Please help me to make a better team

Please help me to make a team.
Which one is better, future or fusion warrior or God KI ?

I will say the characters you have is really impressive, however I can’t exactly say which one is best overall as they all have slightly different play styles and supporting characters, so it usually comes down to personal preference as well.


This is probably the best you will get from future, and even then, it’s not too great. One big problem you will encounter is the lack of defence. The best you will have is Pur Vegito, which is very limited, and the cover change from Zamasu and Blu Vegito. Other then that, you won’t be able to take too much damage and will possibly lose some units rather quickly.
There is also the issue of the lack of good boosts, the three anniversary units have the best ones possible, but the rest can only slightly boost one stat.

God Ki

This also suffers the same as Future, however the F2P Goku would be the main upside for a God Ki focus team.

Fusion Warriors

| Don’t have Grn SSJ4 Gogeta or Yel SSB Gogeta for picture |

Fusion warriors has a few more options thanks to Kefla green heals and damage reduction as well as SSJ4 Gogeta being a defence unit. This would end up being your best overall option for your team in terms of Z-abilities as well.