Please read: FGO Roll thread request thread

So it’s come to this then…

Because lately roll threads are being made weeks, and even in some rare cases, years in advance, roll threads need to go though here first.

How it’ll work:
(Thanks to @Fall-Moon for helping me by making it clearer )

  1. Once a Banner is announced by FGO NA in either a form of social media, in game announcement or FGO NA stream, you can call dibs on creating the roll thread by writing a comment in this thread in the style of: “I want to make the roll thread for this banner” + @Flower_Hermit in your comment (so I can keep track of your request on the off chance a discussion starts here). First come, first serve.

  2. That said, if it’s announced that the banner hits within the next 5 days, you can call dibs and make the thread. If the scheduled release date for the banner is more than 5 days away, then you can’t call dibs immediately after the announcement. It has to be within 5 days until release. Calls earlier than that will be ignored. The only excdeption being if the banner is announced on the same day it’s released
    Assumptions for a release date based on JP schedule are prohibited. The call can only be made after an announcement by FGO NA.

    (Banners that come in multiple parts, such as the part 1 and part 2 story and event banners will remain separate threads, and part 2 can only be requested 5 days after part one has hit NA)

  3. After that, you can make the thread 1-2 days before the banner drops, OR Immediately if it is dropped right after it’s announced.

  4. You cannot call dibs more than twice in a row, if that happens, the next person gets it

Current threads will be grandfathered in, so when it’s time to use the threads that were made years in advance, you’ll all say “Oh, so this is why…”

What if someone else makes a thread anyway?

DM Me the thread link, I’ll verify things on my end, and if someone broke the rules, I’ll nuke that thread.

What if I decide to make a thread anyway, even if someone else called dibs?




Thank God, I was already bothered by the threads showing up for banners so far in the future.


I know I am the one who created this monster and want to apologize.

I was just really excited for Kama and thought it would show everyone how excited and be a funny joke.

That said, I know my thread is grandfathered in, but I feel it best to go ahead and officially ask here to reserve the Kama banner around 100 days from now.


Nope, goes against rule 1.

You’ll get to keep the thread you made because it’s grandfathered in, but I am not giving you special treatment and letting you request it so early.

That said, the guilt thing, I honnestly think this sort of thread would have had to be made eventually anyway, so don’t worry too much about it.


cool, I was gonna bitch about people pulling this crap


The Mata Hari bribe wasn’t enough :fgo_meltpensive:




Actually, it was, but it was only .5% of my decision to keep all the current roll threads


My last two threads probably didn’t help. In my defense, I only created the Quetzmas Roll thread because no one else had yet, and that really surprised me.

…I really have no excuse for the New Year’s thread, beyond the fact that I’ve been waiting all year for it…

@Flower_Hermit I do have a question, though: What are the rules regarding banners that don’t get an official start date until, like, 1 or 2 days prior to the banner dropping?

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I actually planned on making this thread, but I didn’t want to do so before we have a confirmed date for the release of the event. Seriously, every morning (I’m european, so it’s morning for me), the first thing I do is check the news to see if Quetzmas finally got announced.
It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, that we still haven’t heard anything yet.

But yeah, I guess I’m also to blame, for continuing the trend when it seemed to be dead for the moment.
Though, I actually am glad about this solution @Flower_Hermit came up with.
Should keep things organized, I guess.


Starts on Sunday. There was apparently a Twitter announcement.


Yikes… Another 4 more days, oh man.
Thanks for the info.

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I don’t think there should be any conflicts with the curent rules, after all, a person is still claiming dibs. The only thing that seems different is that you could probably go ahead and make the thread on the same day.

Though do correct me if I’m wrong about something

I guess what @namtap032892 was going on about is, that the rules say you can’t call dibs earlier than 5 days before the banner drops. Which isn’t possible, when we don’t know if it drops in the next 5 days.

But if the banner is announced only 1-2 days prior to it’s release, you just don’t call dibs before that news drops. Right?


I was just wondering how we determine when “five days before” the banner is if we don’t know when the banner is. :sweat_smile:

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I appologise, but I still don’t understand what needs to be clarified. I’ve always been bad at explaining things, so I’m a awful teacher and stuff, so please bear with me.

If the surprise banner were to drop 2 days before, that is still less than 5 days, so the person could hop in, call dibs and make their thread on the same day.

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To take a hypothetical example:
The New Years Banner:
Example 1: DW announces the Valentines Banner on February 6th to hit on February 14th.
You can’t call dibs as soon as the banner is announced, because that would be 8 days before the Banner hits.

Example 2: DW announces the Valentines Banner on February 12th for February 14th.
Now, it’s fair game to call dibs on the banner as soon as we get the announcement because that’s within the 5 days timeframe. BUT you can’t call dibs before the announcement, because there’s no guarantee it will hit within the next five days.

That’s how it works, right?

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It’s not really that big a deal, but I think it needs to be explicitly clarified what to do in this situation, or someone else might decide that, even if there’s not an announcement, they’ll just go off the start date from the JP banner, and try to call dibbs five days prior to that.

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