Please help 😭

I’m new here guys. I really need your input.

Should I complete mecha Eli event to get her alterego cause I’ve no alterego servant yet?? Or should I skip for a month to get free SQ cause I’m low on SQ :sneezing_face::sneezing_face:??

I’ve been playing FGO for almost a year now btw

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Playing the event doesn’t cost SQ (in fact you earn a bit of SQ from nodes and missions) so why not both?


You get a 30 sq bonus if you don’t log in by the time abigail comes around.

However, although it may not seem like it, by logging in and doing the weekly missions you get 1 sq a day + 1 ticket per week which more than makes up for the 30 sq bonus.

Plus you get 13 sq from this event and you get 30 sq for every 50 day login streak so it is far better to just play the event.


This is also the last chance to get Mecha Eli-Chan for 2+ years.

There’s an excellent chance she’ll be brought back via the RP shop eventually, but JP only recently began doing this for old welfares, so her turn could be a long time coming, if ever.


Do the event.

You end up with more overall SQ and a very good AE Welfare servant.

If ever there was an extra class servant you want as a new player it is an Alter-Ego. She can fill in any gaps you might have in your team for lack of an ST dps Caster, Rider, AND Assassin!

Good ST casters* and assassins, in particular, when you first start out, are almost non-existent and by virtue of being a welfare (Free np5) she will actually do more damage than her 4 star and some 5 star competition.

This is NOT a welfare new players should skip!

*That said caster Shuten is the welfare servant for the very next event so do it for lack of good st assassins


Thank you all for answering my questions, I really appreciated your input :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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Skipping events is rarely, if ever, a good idea.

go for a decently solid guaranteed servant or more quartz for no guarantee of getting anything new or worthwhile

wow, hard decision


Yeah, skipping ain’t a good option for you right now.

Mecha-Eli chan is a great servant so you shouldn’t skip. Not only that, Aerial Drive is a great CE to have as well.

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Like others have said, there’s really no legitimate reason to consider skipping an event, especially with a welfare available. In particular, if you’ve been playing for close to a year, your roster should be developed enough that you won’t have much trouble trying to clear the story. Also, considering the overkill on time-gating this time around, you’ll still have leftover natural AP to use on SQ if you want.

Mecha-eli chan can function as a strong DPS against cavalry and Aerial drive is a solid CE. So no skipping the event if you can.

I think you actually get 4 quartz from the daily logins.

You get 4 quartz from the daily logins and 3 quartz from the sq fragments you get every week which adds up to 7.

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Mecha-eli is one of the best welfare servant and this event also has one of the best event CE Aerial Drive.

This is the only rerun event where you can get a second welfare servant who is not locked down by no duplicate servant mission.

You’re missing alot if you dont have an alter ego who excels at cavalry nodes and they eat foreigners for lunch. She’s also memelin compatible. :fgo_buster:

Well… I am skipping Halloween this year because there is no way I am going to be able to complete the story up to Lostbelt 2 in time. It is less of a choice, but still a legit reason. I suppose I could maybe spend saint quartz for it, but my inner Scrooge McDuck would never allow it.

ya do know we have 1/4th ap for arc 1 and 1/2 ap for arc 2 main quests before oniland drops, right? which combined with apples halloween3 gives would (near) certainly be enough to both catch up and do this event

which should be dropping any time now, based on jp server timing in tandem with halloween3


No, I had no clue. During this event? That is kind of weird… but, idk… I might give it a try.


(pre-event tab)

october 5th start date for rerun on jp, 1/4+1/2 ap starting on the 6th

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We should have around one week between the end of the current rerun and the start of oniland, right?

I’m waiting for the 1/2 AP campaign to do LB2. I hope that I don’t have to rush it too much…