Plegian axe

Hello everyone.
I like very much this kind of weapons that debuff enemies in combat, like Plegian Axe and so on.

But I have a question before giving this weapon (or not) to my Caellach (I think it fit very well with him, he is a desert warrior after all).

Does this weapon work with visible or invisible buffs?
If it works with invisible buffs, then does it apply directly -15 ATA/DEF to enemy if Caellach is not adyacent to an ally? Thats pretty insane (-5 Ata /def x 3).

With Lull skills + Solo skills it would make a interesting combo.


It only works with visible debuffs :feh_birbpeek:

So for example an Atk Smoke would make it -12 in combat


Bruh, do you realise how broken it would be with invisible buffs? Wyvern Flight + Rein could give you an extra -22 on Atk and Def on top of the -15, they ain’t giving us that on a free weapon lol

In other words, this is the generic version of Saizo’s Dart and Gloom Breath, except it has a base debuff value.

IMO, this is probably the best generic weapon for tanking in AR.


Well, thank you all for your answers.

The weapon still strong even if it only works with visible buffs (even only the -5 Ata/Def will be very good).
I think I will give him the weapon, since he already has SPD/DEF Lull 3, and maybe some SOlO Skills (we also are getting all Solo skills too, so thats interesting).

And honestly, the weapon still be much better than his default weapon…

The weapon also looks really cool :catdance:

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I wonder if those weapons will debuff peeps with debuff negation whilest in combat
That seems like a pretty good counter to those

Here’s mine:

Tomorrow I’ll give him his new axe and I’ll give him the +spd trait when I have enough fruits.

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I wouldn’t compare it to those weapons. Those Prfs give the user bonuses based on foe debuffs. Plegian Axe gives foe debuffs based on current foe debuffs.

The end result is essentially the same though

the weapon was made for caellach, he has the perfect stats for it.

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I’ll be giving a copy of the Axe to my Flame Emperor…

For a simple reason, it has Flames on it

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