Pls help I am new to the game and I want a good SP PVP team

Hey guys, I’m pretty new to the game so I was uust wondering if you could help me build a PVP Team.
These are my SP characters:
What teams could I build with this?

Hi , im littoz , looking at what u have ill 100% take a movie sagas team with the core of : ssj2 gohan yel and boujack full power pur , they re both machines of destruction , tier Z without any doubt some of the best units in the game , i would like too se ur EX units since some EX units can be superior that many SPs , you can look the EX tier list in gamepress the tier Z or tier 1 of there can rly help (movie sagas units ofc) , if u dont have any good movie sagas EX units u can use broly SP green , he is isnt that good but can fill the spot meanwhile mainly as a tank , for the bench just use units that buffs movie sagas with their Z abilitys ; remember the Sparking tier list can help u a lot also the team tierlist to see the best teams and have an idea in how to build them (movie sagas is some of the best teams and ssj2 gohan and boujack are the strongest there ). Hope this helped and good luck , enjoy :d :dango:

edit: also i recommend u watch Lebra, a very nice youtuber of legends in terms of pure fighting (grinding the rank and high rank matchups ofc)