Plugsuit shenanigans unlocked

Finally i can destroy the game once again with plugsuit now that everything is DONE!!!


congrats! not to hijack your thread but I finished all the mystic codes myself a few days ago too. it’s pretty freeing to be able to use anything I want without guilt, but I still end up preferring not to use plug when possible so I can put different servants in for bond :fgo_bbsmile:


Is that the MC that can’t be obtained anymore on NA?


I’m getting close to joining! Artic is in the last 20 mil exp, and all others that aren’t finished are within 2mil, but that’s only atlas and a couple of the newer quick level ones. Should be doable in the next few months, especially if I keep up with personal lessons/be Graceful in dead weeks. Looking forward to using anniversary blonde with abandon, and other shenanigans.

One exception is mages… I don’t see any point in leveling that, so I don’t care if it stays at lvl 6 forever


You only say that because you didn’t have Skadi. Dantes + Skadi + non-MLB kscope = lv 10 mage.

They are saying that because the only thing that scales with Mages is the heal. Level 1 Mages works just fine for what you just said.


Well, not having native skadi often means arash is clearing w1 in my quick looping comps… :feh_lucyshrug:. If it were were useful in long battles and cool down mattered like atlas, I’d care more. But charge without buffs has always made it uninteresting for me to level

Nah, my point is, you’d be using that comp often enough to get the MC to lv 10 in no time lol. At least that happened to me, it went from 5 or 6 to 10 not long after one lotto event.


True. I never cared about Mages so it was at like lv4 for ages then Skadi came now it’s almost 10.

No Superscope gang wya.


Mages was the first one I got to 10, so many years ago now… I never really had anyone decent to plug in until it was maxed anyway, so it was my go-to until I got Merlin and even for a while after that.

I got it from the RP shop quite recently, did it get removed even more recently ? oO

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The one on the RP shop is this one.


They never added Lunar Sea to the rare prism shop.

Oh right, didn’t even notice it didn’t say “Moon”, sorry XD

Did they add it to the rp shop in JP?

Supposedly they did but that was back in 2018.