Pls help need which best servant to raise

I`m kinda new in this gacha system game like FGO, and for now i just have

which is best servant should i raise till max,
i have 0% luck in gacha system lolol
any suggestion will be good :yum::yum:

2 SSRs + a handful of SRs hardly qualifies as 0% luck, just saying.

  1. Mash - 0 party cost, cheap to level up her skills and a very powerful defensive skillset. Make her your priority.

  2. Nero - While Nero she doesn’t pack that strong a punch as Artoria or Artoria Alter, she still has decent damage, and her survavility makes her much better as you face harder content. You can ignore leveling her 3rd skill altogether, so that saves some resources.

  3. Artoria Lancer Alter - Strong AoE NP + Strong crits makes her a premium DPS any time you’re facing Archers.

  4. David/Robin - Robin is a stronger damage dealer, but David packs more utility. His teamwide evasion is invaluable later on to survive enemy NPs.

  5. Caster Gilgamesh - Very good support for arts-based servants, like Nero and Robin. Also pairs nicely with Mash.

  6. Heracles - He’s actually rather close with Ibaraki in terms of performance, but in the end, he doesn’t need as much support as her since he has an easier time surviving. Hence, it’s probably better to focus on him first.

Top priority: Mash, Artoria, LAlter (IMO Janta eclipses her more-or-less and we’ll be getting her soon, so), Bedivere, SaberLiz, Nito, Robin.

Powerful unit, good AOE clearer, decent AOE clearer, powerful Saber nuke, fine Saber nuke, powerful AOE wave clearer who can hold an event CE and still wreck bronzes, good boss killer.

Medium: Banana > Heracles, CasGil, Salter (Artoria outright outclasses her but she does have lower Cost I guess), Sumanai the Dragon-slayer.

IMO Nana is more newbie-friendly but they’re about equal. I personally prefer Banana. CasGil is a good buff-bot but requires heavy investment. Is, as said eclipsed by Artoria. Nukes in-niche, his niche is just niche but still hardly the most niche thing.

Low: Nero, Vlad.

You have OGtoria and Salter, is fine but requires heavy investment and his mats are disgusting, respectively.

hmm… so base u said, so i don`t need to focus on altria saber anymore? and focus on Nero? kinda sad but my nero still 61 and my altria 80.
and in other, vlad lvl 60 and hera 40…
but still my hessitate is should I invest on low 3star servant? for my empty class like archer and rider?
but anyway thx for ur kindness advice mate

okok mate, but i already have 4* and 5* saber. for what else that Bedievere?
hmm what is banana, sorry I`m still newbie in this game lol

okok mate, but i already have 4* and 5* saber. for what else that Bedievere?

Bedivere has a 30% charge, and busted pre-NP Buster Up Overcharge, which makes him easier to use for farming than SaberLiz - with a 50% charge CE you only need Waver’s second/third skills to delete a Lancer boss, easily. He’s also got 5 less Cost than SaberLiz. They may overlap but it’s still worth investing in him anyway, both can put in good work.

hmm what is banana, sorry I`m still newbie in this game lol

Ibaraki. Banana is her nickname, because, well, yannow.

You should level Artoria all the way up to 90 when you can. That should be enough. Her skill levels won’t matter that much during farming sessions. And against bosses, she’s not that great of a pick.

Unfortunately, Vlad needs A LOT of support and demands stupid amounts of bronze mats. Hence, I wouldn’t recommend him until later. Heracles will be cheaper to raise and will prove more effective overall.

Low rarity servants are VERY good in this game, which kind of makes up for the poor gacha rates. Don’t sleep on them. While it’s true their stats don’t compare against 4* and 5*, they normally have one or more incredibly strong skills. Furthermore, it’s easy to get them at NP5, so even if they’re not dealing that much damage with their normal cards, they compensate with a very powerful Noble Phantasm.

So… yeah, definitely raise them. If you happen to like them enough along the way, you could even consider giving them a couple grails to push them past their natural limits.

yeah I feel that when i use Artoria even at lvl 80 still doesn`t feel and demage.
so for now should i focus on Artoria saber, Artoria Alter lancer, mash, heracles and caster gil?
so shame for me even now my level 106 but still feel like noob hahaha
thx bro for your advice

ah i get it, your suggest line servant is for farming right?
my stupid inner mind still using nitocris even base on luck death chance to clear mob lol:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
hmm, for jeanne alter i doubt i can get her, bcz even for this banner even i`ve already throw 60 dia and still getting same low tier star servant…
but thank for ur advice mate, i will focus on mash, altria saber, altria lancer alter, and other

As you get more servants/CEs, it’ll be easier to charge Artoria’s NP quickly for quick farming. That’s the ideal. Getting her to 90 should grant another 1K extra attack, so that’ll help a bit. Try to give her some Fous if you haven’t already.

Right on the servants. Do note we’ll get another lotto event for Christmas, so hopefully you can farm lots of EXP cards then.

And don’t worry about level. Thanks to friend servants and AP refills on level up, it’s very common to breeze through the story without properly learning the game.
When I first started, it took me long to even figure out proper command chains for combat > >.

Damn there’s was luck u got there, u could build some art deck with vlad and Gil caster. Maybe u should focus on that 1st

Farming is a majority of this game, so yeah.

hmm, for jeanne alter i doubt i can get her, bcz even for this banner even i`ve already throw 60 dia and still getting same low tier star servant…

Not Jalter, Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Santa Lily), the welfare for this Christmas 2 RR. She’s guaranteed. :3

how come is that idea? sorry i`m still newbie

oo that free servant right? like elizabeth saber from hallowen event?

Yup yup.

hmm easy to said, but im still low material for ascend her (1x dragon reverse scale) but Ill try to farm her material first.
anyway can u set me a formation base on my servants?

ah I see, did this free servant have any condition to get it permanent? like must level 90 first?

No.It’s literally just play the event, and redeem the items you unlock via the first few lottery boxes to get her.

oo i get it thx mate for that info, but doesnt mean i must choose between 2 lancer? jeanne and altria alter?
i`m still doesnt have enought material to just raise all of my servant lol

You don’t gotta choose. If you like LAlter, pick’er, this game is alllll about playing with favorites and all of that. I just think they’re pretty comparable; I know I’ve gone this entire time without LAlter, and Janta serving me perfectly fine for what they do (clear Wave 3 pure Archer nodes).