.

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Roy is actually pretty good, especially since many of the other Fire Legendaries are Green. He also has Pair Up, so he’s useful for Allegiance Battles as well.

Fjorm can be made very reliable, especially against ranged units, but requires more investment. But Lucina seems to be the favorite.

Sothis is not as forsaken as she may seem, especially with NFU support, but yeah, she could have gotten true DR and damage based on Spd or something. I’ve still made her crush many maps and even some AR teams on Defense. People think she will just crumble.

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Looking through the announcement I found this

It says Legendaries and Mythics won’t give you a Blessing if you Forma them, as in the Blessing ITEM. By all accounts scoring should be unaffected


I wondered exactly what they were referring to, so I checked and didn’t find anything alarming, so I let it be.

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Lucina is the most important unit of the bunch.
Lots of premium skills including the A slot necessary for her role.