Please help me! FGO NA Recovery Account

I send an email to Recover my account because I don’t remember the Transfer code’s password. Team support said that it is still active, so with the true informations i send, they cannot assist any further.

@_@ While update Ooku event, I cleaned the app data, then I updated it.
I ask some friends, they told me that It still has some old data left on my phone, or cloud, or somewhere like that.

I use Android phone, can you advice me how to clear the “old data” please!
Thank you very much!
And sorry if my English is so bad

Sorry you lost access to your account.

Have you tried sending ALL the information listed in this post to support? >> Guide to Account Recovery <<
Please make sure you keep using the same email account for communication with them!

I don’t quite understand what you mean about cleaning up the app data, but all of your account is recoverable from the server, so you don’t have to worry about deleting files from your phone.

If you are having trouble applying a transfer code, maybe you can take some screenshots of the error message?

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What you need is to gain access to the app again with your account in order to re-issue the transfer code with a new password.
For that, maybe you could try to restore your FGO app settings/files from your Google account cloud services. But I have no idea where to find that. Despite being an IT person, my phones have mainly been glorified ipods that never held anything of value that I would care to backup or restore. ^^
I assume an avid phone user (or a google search) might point you to the correct procedure for doing this.

Do NOT backup anything until you’ve succeeded, that might erase your account important files forever in the cloud.

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When I clear the app data, my account now can’t access. Following to the Guild to write recovery email, team support make sure that my account still active, its so ridiculous that when i check my id with other account, It is offline for 7 days @_@
And the informations are all right, and i have purchases history.

Thank you for your ideas, i can’t access again my account due to the moment I cleaned app data, and I also check the backup on GG Drive, but it does not work.

I have only asked once for a new set of transfer code, after uninstalling the app accidentally.

It seems really weird that the customer service would turn down your request for the account being active, unless it’s really been recently active… Between the times I lost access and the time I got issued a new transfer code, it was probably only 48 hours. So my account would have only been inactive for a day or two.

If you know your friend code, perhaps you check your status on (Friend ID Lookup - and show them that your account is indeed inactive?

Just throwing ideas around, though if your backup method works that seems ideal :) good luck!

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They said that “We will no longer be able to assist me” @@, one of my friend said that my data account still on other device, or it still on my phone, i don’t know how to delete all of that @@, and now it too late @_@

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Re-sending the information with more details might help. If there was a typo in the information you sent, they would just drop the case.

I found another doc with more information that you could try sending >> NA FGO Account Recovery Guide - Google Docs.

I can’t help much with the back up data part of it still… maybe look into a guide on copying game data to emulators if you’re a techy person? (NOTE: never tried this myself though!)

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Thank you, i will send another email

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