Pokeball+ without Nintendo switch

I don’t have a Nintendo Switch,
but I’m thinking of buying pokeball+ for pogo.
According to what I read, in order for it to auto-spin, I must have let’s go eevee\pikachu…
I also read that if you will use a rubber band to hold down the button, it will auto catch as well.
Will this trick work without a Nintendo switch?
I know I can simply buy a gotcha, but it is an unofficial device, and technically I can get banned for using it

As is my understanding, the auto-spin will only function if you have a stored a pokemon in the ball from Let’s Go. This may however work from new as the device comes with a Mew built into it, but I don’t know for certain.

Reconsider the Gotcha though. I have been using one since the start of last year without issue and I’ve not heard a single case of anyone anywhere falling foul to it. Niantic will be well aware of the device by now and nothing has been done about it - either they can’t differentiate it from an official device, or they don’t care.

do you know if using rubber band to press the button will work?
or it requires the user to also release the button, and constantly pressing it will not work

I’m sorry, I don’t know.

I do know however that the original Go Plus does what you describe with the rubber band, and it can be easily re-wired to accomplish the same thing, or so I’ve heard from reputable sources. Response times, I’m told, are slow compared to the Gotcha though.

Given the conspicuous appearance of the Pokeball Plus, with the increased price, I find it tough to recommend its purchase over a Go Plus/Gotcha if you’re only ever going to use it with Pokemon Go.