Please help me with my team

hello I need help making my team as I don’t know which to choose

You’re new right? I can see that by your level and the amount of characters you have. Right now you don’t have enough characters to make a “full” team so you should focus in getting more characters first, like Legends Road, Rising Battle and in Summons. As I can see you have a lot of Frieza Force characters so I would stick with them or with a Saiyan Team with Shallot, SSJ Goku and EX Goku as the core.

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First;Let Me be really honest with you, considering you’re a newcomer to the game I don’t think you should be bothering yourself with things like team making or character synergies, you should just discover the game and have fun.

That Being Said

Imma still help you a bit with your team making, since it’s something I enjoy, but you need to know that it’s gonna be hard to find something that can really be named a “team”

What I’m gonna do is giving you some Ideas to work with, the rest is gonna be up to you, since you’re going to receive a lot of units (keep us updated of the good units you pool so we can help you) in no time, at least if you keep playing at an OK rythm.

So Here is What I advise you to do.

First : Make a Sayan team that u’ll use for Story Mode and PVE Events in general.
In that team I’ll Put Shallot (He’s a decent Bench Option now and you better have it trained for Story mode), Then you can Put SP SSJ Goku Red, Ex Goku BLU, if you have some rare medals you can Even buy yourself a spirit bomb goku.
Then just wait to see what you pull and complete your team with other colors sayan characters, so you can do the story with a decent team (even’t if a real team isn’t necessary at that point of the game)

Second : try to get yourself some FriezaForce/LineAge of Evil characters, you already have Chilled, Cooler GRN, Ginyu and a lot of frieza Force Boosting Characters.

GL and Have Fun, keep us updated about your units so we can help you when your character bank will be ready.

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Thank you for taking ur time to respond and give me ideas I will try what you said and I will update you
I’m new to it so having you help means a lot
Thanks for everything and imma destroy with the bench you gave me

Yeah I am new ahahahah
Yeah I will play more and get more characters and build a sayian team or what I can of it
Thank you for responding and helping me heaps
Means a lot

I agree with the synergy points @LazzKwat said. Personally, I’d say don’t waste too many CC on trying to get Frieza characters however. They aren’t the strongest team and getting CC is a real grind lol. I like to save my CC for the banners that have the really good characters!

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I agree with what lazz says about team making. You’re too new for it to really matter. However, I agree with qwerty about not pulling from the banner. It may suck not getting anyone short term, but you’re better off saving for a banner with actual strong units in the long term


I never Told Him to Use CC on the banner Tho, doing Dailies and grinding Character event is enough, it just seems that in its current state his character List is “Frieza-oriented” lmao, what a word

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Haha not saying you did bro, just letting him know my opinion for saving CC because getting them is a major grind lol.

Yea, I don’t think its worth spending any on. No point in building freiza when its not even strong to begin with and has little hope of becoming viable. Better to just save every drop possible for something good imo