Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 4: The First Grunt

Amber and Spark began to roam around the strange city that they were in. He explained a few things to Amber. “First off, I’ll teach you a few things about this world.” He showed Amber a strange structure that looked cubical, but as they got closer to it… It was shaped like a flat poke ball. It was also blue. “This is a
Pokestop. By spinning the middle part of it, you’ll get items. Go ahead and try it.” Amber followed his orders and she got some berries and a Poke Ball. “There ya go! Now…” He saw a wild Caterpie. “There’s a Caterpie over there! Let’s see if you can catch it.” Amber was gonna throw out her Umbreon, but… “Um, Amber? What are you doing?”

Amber said, “In my world, you have to send out a Pokemon to fight a wild Pokemon, even if you’re just gonna catch it. It can be helpful, because it can weaken the wild Pokemon, and then weakened Pokemon are easier to catch. Sleeping and frozen Pokemon are even easier to catch!”

Spark then said, “The rules are different here, though. Everyone throws Poke Balls at the wild Pokemon, until it’s caught.”

Amber then understood. “There is a place called the Safari Zone, where those rules apply. You can also either feed Pokemon or throw rocks at the Pokemon, in those places.”

Spark was intrigued. “Well… I guess then this world is like a gigantic Safari Zone, then. Is there a difference between throwing food and throwing rocks?”

Amber nodded, “There is. Throwing a rock will make them easier to catch, but more likely to run away. Throwing food will make them less likely to run away, but harder to catch. I never really been in a Safari Zone, except for the one in Kanto, where I finally caught Dratini! It took HOURS, but it was worth it! I’m just worried if throwing a berry will make it hard to catch, since I can’t weaken it…”

Spark assured Amber, “It won’t. Razz Berries actually makes a Pokemon easier to catch!” Amber gave it a try and… It worked! The Caterpie was easier to catch. “Now, you’ve caught something, so… You can appraise it, where I can tell you what it’s IVs are, or you can tra… Tran… fuh…” He had some difficulties saying this word, “Transfer it. You’ll get candies for doing so. Also, I almost forgot… You should take these with you!” Amber got an Infinite Egg Incubator and 50 Poke Balls. “This’ll help you start out.”

“Thanks Spark!” Amber was very excited, but… She saw an odd Pokestop. “Hey, what’s up with that Pokestop? It’s all… Jittery…”

Spark looked concerned. “Oh geez. “They’re” over there.”

“Who’s over there!?” Amber asked him, “Is it that MUGGER!? I don’t feel ready for redemption!”

Spark said, “It’s not Arlo, but it’s someone almost as equally as tedious.” He walked over there and sure enough, there was a Rocket Grunt! They looked at Spark and said, “OH no way! I am not dealing with you! I think I’ll…” They saw Amber and she squeaked in fear, “They look far weaker than you!” They challenged Amber to a fight. She was beginning to back up. “Why are you running!?”

“I can’t… I can’t fight… I don’t know how to!!” She threw her bag at the grunt! “Just take my Pokemon! DO IT!”

“Nonsense!” Spark ran, grabbed Amber’s bag and returned it to her. “I’ll show you how it works. Just watch me…” Amber watched closely as he pulled out a strange device. It was similar to Amber’s Poke Phone, but it was different. The phone was guiding his Pokemon’s attacks! His Zapdos was sent out. The grunt had a Shadow Mudkip, Shadow Golduck and Shadow Poliwrath on them. He plowed through their pokemon, but he showed Amber some tricks. “Now… watch this…” His Zapdos got ready to use Thunderbolt. She payed attention to how he was helping Zapdos charge up, by using the device that he had. The Thunderbolt took out Golduck. The Poliwrath was getting ready to use it’s charged move.

“AH! Be careful!!” Amber screamed.

“Not this time!” Spark activated a shield around his Pokemon. It blocked Poliwrath’s Ice Punch from hurting Zapdos. It was soon defeated by Zapdos! “Now… That’s how you fight against others. But now… I’ll let you catch this one!” A Shadow Mudkip was left behind. Amber could hear it suffering and cries for help. She immediately caught it.

“This Mudkip is suffering! I’ll need to purify it, fast!!” Amber was confused, “But… how do you purify it?”

Spark said, “You’ll need stardust and Pokemon candies. They’re given to you, after catching a Pokemon. Each Pokemon has its own type of candies.”

Amber asked, “Are they like Rare Candies? Do they level up Pokemon?”

Spark was confused, “Well… The Rare Candies in this world turn into the candies that the Rare Candies are used on. For example, if I used Rare Candies on Zapdos, they’d turn into Zapdos Candies. The Zapdos Candies will power up Zapdos. Each species of Pokemon have their own types of Pokemon. The candies that are specific to that particular species of Pokemon will only power up that species of Pokemon. I’m assuming that in your world, Rare Candies level your Pokemon up. Here, Pokemon don’t really have a level. Instead, YOU, yourself, has a level!”

Amber squeaked, “Oh. But… What level am I?”

Spark said, “Hmm… That’s odd. You’re level 1, but berries are given to trainers that are above level 8… I think that Pokestop is glitching out.”

Amber kinda broke down, “LEVEL ONE!? I’M WEAK!! I didn’t know that I was so weak! We need to train, now! I don’t like the idea of being so… Wimpy.”

Spark said, “You’re not wimpy, you’re just starting out. But trust me, you’ll level up faster than you’ll think! Now… Let’s go find some Pokemon.” Amber followed him around the city, but… The glitched Pokestop… Someone mysterious was listening to them…

“So that’s who Arlo mugged? How childish and annoying. She’ll be easy to take out, as long as that infuriating man isn’t near her!” They said to themselves…

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Oh, Spark… :rofl::man_facepalming:

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