Pls help my build this two units :)


it’s me again - with some build questions. xD

I have almost every skill for fodder.
Don’t know yet which builds i should use with this two units.
Pleas help me to make a decision.

Don’t know which boon i should use -> + def or + atk
At the time i prefer + ATK

And the second unit:

Tharja (i have 520k feathers at the time)

I want to use bouth mainly in Arena :)

Thank you for your help :D

Fyi the positive stat is called “Boon” the “Bane” is the negative or minus stat the unit has.

For a offensive H!Kagero build I would most likely take a +Atk boon, same goes for the Tharja.


Thank you, i’ve edited my post :slight_smile:

Don’t know yet which builds i should use.

Kagero is easy… +Atk, Bottled Juice, Death Blow, Bold Fighter, Sturdy Blow seal


Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

You would not use CC in the A-Slot?

You could… but Bottled Juice and Bold Fighter are Player Phase skill’s while Close Counter is an Enemy Phase skill, so it’s best to use Death Blow to prioritize on the Player Phase skill’s

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Ok, thx.
And what would be a player phase kit?

CC + SF + Barb Shuriken+ Aethir ? + QR Seal?

This is more Enemy Phase, the build I gave is Player Phase


I think that Tharja also appreciate +spd boon since her tome is a prf blade. But +atk is very good.

My build is pretty simple:

  • Fury 3 (4 is better, but 3 is good)
  • Desperation
  • Threathen Res
  • Brazen Atk/Res (Atk/Spd is better)

Cheap build but very strong.

Otherwise you can give her CC, since she can be very tanky, especially with a +res boon

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Which Special do you have with your Tharja?

I would have a F!Byleth for Fury4, but i don’t know if i should give her as special Ruptured Sky.

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My Tharja uses Glimmer, I think it’s the perfect special for high atk units like her. I don’t use Ruptured Sky so I don’t know if it’s worth it or not, but since you are foddering Byleth give her also that special, maybe it can be useful in future!

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Glimmer is usually the best special for units using Blade Tomes… especially Prf Blade Tomes since all the buffs on the unit gets added to their at making glimmer stronger

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I also have a V!Greil to fodder for furry 4 :slight_smile:
I don’t like this unit xD

Ok, so Glimmer is the right choice. :)

Maybe Bonus Doubler for Tharja for the A Slot? :)

Oh, that would be a cool idea. A bit expensive, but if you like Tharja and you want to invest on her then why not?

But maybe await for other opinions, I’m not the best builder here and of course I don’t want to make you waste your fodders lol

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@LuteTheGod for Kagero

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Thanks for the @ @VegitoSSJ2 :hridexcited:

So for Kagero, I’d go with a defensive asset as her Atk stat is outstanding and I really don’t think she would need any more Atk, unless you’re using weapons with effectiveness then I’d go Atk. Only if you’re running one build on her. If you’re running a defensive build and an offensive build, I’d still go with a defensive build. Maybe me being biased is probably the reason to why I’d say a defensive asset over Atk as I like defensive units.

But here’s my Kagero:

Also Tharja would appreciate a Spd asset. For me, her spd is mediocre even with Fury. So boosting that Spd would be great.


Here’s my Tharja build, she’s a great nuke.

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