Please help with Forma Chrom

Phew! Got the last orb, don’t need any more ephemera and can now focus on getting skills for Chrom. (Still looking forward to when I am able to keep the soul… This time it was the Sword Valor that I just NEED. We need Valor SEALS!!!)

My Chrom so far:
Melee Bouquet +Res
Vengeance (was first <4 CD special)
Distant Foil
Lull Atk/Def3
Joint Drive Atk
[Mirror Stance2]

Weapon - I like the follow-up denial of Bouquet, but Chrom will be sporting his prf.

Assist - I should try for double Rally, but I tend to use repo much more, so it’s low on list

Special - If I don’t get BF or RS, then I’ll try for Glimmer? or Moonbow? Luna?

A - I’ll try for Atk/Def or Atk/Spd Push if you so advise. Not very fond of it’s penalty, and really like the [conditional] counterattack of Distant Foil, but his prf needs < 100% hp and Push does the trick… Idk

B - Lull is fine

C - Would Rouse be better than Joint Drive?

Btw, I’m not terribly keen on BST, more on skill synergy/suitability/rarity.

A push or even Fury 4 would be great (if that is all you get). Still, Atk/Def or Atk/Spd Push > Fury 4 for him. The lull is great, you might want to see if you can get Lull Spd/Def if you want to make a speedy build. Joint Drive Atk is amazing, but only if you’re going to be keeping him near allies. If you’re going for Galeforce or using solos, it wouldn’t be that great (it would still work since Joint Drive has a 2 space requirement, but it wouldn’t be easy). Dual Rally or harsh command+ for support of course (if you can get it). Special doesn’t really matter tbh unless you want the high scoring from Blue Flame or Ruptured Sky.

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Chrom seems rather slow, I feel that boosting his attack may be more useful. Especially as he comes with neutral IVs.

For Special I’d like ideally something that triggers as often as possible and does lots of damage :grinning:. Scoring is secondary.

I have still 24 tries left to fish for different skills, who knows what pops up.

Chrom can get deceptively fast since Sealed Falchion boosts all his stats for having less than 100% HP.

If you wanted you could opt for Solo seal instead so that, with everything active, he hits effectively +21 Spd and +12 Atk. 57 Spd at +0 merges is pretty good all things considered, but you have to invest in his Speed.

Healing Special like Aether is actually still a good pick since he will always hit <100% HP after combat

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Right, we have Solo seals now! I have not yet seen any Solo skill for Chrom, but actually it could be something to look out for. My units usually tend to run away from each other.

After successfully merging my Chrom on the Weekly Revival banner, this is how I ended up making him:

Debating whether to change his Rouse to Spd/Def or keeping it this way.

Either way, he’s doing wonders.

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Why is Push Anything so much better than Distant Foil? If he is attacked by physical unit, DF gives less atk, but guarantees counterattack. Push of course works on both phases, but still… :confused:

Well, Distant Foil is trash imo

Push not only gives stats but it guarantees you’re below 100% HP after combat so he triggers his weapon

Distant Foil (and DC/CC stuff in general)is mostly only for EP units, which Cavs aren’t the best at (much less Exalt Chrom).

Chrom needs to keep the less than perfect HP threshold up to get his stats. Otherwise, he may as well run Safeguard+ or Bellringer+ instead and unfortunately, Xander exists and makes a better budget Physical Tank than premium Chrom since he can run Sturdy Stance 3 and keep his DC prf (and he also has like 6 copies total you could get for free so he’s not even that expensive to use grails on)

Chrom works best using his cav movement to his advantage and running PP/DP skills like Push and Lulls and Galeforce

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Much thanks for explaining this.