Pokemon go account recovery


I asked Niantic to remove my two accounts lately and so they did it.

I did it because i was getting frustrated with especially the PVP side of the game and I wanted to take a real break, not just delete the app on my phone.

Now I realize I miss the game more than never even if it is sometimes frustrating, but when i asked Niantic to restore my account they told me twice that they can’t do anything about it.

I was level 44 on my main and level 39 on my alt, played since a very long time, spend a lot of money on Pokecoins, Comm Days Bundles and The Go fest last year, I had over 75 pokemon 3 moved and powered up for GBL, Plus all my resources, something like 1 millions stardust and at least 5 elite charged and fast TMs…
I had many, many shinies and hundos. I was a leader in my community, proactive on raids.

And now you tell me I can’t do anything about it? After all the time, money and resources I invested in this game.
I would be very sad if there’s really nothing to do about it.i spent at least 350-400$ (Canadian dollars) on this game.

Do you know if there’s another way to recover my account than simply write to Niantic? Seriously this is very very unfair. Thank you for your help!

That’s an absolute nightmare, I genuinely don’t think there’s anything to do other than hope that there’s some queue process that means your accounts are retrievable if you get to niantic quick enough. In all honesty, I’d not have much hope, niantic are rubbish at customer service.

I feel your pain to some degree, I lost my main account to a hacker (took over the email it was linked to rather than targeting my pogo account itself) about a year ago but fortunately I’d played my alt account nearly as hard so I wasn’t too hard pressed to catch up.

I really hope you manage to get something back

You asked Niantic to delete (remove) your two accounts, and as I understand Niantic did what you asked them to do.

For once Niantic did what was asked and deleted your accounts.

I do understand that you regret your decision but if it has been some time I also do believe Niantic can’t do much. That you spend money or not does not change it that you asked for your accounts to be deleted.

I think your only option will be to restart with a new account and hope that you can climb quicker then the first time.


Unfortunately, Niantic is pretty clear about requests for account deletion on their help shift page. If you ask for your account to be deleted, it’s gone.

You have my sympathies for your loss, but it’s very likely you’d need to start over at this point. :cry:


Yeah, this is close to the point where you ask one of us for an account attached to a dummy email account. A big loss being the storage and bag space you previously bought on the ones you deleted. Then you ask niantic if you can change the nickname, they might grant that if you fake concern… I have this level 39 on a fake email, it is Valor. I have 3 better than this and 2 slightly worse than this. 93k stardust on it. At this point I log on it every several weeks, I have enough problems on my level 47 account to mess with any others besides my son’s level 42.

I can’t believe I GBL with this in the early seasons, only masters with two moves is the Dragonite. Great and Ultra these are the only ones with 2 moves…except the skarmory just 1 move

It has 11,000 “catches” but 2800 of those were trades. 14 hundos, 3 were legendary Rayquaza, Heatran, Cresselia. Pokemon Go accounts are valuable if it is your main. But things like this I wouldn’t miss it if I gave it away or threw it away…too much trouble multiphone raiding

Thank you all for your help.

This is 100% my fault for asking them to delete the accounts, but still… in the cloud, somewhere, i am sure my account lies…

Niantic really is shit at customer service, that’s too bad.

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And how can you do that? i can message you in private?

Sure, I’ll go into gmail and create a simple password and I’ll message it to you, then you can change the password immediately. A complete pokemon go used email account

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Accepting your request to delete your accounts and then telling you they cannot reinstate them is not shit customer service. Especially when they make available a warning that such an act is not reversible.


Yeah, regardless whatever you spent on the game…all that can be deemed as entertainment…anything with a 1000 or more Pokemon storage and/or 1000 or more Bag Space…that’s like $50 (and up) on that really necessary but really boring part of the game. Like I said, less than that storage space could be looked as a freebie account and not important.

I wouldn’t expect Niantic to do anything other than what you asked them to do, as a corporation they’d get in trouble holding on to the data if a customer asked them to earlier delete a pokemon go account. If you don’t wanna play a while deleting the pokemon go app is a better decision

TBH, I’m getting a lot of remote invites bc it is raid hour right now AND I kinda want a shiny Snorlax BUT I’m realizing these couple bucks here or there could also be spent on Fanduel contests that could be a decent payout (at least in NBA playoff season). If you want to “invest” less in pokemon go, find something to fill the constant dice roll PoGo is (however, actually rolling dice maybe not the best or even a remotely better outlet;)

Dude, that this very generous of you to step up and help out an Internet forum stranger with a ready to go account. Good on you, I salute you.