Please remove pokemon rewards from pvp

7 superballs to catch a ridicullous oshawott that I DONT WANT TO CATCH.



Yeah the encounter rewards are absolute crap at this moment

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No delete, just let abandon encounter. I for example dont want CTMs and Sinnoh Stones plus not really need RC( 930 banked). I fight mostly for encounter and dust.


For me METAGROSS is the real resource sink.

1st, it’s hyper active and rarely idling, with many back2back jumping/knocking.

Next, it’s hard to throw a curved excellent on it due to the weird distance. Only a very small gap and angle for the excellent throw.

Lastly, it can break out excellent curved Ultraballs back2back too. May be cause Im too greedy to pinap berry it for 20beldum candies.

Back on topic, always Razz berry on starter Pokemons or Pikachu or you will likely waste >2times the resources and time on it.

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I am dying for Deino encounters but I agree that it can be a punishment sometimes, especially metagross… If only we could just stack them up like research rewards

I always welcome Metagross, 20 candy. Worse things is snivy, Skarmory and Lapras. Snivy is crap anyway, Skarmory will never have good IV to PvP and Lapras is double non legacy and low catch rate( same for Snivy). I prefer Oshawott ,Tepig( still havent seen wild Tepig while i have 500 Snivy candy) Beldum, Metagross and especially Stunfisk. Need reach rank 8, but i will gladly take all from this rank.

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Umm, what is wrong with oshawatt? I want Oshawatt. Hoping to find one with perfect IVs since I have a perfect Snivey and a perfect Tepig.

Granted the Pokémon encounters may not necessarily be all that great but I suppose some of the Pokémons are there because of new or casual players.

But for me I do need Deino and Litwick. Larvitar is a favorite so I am always happy to get another good IV one. I would like to have one good IV Shieldon to replace the one I evolved. Stunkfish, Ruffles, and Scraggly I just want ones with good IVs and to evolve them. Mad because Scraggly and Rufflet are in the Rank 8 Pokémon encounters pool.

Umm. 930 RC is really not that much. I’m not sure what your situation is for adding 2nd moves to your legendaries or if you will be leveling up the new legendaries coming out but if you are planning on doing both 930 RC will probably go pretty fast. Obviously you will get more RC in raids but the RC reward on GBL is a pain to get but I suppose it is a steady source of RC if you can win 4 out of 5 battles

Hahahaha, ya, Metagross. I just throw normal balls at him. Just this moment I am at my 30th.

But @Yuarl , come on, this is one of the coolest rewards in PvP. I mean, for lots of people, including me, one of the main elements of PGo is the surprise element - and this is by far biggest in the Pokemon reward. To get pokeballs atm is also ridiculously easy with all the gifts and buddy balls from the community day…
And I was superhappy with my fourth Rufflet the other day, now I just need two to evolve :slight_smile:

But yea, they could switch the starters some day, this is true.

Most elegant solution would be give the possibility to stack…

@stativision the only reward i want from pvp are RC, and now they are in slot four… or five! (Stardust is a nice extra, but i don’t care as much, i always have some but i’m outta candies).

There are many possible solutions.

  • Stacking.
  • Skipping.

But seriously, i’ve checked that i’ve been over 6 minutes trying to catch one of that ridicullous useless pokemon rewards while a battle lasts less than 3 minutes… pvp should be battling, not catching crap pokemons.

I could understand your rant if it’s all crap pokemon you get. But two are exclusive, another four are SUPEr rare and nearly all of the Mons you get are good in one or the other league (ok, here we are again, except the starters).

I am lucky to live next to a pokestop so I do not mind the resources.

Now, time is an issue, I can only play for 1h each day and spending ages trying to catch pokemon from battles/raids is such a waste.

When raiding with two accounts you spend a lot longer catching the pokemon than battling!

There are many changes they could do to fix it (if they wanted):

  • Get rid of the animations
  • Give the option to stack/skip
  • Use the previous choice for berries/pokeballs
  • Increase catch rates/Give more powerful balls
  • Increase catch rates with each throw (at least for battle catches!)
  • Get rid of bad pokemon in the higher ranks
  • Increase the IV/level of the pokemon in the higher ranks

I strongly agree to all of this.

Well, maybe the IVs aren’t perfect, but the typing is great. Not only does Skarmory take down Grass pokemon with ease, but it’s one of the best defenses against Charm and Razor Leaf, given that it resists Charm, and doubly resists Razor Leaf. I see plenty of Skarmory in the Great League (including the one on my team). Weaknesses to fire and electric aren’t too much of a hindrance in a league dominated by Azumarill, Registeel, Altaria and Swampert.

I guess he meant the restriction to 10/15/15 (or similar) is best pvp value in the rewards.
No one doubts skarmory being useful in pvp I guess.
I even would try one in UL, but too expensive.

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Yup, its excatly what i meant.

Ah, that makes much more sense. Easy solution, if it’s available to you: trade. If you have buddies that also play, agree to swap your reward Skarmory until you all get close to the 0/15/15 ideal (or whatever the actual stats are for Skarmory).

Note that if your benchmark is Att:5 or less, Def and Sta: 11 or more, your chances of getting that in a trade are 1 in 27, so you will need to make, on average, 27 trades to get one. Of course, that one could power up to 1473 and then 1502 (made up numbers, but you get the point), which means you’ll want to try again. Lower Att one point, and raise Def and Sta one point, and you need 64 trades to get one to meet your criterion. The lesson there is keep trying, again and again. If you go into handling rewards that way, you’ll want more of them, not fewer.

Same applies to Stunfisk, Alolan Marowak, and any other good PvP pokemon from quests, raids or rewards.