Pogo twitter

Hi! go on pogo twitter because they have a tweet about tepig

The day before we had one about Snivy, so chances are we’ll get one about Oshawott soon.

Nothing really newsworthy though. We already knew we’re getting the Gen 5 starters next week, plus a few others.

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yeah also seribi knows that the starters and others will be available from the get go even though pogo hasnt fully said so

The starters are clearly shown in the following video:

Patrat, Lillipup, and Klink were mentioned elsewhere:


I would imagine that’s mostly it for the first wave of this generation.

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That’s how they did it for gen 4. Starters and the normal types you find at the beginning. That said, I cant wait to get my Stoutland he was one of my faves from this generation