Plugging holes in roster

Wanted to know what kind servants I’m missing with my current roster and what I could benefit from in upcoming banners. I was thinking of rolling for tamamo during new years or reines when her event comes out. Would they be worth saving for since I just blew everything on the cu alter rate up.

Well, you have pretty much all the classes and DPS roles (ST and AoE) covered, plus Skadi and Merlin for support types.

You just need to level them some more so you can cover most of your general needs, specifically you currently don’t have a properly leveled AoE Caster.

The only hole you need to fill is an AoE assassin, which are relatively uncommon. The low rarity options are Kotaro Fuma and Phantol of the Opera. Currently available higher rarity options are limited (Semiramis, Shuten, Cleopatra), story-locked (Danzo), or past welfares (Assassin Scathach).

Fortunately, there are a few still to come, though still mostly limited in nature. Assassin Nitocris comes this Summer 2 rerun. Assassin Ushiwakamaru comes Summer 3. Yu Miaoyi comes with LB3 (she is story locked but she will be on the LB3 banner). And next year we get welfare Assassin Gray.

The alternative would be an AoE Alter Ego but their future banners won’t be for a while yet (Passionlip, Kiara, Okita Alter).

As for who to roll for, if you’re F2P I suggest saving for Servants you really want, as opposed to Servants you want to get strictly for gameplay.

When I saw this thread title, my mind immediately went to the recent rash of waifu/husbando topics.

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i would recommend making a list like this;

it will allow you to see what kind of np’s youre missing and makes you wanna save quarts

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You have a pretty solid repertoire for either Buster meme or Quick meme already.

Might I entice you in rolling for Waver to get a better overall support as well.

If you’re strictly interested in gameplay rolling, then your main targets should probably be Assassins (ST and AoE), AoE Casters, and ST Lancers.

Whilst you do have some Assassins, none of them are particularly amazing. That’s a problem that a lot of people have because good assassins are hard to come by. If you were here for the Shiki event and just don’t have her levelled, I highly recommend raising her. If not, I think that the next good ST assassin banner is Li Shuwen at New Year.

For an AoE Assassin there are a few good options coming up. Shuten is at halloween, Yu is with LB3, and Cleo will be on either the Thanksgiving or New Year’s banner. Pick your favourite. Personally I’d always suggest Cleo, because Cleo is best girl.

For an AoE Caster, Nero is coming up. If you have SQ and aren’t targeting anyone else, roll for her. She’s probably the best AoE Caster.

You do have Vlad as an ST Lancer, but as a person who’s been stuck with NP2 Vlad as his only ST lancer for getting on 2 years now, I have to say that he’s pretty weak when he’s not fighting one of the two evil archers. I’d probably recommend rolling for Raikou Lancer. She’s really good, and is also only a 4*. Shame she’s not on Nero’s banner.

Get a Waver for versability and you’re done imho.

If you feel like you’re struggling against calvary bosses, I recommend against rolling for dedicated calvary, and roll for alter ego like Melt or Okita. Just dont get Kiara. She hits like wet noodle.