Pokemon GO, Amber! The Full Series (ongoing thread)

Someone suggested that I make a thread for creating the Pokemon GO fanfiction, from now on, so this is that. All parts will be posted here. I’ll put parts 1-5 here, and Part 6 will be uploaded tomorrow.

Part 1

Pokemon GO, Amber Gracedia! Part 1: Lost and Mugged

My name is Amber Gracedia. Where I come from, I’m a seasoned trainer, where I’ve fought all Pokemon leagues and won all of the gyms, got all of the badges, and beaten the Elite Four. However, throughout my journeys, there is one man that is bugging me… Giovanni: the leader of Team Rocket.

First in Kanto, he tried stealing the Master Ball from Silph Co. and his team had also done horrible things, from killing a Cubone’s mother and abducting Mr. Fuji. He turned out to be the eighth gym leader, but after I beat him, he told me that Team Rocket would no longer exist… What a liar. Second, in Johto, Team Rocket decided to operate without his orders. They chopped off Slowpoke Tails and sold them as rare delicacies, they had a strange operation at Mahogany Town, where they got enough power from abusing some Electrode and they caused the Magikarp in the Lake of Rage to suddenly evolve into Gyarados, and they hijacked the radio tower in Goldenrod City, for whatever reason. Plus, Giovanni’s son, Silver, was a pain and a half, so I eventually beat him up and sent him to the hospital. Lastly, a parallel version of him appeared at the Aether Paradise, where he was able to gather parallel versions of other evil leaders I’ve fought against. There is one thing that bugs me… He told muttered this, before leaving:

“Now…what new world shall I unleash my evil schemes upon…?”

So… Somewhere, he’s lurking. I think I’ve pinpointed where he is. A Celebi and I have determined that he could be in a parallel world, where the rules of Pokemon… are different. Gyms are different… Fighting is different… and there exist teams you can join, but the teams are not evil… I’ll only bring a few Pokemon with me, since I have no idea if I can bring everyone else… But, I’ll do anything to stop Giovanni and whoever his cohorts are! I climbed to the top of the Spear Pillar and had Celebi, Dialga and Palkia send me to the universe that he’s lurking in…

I ended up somewhere strange… It was unlike any region I’ve been to. There were strange blue things around me. There were odd structures that were either blue, red or yellow. I thanked Celebi, Dialga and Palkia as the wormhole closed up. I noticed that my all of the Pokemon I caught were somehow transferred with me, on my special phone that is unique only to my region. I’ve decided to carry on… Suddenly, I saw a man. His outfit and demeanor was very… Strange. I soon came to find out his name was Arlo. However… The thing I noticed was the “R” on his clothes. TEAM ROCKET! I found one!!

I shouted, “Hey you, scrub! I’ll make you feel sorry for ever joining Team Rocket!”

He jerked around and glared at me. “Such insufficient words… I’ve never been beaten before… My sole purpose in life is to win. I’ll vanquish whoever dares to get in my way.”

I got super excited. “Well, then I’ll make this your FIRST!”

… I got cocky. He had sent out a Bagon that my Mewtwo was barely able to take out. I struggled with fighting his Pokemon, since I had no idea how it all worked. As soon as I had figured out… Garchomp and Mewtwo had already fainted. My last hope rested on Umbreon… It couldn’t do anything against Salamence… It somehow had gotten weaker! I had lost to him.

“Don’t waste my time.” He said.

I was shocked. “What!? I lost!? You’re… Kidding… I’m a seasoned veteran, from-”

He cut me off. “I’ll stop you right there. I was gonna set you free, like every other lowly trainer I’ve fought, but this time. I think I’ll take those Pokemon of yours.” I had to run from him. I ran and tried hiding inside an alley, but… I carelessly tripped over a giant crack in the floor… He caught up to me. I was screaming, “Wait… DON’T COME CLOSER!! I… NOOO!!”

“Your resistance is futile. Your Pokemon are mine.” He tried grabbing my bag from me, but I wouldn’t let him. He then started mugging and punching me! I cowered over my own bag, trying to protect it… My back and shoulders were hurting.

I almost gave up… “Just take my Pokemon… GET ON WITH IT!!” I rolled over, in pain and tears… I didn’t want to look at him anymore. Soon… I heard a voice. “Hey man! What you’re doing to this trainer, is NOT. COOL.” It DEFINITELY wasn’t Arlo’s voice, as it sounded younger than his. I was too afraid to see who it was… I could hear multiple Pokemon shouting and… Zapdos? I thought I heard one… I was too scared to see what was going on. Soon, I heard Arlo say, “I haven’t felt this much humiliation since I lost my battle with Candela… You’ll pay for this, Spark!” He ran off. I heard someone come closer to me. I was still scared to move. I couldn’t move. My arms and back were too sore for me to get up… He tried talking to me.

“Say miss! You okay? I saw that creep mug you, so I hurried over.” He said.


He asked me, “You hate it here? Are you not from here?”

“I’m from another region… I’m from another world… I came here, because I am tracking down… Giovanni… but, if I can’t fight someone like, THAT MONSTER, WHAT GOOD AM I!?” I turned to him with tears in my eyes. I couldn’t see this man clearly. “Just leave me here to die. I’m not worth it…”

“Excuse me!? You tried fighting an admin, after you had just got here, as you claimed!? You definitely are “worth it.” If you want, I can escort you to get you healed up.” He offered to help me up. I tried reaching for his hand, but… I screamed in pain.

“Gyah!! I can’t move!! You’ll have to get an ambulance!” So… He did. He escorted me to the hospital. I was there for several hours, but as soon as I could see him clearly… it made me happy. I was soon happy to be in this world… I shyly told him, “I’m… Amber. I’m so glad you helped me out!!”

“It’s what I’m supposed to do. I look after my trainers and Pokemon. My name is Spark. I am the leader of Team Instinct. After you’ve recovered, how about I take you to meet Professor Willow and the other leaders?”

I nodded and blushed. “It would be an honor.”

Part 2

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 2: Which Team?

Amber and Spark decided to chat, while Amber recovered. Spark remembered, “You said you can from another world… What was that like?”

Amber said, “I’m from an undisputed region, whose name has to be kept a secret, for government purposes. It’s a region that’s close to the Unova Region. I was born in the Orre Region, which is close to the Unova Region. I was surprised to see that scary guy had Shadow Pokemon on him. I was shocked and I’m thinking, is Team Cipher here!? I thought that they ceased operations, once and for all…”

Spark looked confused. “Team Cipher? Sorry, but I only know who Team GO Rocket is.”

“Maybe I should tell the other leaders about Cipher as well… But, Team GO Rocket? I am familiar with Team Rocket and Team Rainbow Rocket, but not the GO version…” Amber asked, “Have you fought any of the admins before?”

“Yes. There was this lady-” Spark was cut off.

"WHO IS SHE!? WHERE’S THIS BROAD!?"Amber jerked forward too hard, while shouting and… “Ghhh. My back!!”

Spark looked a little scared, “um… She was intimidating, but I managed to pull through. You see, I had my suspicions that they were going to turn Eggs into Shadow Eggs. They’d hatch into Shadow Pokemon. I took this radar with me, to find out if my suspicions were true, and there she was: the fearsome admin, Sierra!”

“Sierra… She’ll be the first to…” Amber cackled. “Sorry. I’m constructing a plan.”

“Okay… I’m unsure how long it’ll take for you to recover, but I’ll wait right here.” Spark waited with Amber. It took a couple of days, but soon enough, Amber was able to move around! “So, you’ll be discharged?”

“Looks like it!” Amber was happy. “Could you please show me where the other leaders are?” Spark then took Amber to a mysterious lab. There, she finally met Candela, Blanche and Professor Willow. “Guys, I brought someone new!” Everyone was curious.

Professor Willow saw her. “So, a new trainer?” He then introduced himself. “I am Professor Willow, the professor of this world. I see you’re acquainted with Spark.”

“You see… He saved my life!” Amber said, shyly. “I was mugged by team Rocket and I was lucky enough for him to be there.”

“Is this true?” Willow asked Spark.

Spark said, “Yes. I heard a lot of screaming, and low and behold, Arlo was mugging her! So came her savior: ME!!”

Amber quietly giggled and blushed. “It is true.”

Candela was shocked, “Arlo!? What did he do to you!?”

Amber said, “He… He punched and mugged me! I lost to him, because I have no idea how fighting in this world works!! It’s different than how it works, from my world! I was fearing he’d steal all of my Pokémon!”

Candela was upset. “How dare he hit a strong and healthy lady! This is unforgivable and disgusting.”

Balance nodded. “It is quite loathsome, indeed. However, I’m curious about what this lady said.” He looked at Amber, “You stated that you came from an entirely different universe. Is that correct?”

Amber nodded, “It is. I came here, via Celebi, Dialga and Palkia. Palkia was able to send me here, because I’ve heard that this world is in danger. Palkia can distort space with Spacial Rend. Dialga made sure I was sent to the right time period with Roar of Time. Celebi also helped out with traveling me here. Those three Pokemon are not with me, since I feel like they’re necessary to help keep the balance of the universe intact. I’m here, because of Team GO Rocket, or so they’re called. I want to get stronger, so I can stop them all. But…”

“But what?” Asked Spark.

“Arlo scares me…” She lifted the back of her shirt and showed everyone the graphic bruises, blisters and scars.

“WHAT INSOLENCE!” Candela screamed and then ran outside, in a rage.

Blanche was in shock, “One singular man did all this damage to you!?” Amber weeped and nodded. “Such a detestable being…”

Spark said, “I can definitely see and envision Amber defeating him. It’ll take a while, but I have high hopes that she can do it.”

Soon, Candela came back, with a smirk on her face. “I sent him packing, out of pity. Arlo won’t be smacking you, for a little while.”

Amber cheered up. “Thanks, miss. Um… Can you guys tell me your names?”

Professor Willow said, “So, these three are my colleagues. Part of their research is conducting Pokémon battles at Gyms. They’ll be more than excited to have you join as a team member.”

Spark said, “I guess this’ll be my formal introduction to you. The name’s Spark — the leader of Team Instinct. Pokemon are creatures with excellent intuition. I bet the secret to their intuition is related to how they’re hatched. Come and join my team! You never lose when you trust your instincts!”

Blanche said, “I am Blanche, leader of Team Mystic. The wisdom of Pokemon is immeasurably deep. I am researching why it is that they evolve. With our calm analysis of every situation, we can’t lose!”

Candela said, “I’m Candela — Team Valor’s leader! Pokemon are stronger than humans, and they’re warmhearted, too! I’m researching ways to enhance Pokemon’s natural power in the pursuit of true strength. There’s no doubt that the Pokemon our team have trained at the strongest in battle! Are you ready?”

Amber said, “And… I’m Amber Gracedia. I won’t rest until all of Team GO Rocket is defeated and they ALL BOW BEFORE ME!!” Everyone just stared at her. “But… If you must ask, I’m interested in how Pokemon feel about humans and other Pokemon, if that makes sense.”

Professor Willow then asked Amber, “Now that you’ve been introduced to the team leaders, who do you want to be part of?”

Amber was very indecisive. “Um…” She was blushing. “You see… I’m a bit hesitant to joining a team, because back in my world, those “teams” that I know about are evil: All of them. Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, Team Galactic, you name it. I’ve had to fight them so much that I’m not used to associating teams as being… not evil. It feels weird.”

“Rest assured, there are no possibilities of our teams being evil,” said Blanche. “However, I do understand why you give teams a negative connotation.”

“Everyone is so friendly, though… Can’t I just make my own team?”

“Huh!?” Spark’s jaw dropped. “Make a new team!?”

“I’m not sure if that’s possible…” Blanche said, “is it, Professor Willow?”

“Your own team? What would it be called?” Professor Willow was amused and wanted to see where this was going. Soon, Amber showed them something that’d shock all of them…

Part 3

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 3: Just a Thought

Amber showed them a Master Ball. “I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen one of these before, but this is a Master Ball.”

Blanche said, “Ah yes, the Master Ball. It’s a Poke Ball that can’t fail at catching a Pokemon. Even if the Pokemon tries to knock it away, the Master Ball will ignore that particular type of collision and it’ll work at catching any Pokemon, without fail.”

“So you DO know what it is. Impressive.” Amber moved on, “In this Master Ball, there is a Pokemon. I’ve noticed that you all have Legendary Pokemon, representing your team’s: Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. For me and my team in theory…” She threw the Master Ball and out came Mewtwo! “This would be that Pokemon! The one that’d represent my team: Mewtwo!”

Professor Willow was shocked. “Mewtwo!? This is one of the few times I’ve ever seen one up close! How did you catch this one!?”

Amber explained, “It all started with Team Rocket. You see, Mewtwo here is a cloned Pokemon. Team Rocket found a Mythical Pokemon named Mew, deep in a jungle. They were able to capture Mew and they ran several experiments on it. One of those experiments resulted in Mewtwo. However… Mewtwo didn’t like how Team Rocket was treating it, so it destroyed the entire lab that it was created in, and Mewtwo ran away… It hid inside a cave that was blocked off, in fear that if anyone came across Mewtwo, it would be used for nefarious deeds. I found it, while training up my Pokemon, since I had lost against the Elite Four. I was able to sneak into the cave it was hiding in and I convinced it to join my team… It is one of, if not the most powerful Pokemon I’ve ever owned. This is my “secret weapon,” for defeating all evil teams. It’s slowly warmed up to me, over the years, despite hating humans. Now that Giovanni is here, I wanna surprise him… Psystrike will make him weep!” Everyone was in awe over Mewtwo.

Spark said, “I’m shocked that you’ve managed to tame this Pokemon!”

Amber replied, “Same here. I feel like Mewtwo and I understand each other.”

Spark was intrigued, “How so?”

Amber said, “I was born in the Orre Region. This desert-like region is a very interesting place, but for a lot of the wrong reasons… I told Spark that I was shocked to see Arlo with Shadow Pokemon here, in this odd universe. I’ve seen Shadow Pokemon before coming here.”

Blanche was intrigued. “This is something I’ve never been informed of. Shadow Pokemon existed in your universe, too?”

Amber nodded, “They did. However, they weren’t made by Team Rocket. In fact, they were originally made in collaboration between two teams: Team Cipher and Team Snagem. I’ll tell you all about the history of Shadow Pokemon…” Everyone listened, “In the Orre Region, there were two teams: Team Cipher and Team Snagem. Team Snagem stole Pokemon from trainers, whereas Team Cipher dealt with making them into Shadow Pokemon. One man named Wes, was an ex member of Team Snagem. He had realized what was going on, so he stole a device called a Snag Machine, blew up part of Team Snagem’s base, and ran off. He later met a girl named Rui. Rui had a unique power, where she could tell if a Pokemon was a Shadow Pokemon or not. Because of this, Rui decided to help Wes capture all of the Shadow Pokemon and stop both teams. Thankfully, he was successful… Until five years later… A luxury ship named the S.S. Libra, was lifted into the air, by a strange purple colored Lugia! This was Cipher’s ultimate comeback. This Lugia was codenamed XD001 and was said to not be able to be Purified at all.”

Candela asked, “Is that even possible!?”

Amber shook her head, “Nope. XD001 was able to be purified, despite all claims of it being able to resist purification. Anyways, a young man named Michael was the one to stop Cipher this time. Also, Team Snagem had no affiliations with helping Team Cipher out. The professor of the Orre Region, Professor Krane, helped develop the purify chamber. This was a chamber that could purify up to nine Pokemon at once. He was also kidnapped by Team Cipher, who had begun to make Shadow Pokemon again. After Michael saved the professor, he set out to take down the whole team. He was successful…” Amber then said, “Until now, seeing as Team GO Rocket somehow made Shadow Pokemon. I’m honestly convinced someone was an ex Cipher grunt or commander and they’re now working for Team GO Rocket. However, that would mean that they somehow traveled to this universe… But then again, it’s a theory.”

Professor Willow said, "That was quite the history lesson! But… you’ll need a team name, since each team leader had a name for their team. What would yours be?’

Amber said, “Team Redemption. I chose this, because I’m seen as a rebel and a threat by all evil teams. In fact, one of the past Cipher admins was somehow the governor of the Orre Region, and my family and I opposed his actions, after hearing about his beliefs and actions. The Orre Region itself is home to many ruffians, because of how corrupt the political system is. There isn’t much Justice in the region, sadly… However, once I became a stronger trainer, I was able to bring justice to that region. Now, everyone is living in peace.”

“Interesting idea.” Said Willow, “Unfortunately, the rules state that only three main teams can exist. It’d be interesting to have a fourth team, but the rules are rules.”

“I understand. Plus, I just wanted to humor you a little.” Amber turned towards Spark and blushed, “However, I’ve made up my mind. I think I’ll join whatever team Spark is on. Please don’t take this the wrong way, or think ill of me…” Amber hid her face. “I just think he’s cute after saving my life…” Spark looked a tiny bit embarrassed, but he was happy. Amber didn’t understand that he was happy. “Oh no! I embarrassed you! Damn it… I’ve always been bad at confessing my feelings… but, this is how I feel.”

Spark assured Amber, “You didn’t do anything wrong. I thought it was cute that you felt this way about me. Now… Do you have any other Pokemon on you?” Amber showed everyone her Pokemon. She had a starter from every region, and several other strong Pokemon. There were two that stood out from the group: the Umbreon and Garchomp that had fought Arlo. “This Garchomp and Umbreon. They look different than usual.”

“That’s because these Pokemon were survivors of being experimented on.” Amber showed them, “On Garchomp’s dorsal fin, there’s a chemical burn that’s been there for a long time. For some reason, she’s a lot stronger than usual Garchomp… For Umbreon here, it was infected with a neurotoxin and it completely changed a good portion of its DNA. Because of that, this Umbreon looks different. Back in my world, it had an ability called Battle Bond, where if he knocked out a Pokemon, he’d change into a much stronger form. But… I’m surprised to see that it’s permanently in its Battle Bond form. I wonder if it’s because of time traveling… I’ve heard that there are drawbacks to time traveling and I think it being stuck in this form is a drawback from time traveling and universe hopping.”

Spark then said this to Amber, “Thankfully, their IVs are impressive! They both look like they can really battle with the best of them!” Amber noticed they all had perfect IVs. “Sadly, some of your Pokemon don’t have the best IVs.” Amber was sad to see that her Emboar, Steelix, and Gengar had no IVs. “But, you still have some nice Pokemon! Hopefully, with my help, you’ll be destroying Team GO Rocket, in no time! Now, let’s go train, Amber.” Amber and Spark left the lab…

Part 4

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 4: The First Grunt

Amber and Spark began to roam around the strange city that they were in. He explained a few things to Amber. “First off, I’ll teach you a few things about this world.” He showed Amber a strange structure that looked cubical, but as they got closer to it… It was shaped like a flat poke ball. It was also blue. “This is a
Pokestop. By spinning the middle part of it, you’ll get items. Go ahead and try it.” Amber followed his orders and she got some berries and a Poke Ball. “There ya go! Now…” He saw a wild Caterpie. “There’s a Caterpie over there! Let’s see if you can catch it.” Amber was gonna throw out her Umbreon, but… “Um, Amber? What are you doing?”

Amber said, “In my world, you have to send out a Pokemon to fight a wild Pokemon, even if you’re just gonna catch it. It can be helpful, because it can weaken the wild Pokemon, and then weakened Pokemon are easier to catch. Sleeping and frozen Pokemon are even easier to catch!”

Spark then said, “The rules are different here, though. Everyone throws Poke Balls at the wild Pokemon, until it’s caught.”

Amber then understood. “There is a place called the Safari Zone, where those rules apply. You can also either feed Pokemon or throw rocks at the Pokemon, in those places.”

Spark was intrigued. “Well… I guess then this world is like a gigantic Safari Zone, then. Is there a difference between throwing food and throwing rocks?”

Amber nodded, “There is. Throwing a rock will make them easier to catch, but more likely to run away. Throwing food will make them less likely to run away, but harder to catch. I never really been in a Safari Zone, except for the one in Kanto, where I finally caught Dratini! It took HOURS, but it was worth it! I’m just worried if throwing a berry will make it hard to catch, since I can’t weaken it…”

Spark assured Amber, “It won’t. Razz Berries actually makes a Pokemon easier to catch!” Amber gave it a try and… It worked! The Caterpie was easier to catch. “Now, you’ve caught something, so… You can appraise it, where I can tell you what it’s IVs are, or you can tra… Tran… fuh…” He had some difficulties saying this word, “Transfer it. You’ll get candies for doing so. Also, I almost forgot… You should take these with you!” Amber got an Infinite Egg Incubator and 50 Poke Balls. “This’ll help you start out.”

“Thanks Spark!” Amber was very excited, but… She saw an odd Pokestop. “Hey, what’s up with that Pokestop? It’s all… Jittery…”

Spark looked concerned. “Oh geez. “They’re” over there.”

“Who’s over there!?” Amber asked him, “Is it that MUGGER!? I don’t feel ready for redemption!”

Spark said, “It’s not Arlo, but it’s someone almost as equally as tedious.” He walked over there and sure enough, there was a Rocket Grunt! They looked at Spark and said, “OH no way! I am not dealing with you! I think I’ll…” They saw Amber and she squeaked in fear, “They look far weaker than you!” They challenged Amber to a fight. She was beginning to back up. “Why are you running!?”

“I can’t… I can’t fight… I don’t know how to!!” She threw her bag at the grunt! “Just take my Pokemon! DO IT!”

“Nonsense!” Spark ran, grabbed Amber’s bag and returned it to her. “I’ll show you how it works. Just watch me…” Amber watched closely as he pulled out a strange device. It was similar to Amber’s Poke Phone, but it was different. The phone was guiding his Pokemon’s attacks! His Zapdos was sent out. The grunt had a Shadow Mudkip, Shadow Golduck and Shadow Poliwrath on them. He plowed through their pokemon, but he showed Amber some tricks. “Now… watch this…” His Zapdos got ready to use Thunderbolt. She payed attention to how he was helping Zapdos charge up, by using the device that he had. The Thunderbolt took out Golduck. The Poliwrath was getting ready to use it’s charged move.

“AH! Be careful!!” Amber screamed.

“Not this time!” Spark activated a shield around his Pokemon. It blocked Poliwrath’s Ice Punch from hurting Zapdos. It was soon defeated by Zapdos! “Now… That’s how you fight against others. But now… I’ll let you catch this one!” A Shadow Mudkip was left behind. Amber could hear it suffering and cries for help. She immediately caught it.

“This Mudkip is suffering! I’ll need to purify it, fast!!” Amber was confused, “But… how do you purify it?”

Spark said, “You’ll need stardust and Pokemon candies. They’re given to you, after catching a Pokemon. Each Pokemon has its own type of candies.”

Amber asked, “Are they like Rare Candies? Do they level up Pokemon?”

Spark was confused, “Well… The Rare Candies in this world turn into the candies that the Rare Candies are used on. For example, if I used Rare Candies on Zapdos, they’d turn into Zapdos Candies. The Zapdos Candies will power up Zapdos. Each species of Pokemon have their own types of Pokemon. The candies that are specific to that particular species of Pokemon will only power up that species of Pokemon. I’m assuming that in your world, Rare Candies level your Pokemon up. Here, Pokemon don’t really have a level. Instead, YOU, yourself, has a level!”

Amber squeaked, “Oh. But… What level am I?”

Spark said, “Hmm… That’s odd. You’re level 1, but berries are given to trainers that are above level 8… I think that Pokestop is glitching out.”

Amber kinda broke down, “LEVEL ONE!? I’M WEAK!! I didn’t know that I was so weak! We need to train, now! I don’t like the idea of being so… Wimpy.”

Spark said, “You’re not wimpy, you’re just starting out. But trust me, you’ll level up faster than you’ll think! Now… Let’s go find some Pokemon.” Amber followed him around the city, but… The glitched Pokestop… Someone mysterious was listening to them…

“So that’s who Arlo mugged? How childish and annoying. She’ll be easy to take out, as long as that infuriating man isn’t near her!” They said to themselves…

Part 5

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 5: Training and Disaster

Spark began to show Amber around and more rules of the world. She grew a level and soon… She was level 5! “Now that you’re level 5, you can join gyms.” He pointed towards one. “That gym is yellow. Any gyms that are yellow, you can join. Gyms that are a different color are ones that you fight against.”

Amber was confused, “So… How many gyms are there!?”

Spark gladly said, “Millions! Gyms are everywhere, so when you feel ready, I’ll help you fight in a gym.”

Amber couldn’t handle the idea. “Millions!? In my universe, most regions had 8 gyms that you had to fight, before you fought against a group of people called the Elite Four and their Champion. I don’t even think I can get every single gym badge out there… I’m sorry, but the best I can do, is a handful, most likely.”

Spark said, “And that’s okay with me. Plus, at the end of the day, we’re all just fighting to our heart’s content for fun. There isn’t a huge competition for having the most gyms, so having a few gym badges is fine with me. Once you’re ready to enter a gym, I’ll show you the rules. Do you feel ready right now?”

Amber shook her head. “Not quite, sorry. I feel like I should have a higher level, before I try, just to be on the safe side…” Spark said Amber then walked around the park, where after catching and evolving some more Pokemon, including a Seadra and a Scizor, she soon reached level 10! They both decided to take a small break, but after that, Amber went to level 14! But then… Amber got hungry. Spark suggest that they ate at a nearby restaurant. Amber decided to go with him and he decided to help pay for her lunch as well. The two ordered curry and Amber decided to use a Lure Module on a nearby Pokestop. “I’ve decided to do that, because it might be a while before the curry gets here.”

“Good idea!” Said Spark. A Pikachu appeared next to the Pokestop, so they both decided to go over there and catch it.

However, while Spark and Amber went to go check on a Pokestop that had a Lure Module attached to it, the same mysterious figure from yesterday, decided to poison Spark’s food. “This’ll teach you, for defeating me!” They quietly said. No one noticed them, unfortunately. Spark and Amber went back to finish eating their curry. Spark loved it, even though it was on the spicy side. After eating, they went straight back to getting Amber trained up. She immediately grew to level 15, which pleased Spark.

Spark congratulated Amber, “Getting to level 15 in one day, is quite an accomplishment! I’ve coached and helped many trainers before, but you are quite… Energetic. I’m so happy that I got to see you grow! Tomorrow we should-” Suddenly, Spark got a sudden pain in his stomach. “Urgh… What in the!?”

“Spark!? You okay?” Amber immediately grew worried.

“No… I feel like my stomach is on fire! This has never happened to me before!!” He threw up. “Yeesh… What’s gonna happen!? I’m… I’m honestly scared!” He was very pale. He had trouble walking, so Amber helped him out.

“The nearest hospital is just up the street. I’ll help walk you over there!” Amber helped him out, but… There was a major problem. The entire area of the hospital was surrounded by Team GO Rocket Grunts!! They had taken over the hospital! “NO!! WE’RE DOOMED!!” Amber then thought of something quick. ‘I can’t take out all of the grunts by myself… But, I can’t leave Spark here to possibly die…’

She then told him, “I’ll look after you.”

“But… Are you sure!?” Spark said, “I don’t even know if you’re a nurse or not!”

Amber said to him, “I know first aid and I have learned how to treat humans for all kinds of ailments, back in my universe. We’ll have to go into that hotel and I’ll make sure you’re okay, in there. I wish those pesky grunts weren’t there! I’d take them out one by one, but I don’t want to lose to one and get ambushed and then have you suffer more! I’ll just take care of you, myself.” There was a hotel near the hospital, so Spark and Amber went there. They decided to get the nearest available room. Amber made sure that Spark was okay. She noticed that Spark was in and out of the bathroom multiple times. She noticed that he didn’t have a fever or flu-like symptoms. She came to the conclusion, “I’m suspecting that there was something wrong with your food.”

Spark then said, “I didn’t notice anything wrong with it. It tasted fine, but… I don’t remember putting so much salt on it.”

Amber pulled out her Poke Phone, “Too much salt?” She looked up his symptoms and tried to find out what he was poisoned with. “Well, table salt is lethal in high doses, but… What did the “salt” look like?”

Spark weakly said, “It looked more powdery than like salt, now that I think of it…”

Amber feared the worst. “Oh god… I’m afraid…” She began crying. “You can’t die!!”

Spark said, “What do you mean!?”

Amber screamed, “YOU CAN’T DIE OF CYANIDE POISONING!!” She frantically sent out an Audio that she had. She ordered it to use Heal Pulse on Spark… It looked confused. “What!? Use Heal Pulse, please!” It tried, but… It couldn’t! Amber was shocked, “How did if forget Heal Pulse!? I’m so… NOOOOO!!!” Amber had realized that all of her Pokemon’s moves had changed.

Spark told Amber, “I’m sorry…”

Amber then had an idea, but it was very risky. She luckily still had her old items with her, from the universe she was from. She had to work quickly. She didn’t have anything that was guaranteed to cure his poisoning, but… She immediately mixed 3 Full Heals, 5 Lum Berries and 10 Pecha Berries. There was a slim chance it would work, but… “I know it might taste awful, but this might be able to heal you. It’s something I like to call a “Super Antidote.” I pray that this works…” She handed it to Spark. He drank the whole thing.

Spark said, “It tasted oddly sweet.” He then noticed that it was getting late. “I’ll try and sleep. I’m so cold… I hope I get to wake up next morning…”

But, something had to be done about the Rocket Grunts… Amber could still hear them rioting outside the hospital. She was furious. One of them had poisoned him, after hearing about it on the news. She put on a cape, masquerade mask, and she snuck out.

The hospital was surrounded by Rocket Grunts. Police cars and officers were trying to force the grunts to leave, but all of their Pokemon had fainted against the grunts. They were outnumbered! As the police left, a voice was heard:

“YOU IMPUDENT FOOLS!! YOU KILLED A TEAM LEADER!!” Amber swooped down and had Mewtwo out. She wasn’t going to fight the grunts in the same fashion that Spark did. She had Mewtwo use its psychic powers to fling the grunts away! It was tossing them all aside. Mewtwo grabbed tons of them and flung them into the air. After all of the grunts were blocking the entrance, Amber told the police that were still there, “Inside. There may be more. But first…” She helped heal every officer’s Pokemon. They all ran inside and sure enough, there were more grunts! Amber’s Mewtwo couldn’t throw them aside, because it could destroy some necessary equipment in the process. So instead, Mewtwo kept using Confusion, to give the grunts massive migraines and forget their mission. Amber and the cops were trying to find the headmaster’s room, since they overheard someone about the headmaster being in trouble. They eventually found the room, with the headmaster being held hostage and a strange lady in the room… She was wearing all white.

“Who goes there? The headmaster and I are talking about something important, so leave now!” She said.

Amber and her Mewtwo didn’t think about leaving. “Nope.” Mewtwo used Confusion, before the lady could fight back. She was immediately arrested. The headmaster was free, but he had one question for Amber.

“Just who are you, you heroic lady?” He asked.

“I am the one that’ll make Team GO Rocket fall. I won’t rest until every one of them rots in jail. I am… Mewtwo’s masked friend. My true name is kept a secret, but call me, “Haywire.” That’s all.” Amber and Mewtwo teleported away, towards the hotel. Amber snuck back into the room. Thankfully, he hadn’t noticed she left. He was still out. Amber changed from her outfit and she put her hand on his head. It was warm! Spark was still breathing! ‘It worked!’ She thought. ‘He’ll be in for an interesting morning!’ Amber fell asleep, feeling accomplished that she helped save not only the people in the hospital, but also Spark: her crush…

Will Spark be okay??

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Great work, keep those creative juices flowing!

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I’m sorry if I haven’t updated this in a while. I’m going back to college on the 6th and it’ll be completely online, which I’m dreading, since I’ve never done full online classes before.

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Part 6

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 6: Possible Love and a Case

Amber had trouble sleeping, because she was wanting to see Spark wake up. She knew he was still alive, but she wanted him to wake up, even if it was to do something briefly. But… Amber fell asleep. She fell on the floor, because she was sitting up. Spark heard Amber fall onto the floor and she was crying a little. Spark helped her up. “Amber? You okay?”

Amber squeaked, “YOU’RE ALIVE!!! I’m… I’m so grateful…” She was blushing, “I’m so happy that you’re not gonna die! That Super Antidote worked!”

Spark said, “It worked, but it tasted too sweet, for a medicine. It knocked me out. I’m surprised that you were completely out all night.”

“Well, not completely out. I was tossing and turning, because I was so worried that you were going to pass on… But, you’re safe.” Amber was sleepy. “I think I’ll try sleeping for a few hours again, now that I know you’re safe…” Amber was so happy to see that Spark was feeling much better.

Spark said, "Umm… Is it okay, if we hug?* Amber immediately jumped into his arms. Spark hugged Amber. Amber’s face was a little red, but she was happy. “I’ve heard that cuddling with someone can help you sleep. Do you want to give that a try?” Amber nodded frantically. The two cuddled next to each other. Amber’s heart pounded, but… Spark had slowly begun to develop some feelings for her.

Amber and Spark woke up the next morning. She taught him how to cook poffins and they also drank berry juice. While eating, Amber told him what happened last night. "It was incredible! There was this lady, who scared off the Rocket Grunts that were near the hospital!

Spark asked, “Who!? I… I wanted to see it.”

“I’m not sure who it was, because I couldn’t see them that well, but I assume it was a lady, because she had really long hair.” Amber said, “she was incredible! The way the Grunts were retreating… Them weeping in fear… It was amazing!!”

Spark said, “Hmm… How about we go by there and see what happened? Plus… I feel like I should be seen, just to make sure if your suspicion of me being poisoned with Cyanide is true.” Amber and Spark headed over there. As they walked in, the headmaster mistook Amber for Haywire, even though Haywire is her alter ego. “Miss… Miss Haywire! She’s come back!”

“Haywire? Who’s that?” Amber asked.

“That’s the superhero that saved this hospital, last night.” The Headmaster said, “You look very similar to her!”

“I do?” Amber was hamming it up and doing her best to keep it a secret from Spark. “That’d be interesting to see… Maybe one day, I could meet this “Haywire…” Anyways, is it possible for one of you to make sure Spark here is doing okay? I suspected that yesterday, he was poisoned.”

“Poisoned!? One of Professor Willow’s assistants!? We’ll see if he was poisoned last night or not.” The Headmaster immediately ushered Spark into a room. Amber decided to wait outside the room for him.

After a couple of hours, Spark and a nurse came out from the room. The nurse said, “There are no traces of poison in his blood. It’s possible that someone did tamper with his food, but we wouldn’t know who.”

Spark said to Amber, “I wonder if we could ask where we are the curry if there was anything weird going on that day…”

Amber nodded, “Then, we’ll do that.” Amber and Spark ran over to the curry place and asked the manager. “Miss? Is it okay if Spark and I ask you a few questions?”

The “manager” said, “Okay. What seems to be the problem?”

Spark said, “Amber and I ate some curry here yesterday, but there was a huge amount of salt in it. However, we don’t think it was salt. After I ate it, it felt like I had the mother of all stomach aches! Do you know about this?” The manager was shocked to hear about this. In fact, they were strangely afraid.

“Um…” She was panicking, “L-Look, the restaurant is closing early for the day! Please come-”

Amber cut her off, “NO. We won’t be taking that kind of crap from you!” Amber tackled the manager. “This is no manager, Spark. This is a Rocket Grunt!” Amber was right! The fake manager was wearing a wig and she was upset.

“How did you know!?” She asked.

“Because I could hear your Pokemon’s voices. They’re suffering… They’re secretly crying out for help…” Amber looked at Spark. “Now! Help me fight her! She can’t get away with this!!” Spark agreed to help Amber out as this would be Amber’s first actual grunt battle, in front of Spark!

Part 7

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 7: Fear and Anger

Amber was a little scared to fight her, but Spark was ready to help. The grunt used Fire-type Pokemon, so Amber took Milotic, Vaporeon and Tyranitar. She beat her Growlithe, Houndoom and Ninetails easily. The grunt left behind the Shadow Growlithe and Amber caught it. She was super happy! “Spark, look!! I… I DID IT!!” Spark clapped for Amber, but… Amber got too excited and immediately ran to fight another one. “I think I can take on anyone!!” Amber ran off incredibly fast. Spark had to run after Amber. She found a flying grunt and then tried giving it a shot. Amber selected Piloswine, Tyranitar and Rhyperior. She was able to defeat Crobat and Golbat, but as soon as Gyarados came out. It demolished her whole team! Amber tried calming herself down. “It’s fine. I’ll get her next time.” She healed her Pokemon and tried again. She switched out a Rhyperior for Jolteon, but she still lost. Spark was watching her. Amber started getting upset. “The ■■■■!?” Spark tried encouraging Amber. But… Amber lost again. “COME ON! DIE ALREADY!” Spark was gonna suggest something, but very was shouting at the grunt that she’d kill her. Amber lost again, “GODDAMN.IT, JUST DIE!!!” The grunt thought it was hilarious. “SHUT UP YOU TWAT!!” Amber finally took out the pesky Gyarados with her Salamence. Before the grunt retreated, Amber violently ran up to her and beat the lights out of her! Spark tried pulling Amber back, but she resisted. She knocked the grunt out, with her own two hands… Amber panted, “It’s over… It’s finally over… That. Sucked!!” She screamed, “WHAT KIND OF TRAINER AM I!?” She couldn’t catch the Shadow Golbat, as it ran away. “GRAAAAAH!!! JUST END ME, SPARK! DO IT!! I COULDN’T EVEN CATCH THE GOLBAT! I’LL-” Spark held her. “Hah?”

Spark looked worried and sad. “I’d never do that. Even if I had completely hated you, I can’t bring myself to kill another Trainer.”

Amber asked, while crying, “but why!? I’m probably the worst trainer that you’ve ever coached!”

Spark said, “You’re still learning. I uh… I don’t want to make you mad, but you’re still learning how things work here. Plus, you pulled it off, in the end. If you gave up just there, then that wouldn’t have been very noble of you.” Spark hugged Amber again, after losing. “You’re not the worst trainer out there, trust me. I’ve seen some abuse their Pokemon and it irks me. You do none of that, from what I’ve seen.”

Amber said, “I’m sorry… I lost my temper. I lose it very easily, when I’m stressed out. I’m not used to losing fights, because back in my universe, I rarely lost. One of the few times I lost, I got made fun of for it. But I came back, and put them all in their place! You should’ve seen it… It was amazing!” Amber was still hugging him. “I’m still ashamed for scaring you like that.”

Spark said, “Yeah, about that… That was sudden. I was not expecting you to retaliate like that.”

“I only get that angry towards people that annoy me.” Said Amber, “If you’re worried about me getting that angry towards you, please don’t worry about that.” Amber was still hugging him. “I’m still glad that I beat them. I think I’ll have you handle the flying ones, from now on… You seem better prepared for them than me.”

Spark nodded. “Also, Amber… How do I say this… I know that uh… I’ve been hanging out with you, but I’ve felt like I want to spend even more time with you…”

“Spark? Are you?” Amber was nervously blushing.

“I love you.” Spark said to Amber. He kissed her. Amber fainted in his arms. “Amber?”

“This… I’ve been blessed with incredible luck. To think that this would happen, months after my former boyfriend had passed away… I will protect you, my love…” Amber was happy to be with him. But, spark was intrigued.

“Wait… You’ve been in love before?” He asked.

Amber nodded, “Yes, but I don’t want to talk about it right now. His death brings up something awful about my homeland. Someone killed him. Maybe I can tell you some other time.”

Spark immediately said, “Um… I’m sorry that happened. Did the killer get away?”

“Nope,” said Amber. “They were arrested. They’re in prison for life.”

Spark was relieved, “Phew. But still… you have my sympathy.” Amber thanked him. They went back to their hotel room for the night. Later that night, Amber was sleeping happily next to Spark. The two were cuddling and hugging each other… But, a strange person came into the room. They waited until Spark left the room. As soon as he went to use the bathroom, they snuck up on Amber and… “GWAAAAH!” Spark ran out of the room and no longer saw Amber sleeping. He frantically searched for Amber. Even her belongings were gone! He was panicking and he soon was distraught. “My… Love… She’s gone…” He took his Pokemon with him, to go tell Prof. Willow, Blanche and Candela the heartbreaking news.

Amber was knocked out and inside a body bag. She was being carried by someone who was incredibly buff and bulky. He then put Amber in a dark room. She was tied up to a chair… She soon woke up. “Spark!? Is this a prank!? Get your butt over here and untie me!”

“This isn’t a prank.” Soon… A familiar face appeared in front of Amber. Someone Amber was familiar with was in her way. She wet herself out of fear. “It’s been a while, young lady.”

“Giovanni! This is not what I expected!” She was squirming. “I had my suspicions you were in this world! If you release me, I won’t fight you!”

Giovanni had other plans. “I’m surprised that you found me. However, I have decided to go to this world, and try to take this world over. Technically, you didn’t exist in this world… But, you had the audacity to come here!” He then thought of what to do to Amber. “Hmm… I might as well make this interesting for you.”

“Interesting!? What are you talking about!?” Amber was afraid.

Giovanni said, “You still have Mewtwo on you, correct?”

Amber said, “Why? You won’t get that Legendary from me! It detests you!”

Giovanni said, “Very bold of you to say that…”


Giovanni said, “I went ahead and took the liberty of making all of your Pokemon into Shadow Pokemon. They are far stronger than-” Amber was able to break free and she started to strangle Giovanni!

“YOU BASTARD!! HAND ME BACK MY POKEMON RIGHT NOW!! YOU’VE RUINED THEM!!” But while she was trying to strangle him, that same beefy person that abducted Amber grabbed her from behind. She kicked him in the shin, from behind and she tried escaping. However, she hastily fell down the stairs while running away. Giovanni and the buff person followed Amber. Amber was knocked out… Giovanni had a perfect opportunity to experiment something.

“Cliff, can you help me with something?” Him and Cliff carried Amber to a strange room. It had weird machines in the area… Strange things were happening in the room. Pokemon were being experimented on and some were made into Shadow Pokemon. They experimented on Amber, where they wanted to know if you could turn a human into a Shadow Human. She had a strange device on her head. She was hooked up to many monitors, to make sure she didn’t die during the experiment… Soon after a few hours… Amber woke up. She looked around, confused.

“… I can’t feel anything…” She stood up and saw her bag. “… Is this mine?”

“It is.” Giovanni said to Amber. “I am Giovanni. How are you feeling, Amber?”

“… Nothing.” She said.

“It was a success!” He was happy.

“What was a success?” Amber asked him.

Giovanni lied to her. “You see, I saved your life. You were going to be harmed by someone named Spark, so I saved your life. Also, I believe that this belongs to you.” He pointed to the bag that was white and had Poke Ball patterns on the side of the bag.

“… Bag.” Amber vaguely said. “I think I get it now…” Amber turned to Giovanni, and smiled. “Thank you… Mister. What shall I do?”

Giovanni said, “You’ll meet the other teammates and admins soon, so please get acquainted with everyone. Please follow me, Amber.” Amber followed him…

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Part 8

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 8: Terminate All

Amber followed Giovanni. He said, “These are your fellow admins: Cliff, Arlo and Sierra. Please, acquaint yourselves.”

Amber said, “Don’t get in my way… I run the show here… These Shadow Pokemon of mine are going to exterminate every living thing. You can help me, should you desire…”

Arlo said, “Now this is a sight to see.”

Sierra asked, “Is it possible for you to handle those infuriating buffoons that we had to fight?”

Amber asked, “Three buffoons? Maybe… Please, inform me about those three…”

Cliff said, “That Blanche… Smarts won’t get you anywhere! That’s where I’ll let my fists do the talking!”

Arlo said, “Candela thinks she’s hot stuff, but I know I’ll put her in her place, one day.”

Sierra was the most upset, “Losing to Spark was very infuriating for me. I can’t believe I lost to someone of his… Demeanor!”

Amber said, “Blanche… Candela… Spark… I think I’ll go visit them and… hahaha…” She cackled.

Meanwhile, Spark was crying. He was on his way to tell Blanche, Candela and Professor Willow what happened. As soon as he stepped inside, he cried. “GAAAAAAHHH!!! SHE’S GONE!! AMBER’S GONE!!”

Candela quickly ram up to him. “Excuse me!? Amber’s missing!?” She was in disbelief.

Blanche asked, “Spark, can you please inform us of the details?”

Spark said, “I was going to use the bathroom, and while I was in there, I heard Amber scream! I came back and her and her belongings were gone! ALL GONE!!” He was sad, “I wish I could’ve done something, but the abductees were too fast! I tried looking out the window, but no one suspicious was outside! No sight of Amber and that rat!”

Professor Willow said, “Looks like finding Amber will be a top priority. I’ll help out, as well. We should go investigate the area where Amber was abducted.” Professor Willow, Spark, Candela and Blanche went over to the hotel that they were staying at. Some police officers were involved. “So… This was the room the two of you were staying in, right?”

Spark sniffed, “Yh… Yes! I was cuddling with her, in this bed.” While looking in the room for clues, a bright light of Psychic energy, suddenly lit up the area, outside. “What was that!?” Spark looked outside and saw… Amber with her Mewtwo! “There she is! Amber!” He ran downstairs. Candela and Blanche looked at Amber and her Mewtwo from the window.

“Shadow Mewtwo and… Amber’s Shadow!?” Candela was shocked, “Blanche! Professor! We have to stop Spark from getting near her! No one knows what damage Shadow Amber could do!” They chased after Spark. Spark was watching Amber from afar and blushing. But then, a lone trainer saw her. The trainer noticed Amber was wearing a rocket outfit. He tried challenging Amber to a fight, but he immediately lost. Then, Amber said, “Get out of my sight.” Mewtwo used Confusion and knocked the trainer out. Spark was in disbelief.

“Amber!? No! That’s not like you! I think…” He tried sneaking up to her, but Candela stopped him.

“Don’t you dare!” She said to him. “I’m sorry Spark, but I don’t want you to get hurt!”

Spark said, “I just saw her defeat a trainer’s Pokemon… Her Mewtwo is a Shadow Pokemon! She then knocked the trainer out!!”

Blanche then realized something, “Is it possible that a member of Team GO Rocket had abducted her? That’s my theory, since no normal Grunt has a Shadow Mewtwo… plus, when fighting Cliff, he didn’t have a Mewtwo in his arsenal.”

Spark was horrified. “They… hurt her… They turned this angel into a demon…” He shouted, “CURSE YOU, TEAM ROCKET!! You ruined my love!!” This caught the attention of Amber. She started walking, hunched over and with a dark aura around her.

“Now you’ve done it!” Candela angrily said, “We could get destroyed!”

“Retreating seems like the best option.” Blanche said to them. However, after the three tried running away, Amber’s Mewtwo had laid a force field around them, to prevent them from escaping. “We’re trapped!”

“You cannot escape your deaths…” Amber said. “Mewtwo is firing up…”

“Deaths!? She’s gonna kill us!?” Spark was panicking.

Amber said, “… Fiends.” Her Mewtwo used Psystrike on the three leaders and they were all knocked out. “I have better things to do… Like, say, take over this world!” She teleported away with Mewtwo. The force field disappeared… Spark, Candela and Blanche were thankfully alive, but they couldn’t move. Professor Willow reached them, after he was chatting with the police officers. He decided to have the three be hospitalized.

At the hospital, the three couldn’t remember a thing, however, Professor Willow said to them, “This is an emergency. As a professor, this is something I hoped to have never bear to witness… My assistants are all in critical condition. Team GO Rocket and Shadow Amber has pushed my limits, too far… It’s time. I’ll fight Amber, myself!”

Spark was shaking, “But… SHE’LL DESTROY YOU! I don’t think I can face her again, after this!!”

“I know,” Said Professor Willow, “However, I have a Mewtwo of my own. My Pokemon and I must stop Amber, before this gets out of hand!” He left, but… his assistants were worried. Will he be okay?

Part 9

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 9: Havoc

Amber was getting high praise, from the Admins. She was then tasked by Giovanni to “fight all trainers that you come across. After that, have Mewtwo use Confusion on them, so that they’ll forget all about their Pokemon and they’ll give up on fighting us Rockets!” Amber gladly accepted his orders. Cliff followed Amber and watched her defeat many trainers who had sided with Team Instinct, Team Valor and Team Mystic. But… Someone soon tried stopping her.

“Amber! Stop it right now!” It was Professor Willow! “I can’t believe that you’re hurting other trainers!”

“Why not?” Asked Amber, “Their Pokemon are SO pathetic. All Pokemon that don’t belong to Team GO Rocket are useless.”

"I may be biased, because I’m a professor, but that’s not true. Yes, Pokemon have their weaknesses, but all Pokemon have something to like.* Replied Prof. Willow, “However, I can see that you’re…” He was shocked, “That aura… You’re a Shadow Human!?”

“Shadow Human…? So I’m like a Shadow Pokemon, then… Good! That means I’m unbeatable!” Amber was excited to hear that. She raised her arms into the air, “I’m sorry, but your researching days are over!!” Professor Willow tried fighting Amber with a Mewtwo of his own. However, his Mewtwo was still weakened by Psystrike and Confusion. After his Mewtwo was destroyed, he tried fighting Amber with Melmetal and Swampert. However, both of his Pokemon somehow lost to Amber’s! “See? I am unbeatable! Now…” She ordered Mewtwo to use Confusion on Professor Willow. He was knocked out. “Now… I must get back to work. Cliff?”

“Yes Amber?” He said.

“Leave him behind. We’ll go pick on other trainers!” Amber was happy to inflict pain onto other trainers. Cliff and Amber left the professor behind…

One of the trainers that got picked on by Amber, soon noticed Professor Willow. They decided to bring him to the hospital, since they were going there, themselves. He was hospitalized. The leaders luckily recovered, so they immediately asked Professor Willow about the fight he had.

Professor Willow told the leaders the news. “What Blanche theorized is true. Amber IS a Shadow Human!”

“Amber!? But…” Spark was still heartbroken, “I knew something was up about her… I just didn’t think that this is what was going to happen!”

Candela said, “So… Giovanni experimented on an actual human? That’s beyond messed up! I hate the idea of Shadow Pokemon, but Shadow Humans!? That’s even worse!”

“I would seem so…” Said Blanche, “However, we have to stop her… It’s likely she still has Mewtwo on her, so please, don’t let your guards down.”

Spark cried out, “But… I don’t want to fight her! I spent so much time with her that… It’s breaking my heart!”

Candela said, “I know. I don’t want to fight her as well, but… There is no other option. If she keeps this act up, we might not even be leaders, for that much longer. I’m just wondering how you’d purify a human.”

Professor Willow had no idea. "That’s a good question, since in order to purify a Pokemon, you’ll need stardust and their species candies. It’ll most likely be different to purify Amber, since there are no “Amber Candies.”

Spark thought of a crazy idea, “Her last name is Gracedia, right? What if we gave her Shaymin Candies, since Shaymin us associated with the Gracedia flower?”

Professor Willow replied, “That most likely wouldn’t work, since Amber is a human and Shaymin is a Pokemon. Plus, Shaymin is extremely rare. I’m unsure if it’s been witnessed in this universe or not.”

Spark said, “Ah okay. It was just a crazy thought I had…” Soon, many sick trainers started to swarm in. They all complained about having short-term memory loss, massive headaches and some even fainted. Their complaints and fear could be heard:

“My head… Why couldn’t I defeat her!?”
“She’s a monster!”
“Where did she come from!?”
“How did my Dark Type Pokemon lose to such a thing!?”
“I don’t wanna go outside, anymore! As long as Amber’s roaming around!”

“They must’ve fought Amber!” Said Candela, “Spark, Blanche, I hate to ask since it feels like I’m putting your lives on the line, but… I’m going to try and tane Amber, myself. Will you help me out?”

“You’re crazy!” Spark said, “She could kill you!”

“I know… But, if it’s to save this world from being taken over by an omnicidal trainer, then I’ll die a hero. I’ll die knowing that I at least tried to protect everyone, even if they’re not part of Team Valor.” Candela also said, “You can join the fight, but do not try to change my mind, because I won’t listen.”

“I’ll join.” Said Blanche, “I now know that Amber is a Shadow Human, which explains the capricious nature of hers, but she’s gone too far.”

“I’ll help too!” Said Spark, “I just wonder that once she’s not a Shadow Human anymore, what will she do?”

Candela said, “She’ll be cleaning up this mess, for sure! But also, we should help her fight the Admins and Giovanni.” Sha asked Spark, “Has Amber fought against a Rocket admin, yet?”

“Not that I know of, no.” Spark replied, “She used to get extremely frightened around pokestops that had Arlo in that area.” The three headed out and they suddenly noticed Amber. She was taking a small break, in a park. Cliff and some Rocket Grunts were with her. Amber had suddenly noticed that the leaders were there.

“Hmm… I sense someone weak… Three of them.” She got up and turned around. The leaders were there. “I knew it. Back for your revenge!? I’ll tell you, it’s not gonna work!”

“Amber! Team GO Rocket is brainwashing you! They experimented on you!” Spark shouted to her.

“Wow. I didn’t think the dumbest of the three would’ve eventually caught on… Impressive.” Amber said, “But Giovanni saved me! That’s what he told me!”

“Dumbest!? Amber…” Spark was saddened.

“Look, you made your lover cry!” Candela was getting angry. “You had better stop!”

“Lover!? I’m sorry, but I don’t even know who that guy is… let alone like him…” Spark was crying even harder.

“That’s it! Enough of this charade!” She sent out Infernape. “I’ll make this fast.” Her Infernape immediately went down after Mewtwo used Psystrike. For some reason, it ignored the shield that Candela put up. “That’s not supposed to happen!”

“Giovanni personally made my Pokemon even stronger by allowing it to ignore shields that trainers put up. It’s the first of its kind!” Candela tried using Electivire, but Mewtwo also had Ice Beam on it, along with Psystrike. “Giovanni also allowed my Mewtwo to have multiple charged moves at once! It has three on it!!” Electivire immediately went down, because of Ice Beam and Psystrike, which kept hitting her Pokemon, with little time for her to breathe. “Plus, my Mewtwo’s Charged moves charge up way faster than any of your Pokemon!!”

“You’re kidding…” Candela was in further disbelief. “I have to win… Please. I have to have faith in my last Pokemon!” Her Moltres was sent out and… Psystrike was immediately used. “No!”

“I am not kidding…” Amber and her Mewtwo went up to Candela, but before Confusion was used…

“Amber. That’s enough.” Blanche stopped her.

“Move, Einstein! I have a lady to knock out!” Amber screamed.

“You will not be hurting the other leaders.” Blanche said, “Insulting Spark and Candela like that… This is unforgivable.” He sent out Suicune. “You won’t lay a finger on any of us.” The Suicune immediately went down after Psystrike was used. They sent Metagross out, hoping that Mewtwo only had Ice Beam and Psystrike, but… Their Metagross was destroyed by Shadow Ball! “Impossible! You’re meaning to tell me this Mewtwo has more charged moves!?”

Amber reminded Blanche, “Like I said, Mewtwo has been modified to have multiple charged moves! Now…” Blanche tried attacking Mewtwo with Articuno, but… Psystrike destroyed it.

Cliff cheered Amber on! “Say now! That’s the one I had trouble with!!”

“Please… Save your praise for later…” Amber moved closer to Candela and Blanche. Spark was too afraid and upset to do anything. “Confusion.” Mewtwo used Confusion and knocked out Candela and Blanche. “Sleep tight…” And then Amber slowly turned towards Spark. “Now… It’s your turn…”

Part 10

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 10: Spark’s Victory

Amber said to him, “So… How is this gonna end? I’ll let you in on one thing: I’ll win.”

Spark asked Amber, “Why can’t you snap out of this!?”

Amber chuckled, “Aren’t you braindead!? Giovanni made me this way! You wanna reverse this, go ask him, if you have the guts! Oh wait… I’ll stop you here, before you can even lay a finger on him!” He sent out Raikou. Amber’s Mewtwo clobbered it with Psystrike immediately. He then went Tyranitar out. Spark was excited. He thought, ‘Yes! My Tyranitar will be able to defeat you! It’ll-’ Amber smiled, smugly. Her Mewtwo had a FOURTH charged move, Aura Sphere, with it. It immediately destroyed Spark’s Tyranitar. “WHY!? YOU’RE CHEATING!” He sent Zapdos out.

Spark’s Zapdos was ready to attack. Amber looked at Spark and said, “Your best Pokemon? It’ll be reduced to molecules!” Amber was ready for Mewtwo to attack, “Mewtwo, Psy-” but… She had a sudden agonizing headache. “Hhhhhnnn… Psy-” It grew worse, “Gah! Stop pounding!”

Cliff shouted, “Well, what are you waiting for!? Destroy him!”

“I WILL! I’M just…” Amber was clenching her head, “Wretched migraine!!” She fell over and hit the ground. She got back up, but… She looked at Spark. “You…” She inched forward. Spark was nervous and scared. Amber asked Spark, “Where am I?”

He got so afraid of Amber hurting him that he hastily attacked. Spark was screaming, “GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU CREEP!” His Zapdos destroyed Amber’s Mewtwo with Thunderbolt and… it hit Amber! He just stood there… shocked. “Ah! A… Amber!”

Cliff shouted, “Urgh, you’ll all pay for this! I’ll destroy all of you, good! I’ll leave Amber here, she’s useless to me, now.” Him and the grunts left. Amber was still there… Spark was worried to see what would happen next. Amber was still alive, but… she sat up. He ran towards her, out of fear that she’ll be mad at him.

Amber was speaking gibberish, due to being zapped. “Where is this? This isn’t the Alola region! Wake me up, later.” She tried falling back asleep, but she glanced at Spark, while doing so… “S… Spark… I understand if you hate me… now…” She got up and stared at him. “You… I remember you…” She was sad. I was kidnapped by Cliff and Giovanni experimented on me and my Pokemon!" Amber was upset, “All of these acts… They were merely against my will. I was corrupted by the powers of being a Shadow Human. I know that doesn’t excuse all the damage I caused, but…” Spark looked at Amber. The aura wasn’t around her, anymore. “I’m… Scared… What’ll happen next!? I hurt you… I hurt Blanche, Candela, Professor Willow, and other trainers… It felt like I had no control over my actions or my body… I’ve personally studied the effects of being a Shadow Pokemon, or at least the chemicals used in making a Pokemon Shadow… I never thought this would happen to me…” Amber was frightened. “The VX and Batrachotoxin nerve agents are used in it… I am afraid of the toll they’ll have, on my body… There’s no excuse for what I’ve done, yes, but…” She was shivering… “What!? Why am I?” She began to have a seizure. “Wha-” She was convulsing, shaking and drooling.

Spark was worried, “Amber!? You’re shaking!!”

Blanche said, “I’m afraid, this is no trick of hers. If what she’s saying is true, those nerve agents have caused her to have a seizure. We must stay alert and look after her.” they all waited until she stopped. It had been about five minutes since the seizure started and ended. Amber just stared at Spark. She didn’t move at all.

Amber’s voice was slurred, “Whaaaa? Please… take me to a hospital.”

Candela said, “We should listen to her…” They took her to a nearby hospital. Sadly, everyone there was afraid of her.

“Oh no, it’s Amber!!”
“What is she doing here!?”
“Is she injured!?”
“She got what she deserved!”
“Please don’t hurt me!”
“Team GO Rocket scares me!”

Amber was frightened by the voices of the other patients, “They’re scared of me… I’m afraid to tell them the truth, because I doubt anyone will listen to me!”

“They have to.” Said Candela, “We’ll inform everyone that Giovanni tried experimenting on a human.” Amber was put in a hospital room. The team leaders told the people that were talking about her the truth, except for Spark. He was very worried about Amber. Amber was still scared.

“You hate me… Right?” She asked him.

“I don’t. I had a feeling something was wrong, when you fought against us. In fact, I’m upset at Giovanni and that guy who kidnapped you. It’s their fault that all this happened, not yours.” Spark tried assuring Amber that everything would be alright, but Amber was scared of what’ll happen next.

“But… Some of those trainers were your allies!” She said, “Mewtwo hurt people as well as their Pokemon! I doubt things will work out from this!”

“Why?” Asked Spark.

“Because… I’ve seen some of the worst things that humanity has to offer. In my world, some humans are unforgiving and manipulative. In this world… Team GO Rocket, is the worst that humanity has to offer. Yes, I don’t think I’m a Shadow Human anymore, but who is gonna believe that I can clear my name!? Who’s gonna believe that I can fix this whole mess!?”

“I do.” Spark then reassured Amber more, by hugging her and kissing her. “As soon as you step out of this hospital, we’ll purify your Pokemon and we’ll go defeat Team GO Rocket.”

“Wait… Purification requires Candies. There are some Candies that I don’t have that much of…” Amber became very worried, “One of those Pokemon is Mewtwo! I don’t want it to go on a rampage!!”

“I’m sure Professor Willow could make an exception.” Spark tried lifting Amber’s spirits up, but… It only made her worry more.

“But… I hurt him! I know he had a Mewtwo on him, when I fought him, but I doubt he’ll help me out…” Amber was becoming hopeless and depressed. “I wish I was dead. That’d solve it…”

“No it won’t!” Spark said, “I know you’re guilty of hurting other people and their Pokemon, but Giovanni and his goons made you do it! It’s HIS fault that this all happened, not YOURS!”

“I honestly hate guilt tripping… I’m sorry if I broke down like that. I’m just… Concerned about everyone. That’s who I am… I care too much about others, unless if it’s someone I hate. I’m just glad that you, Candela, Blanche and Professor Willow are okay…”

“Good… Oh, um… I’m sorry if Zapdos zapped you.” Spark apologized for his outburst.

“It’s fine… honestly, I think it purified me, in a way, as ridiculous as it sounds.” Amber also said, “Whether it purified me or not, I deserved it.” Blanche and Candela came to visit Amber. She immediately went back to crying. “AAAAAAAAAGH!!! I’M SORRY!!!” She reached into her bag and dumped as many Revives and Potions as she could. “H-HERE! JUST TAKE ALL OF THEM!! It’ll Somewhat make up for the trouble I caused!”

“All of this? Thanks, but we won’t be needing so many Revives or Potions.” Said Candela. “Blanche and I were telling the other patients that were scared and gossiping about you that you were a Shadow Human and also brainwashed. They’re still a little scared of you, but they feel sorry for you, for being treated like that by Giovanni.”

Blanche said, “Professor Willow also wants to talk to you.” Amber decided to speak to him.

“Professor! Are you hurt!? I’m… I’M SO SORRY!!!” Amber went back to breaking down. “I’m sorry if I keep breaking down like this! I have poor control over my emotions!!”

“Amber, I can assure you that I’m fine.” Said Professor Willow, “I’m more concerned about you.”

“The doctors are running some neurological tests on me, to make sure I’m not a Shadow Human anymore.” She replied, “I’m hoping that those tests are negative.” The doctors came into the room and they told Amber that she was no longer a Shadow Human. However, the nerve agents that were used in the chemicals to make her into a Shadow Human had slightly damaged her brain. “I had a feeling that those nerve agents affected my brain. Will I be staying in here, for a few days, or weeks, or what?” She was told that she’d be staying in the hospital for at least a week, because they wanted to make sure that the brain damage didn’t affect anything important.
“Darn… Well, as soon as I get out… I want to give Giovanni what he deserves… I’ll beat him, because you do NOT mess with Amber and get away with it!” There was another thing on her mind, “Um… professor… What about my shadow Pokemon? I don’t have enough candies or stardust to purify them. I don’t wanna see them like this, forever!”

Professor Willow said, “Normally, you will be needing Candies and Stardust to purify your Pokémon, yes. However, since I’m glad that you’re willing to fix your mistakes, I’ll make an exception. I’ll let you purify all of your Pokemon.”

Amber was super happy! “OH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” The professor had his purification machine on him and Amber was able to purify all her Pokemon… She decided, “Now that they’re all purified, I’ll sleep better, knowing that they’re no longer suffering.”

Spark asked, “is it okay if I stay in here, with you?” Amber nodded. Candela, Professor Willow and Blanche left the room, so Amber could rest. Spark soon fell asleep on a small couch that was in the room…


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Part 11

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 11: Training up

The next morning, Amber, Candela, Blanche, Prof. Willow and Spark talked for a little bit. “What did I exactly do, while being a Shadow Human?” She asked him.

“For starters, you and your Mewtwo physically hurt the four of us, including Spark.” Said Candela.

“There were also reports that you hurt the lives of trainers and their Pokemon.” Said Blanche, “Thankfully, no one died.”

“You… You called me dumb!!” Spark was crying.

“Yikes!” Amber said, “My memories of hurting the other trainers and the four of you are foggy, but… My god… Giovanni is gonna get his ass kicked, once I recover!” Amber talked to Professor Willow, “Thank you so much for letting me purify my Pokemon!”

“It’s my pleasure to help you out,” said Prof. Willow, “Also with purifying Pokemon, there’s added benefits to having a purified Pokemon, on your team.”

“There is? Let’s see…” Amber noticed something strange about her Pokemon. “Wait… it’s easier to power them up? I’ve noticed that it takes less stardust and candies to power up my Pokemon…”

Spark said, “That’s one of the benefits of a purified Pokemon! They’re not only easier to power up, but purified Pokemon are easier to evolve.”

“Well then… This’ll be one of the slowest weeks of my life! I wanna get out and do some training!!” Amber was growing impatient. “I can’t wait to destroy the Rocket Grunts, for what they’ve done…” Amber waited for the day of being released. Spark often visited her, so that her recovering in the hospital wasn’t completely boring. She often had to do physical therapy, just in case the nerve agents damaged certain parts of her brain. brain. Then, one day… She was free to go. “Oh thank God! I can leave!!” She immediately changed out of her hospital gown and was discharged from the hospital. “Now… Let’s do some training!”

Spark was waiting for her, outside the hospital room. “Okay, so… First, we should power your Pokemon up.” He looked at Amber’s Pokemon. “I’ve fought Sierra and last time I fought her, Tyranitar was excellent against her. Let’s see…” After looking over her team, he came to some ideas. “Honestly, I think you should get Mamoswine or Rhyperior.”

Amber was confused. “Those two?? But… I have questions: one, where can I find a Protector and two, who’s gonna want to trade with me!?” She was stressing out.

“Protector? Could you please explain?” Spark had never heard of a Protector before.

Amber said to him, “You see, in my world, Rhyperior evolves from Rhydon, but you have to trade Rhydon, while it’s holding a Protector. The Protector is an orangish item that’s very heavy and Rhydon apparently likes it. But in this universe, Pokemon can’t hold any items…”

Spark said, “So a Protector is basically an evolutionary item?”

“In a way, yes.” Amber was still confused, "But, how will I get to evolve Rhydon?

Spark said, “Glad you asked! You’ll need something called a Sinnoh Stone.”

“Sinnoh Stone?” Amber was worried, “Do I have to go back to my universe and bring a stone here? I don’t know where Celebi is…”

Spark said, “You don’t need to go back. The Sinnoh Stone is rare, but… I have some on me.”

Amber was happy, “You do!? Can I have one, please?”

Spark said, “I’ll give you some, but first… You said you wanted to fix your mistakes?” Amber nodded, “Here’s what we’ll do.” Spark pointed towards a Rocket Stop. “There’s a Rocket Grunt over there. In fact, many Rocket Grunts have been appearing… For every 10 Rocket Grunts that you defeat, I’ll give you a Sinnoh Stone.”

“Okay. That sounds like a plan.” Amber agreed to his help. Amber even found a few Shadow Larvitar, so that she could power up her own Tyranitar. Soon… She found a strange component. “What does this do?” She asked Spark.

“I’ve seen one of these before! It’s a component that those Rocket punks use, to hack into Pokestops. If you find six of them, you can make a Rocket Radar and that’ll show you where the admins are at.” Said Spark.

“A-ADMINS!? I… I don’t feel ready…” Amber was scared.

“You’ll be ready one day, trust me.” Said Spark. Soon, Amber was able to form a Rocket Radar. Amber was scared to use it, so Spark held onto it.

After a while, she was able to earn a Sinnoh Stone from Spark. “Yay! Now… We’ll need to find Rhyhorn to catch.” Spark and Amber traveled to a different city, an undisputed one, where there were tons of Rhyhorn, Mudkip and Swinub to catch! There were even a good amount of Scyther to catch, too. “I’m in heaven!! Look! All of these Pokemon!” Amber was so incredibly fixated on catching every single Pokemon in the area, that she didn’t notice that Arlo had been hiding out at one of the nearby Pokestops! Amber was gleefully catching Pokemon and spinning Pokestops. Spark looked at the radar and he shouted at Amber. “Wait! Don’t go over there!! An admin is there!”

Amber heard him and ran over towards him. She hugged him. “Ah… Thank you. I got so carried away with catching all these Pokemon and farming Candies and Stardust that I forgot about the admins. Those guys are aggravating!!”

“They are.” Spark noticed that it was getting late. “We should be heading back to our hotel room. It’s getting late out.” Amber agreed and followed him back. Amber and Spark decided to have some take-out food and they were reviewing the Pokemon that Amber had. Amber’s Tyranitar was over 3200 CP, but she didn’t feel ready yet. Her Mamoswine, Scizor, Swampert and Rhyperior that she got earlier that year were around 2500 CP. “How do you feel now?” He asked her.

“I still don’t feel ready yet. I really don’t want to lose! I hate losing, because of something that happened, back in my universe.” Amber explained, “I was fighting a really strong trainer, one day. I lost to him, but instead of him being kind and offering advice because I lost, him and other nearby trainers taunted me! I feel like I’ll relapse, if I lose! I mean, yes I eventually won against him, but at the cost of my self-esteem and sanity.”

Spark said, “Amber… I understand that you hate the idea of losing your first fight, but sooner or later, you’ll have to fight against one of the Admins. Even if you do lose the first time, I know deep down, you’ll never give up.” He hugged her, “If you lose and start to feel panicked and too overwhelmed, I’ll take care of the Admin for you, while you calm down. Does that sound okay?”

“Well, what if I wanted to beat them?” Amber asked, “I want to get my revenge against Team GO Rocket, for essentially mind controlling me, so…”

“So, does that mean you’re ready?” He asked her.


Spark just looked at her funny. “Ooooookay then.” The two soon went to bed, where tomorrow… Amber was ready to smack the Admins around.

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You would make a good writer, however the pacing is to slow and I feel that the characters don’t have much growth. Feel the same with nothing changing
JK don’t listen to me I can’t write

This is only the beginning… There are going to be at least 300 more parts to this

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Oh god, well I’ll wait till you’re done to read it

What happens when people become shadow humans? Except being evil ofc.

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It’ll be explained in a future part, where Amber tells a VERY long story of an adventure, from her universe. In a nutshell, Shadow Humans are like Shadow Pokemon, but (I don’t want to spoil anything):

  1. Human. Because they’re humans and can still make decisions, they essentially become evil and psychopaths.
  2. It damages their brain
  3. Something creepy happens, if not treated immediately…

Ooo… Excited about the 3rd.

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Oh boy…

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We are looking forward to part 12 and more.


Weird Flex but Okay…


I wanted to apologize.

I haven’t posted in a long time, because so many hectic things have been going on. May was a bit of a chill month, but then came the end of May and…

On May 25th, 2020, an African-American male named George Floyd was wrongfully killed by a cop. Floyd was suspected to have tried paying for some groceries with a fake 20 dollar bill (even though the bill turned out to be real) and the cops were called on him. One police officer kneeled on his neck and choked him to death. The result and outcry of his death has resulted in many protests, riots and marches that promoted the Black Lives Matter movement. It also resulted in many innocent protestors to be killed via Police Brutality and people are calling out others for their racist behavior. What irks me is that why did George Floyd die!? He was an innocent man, in the end.

I didn’t post in a little while, because I felt like taking a longer break. I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and thankfully, there is some justice for George Floyd. The cop that killed him is being charged as a murderer.

I’m sorry if I took longer than I expected, but… I felt like taking a longer break, until things have winded down a little.


It’s alright. The situation in the US doesn’t look too good now so no need to pressure yourself too much.

Part 12

Pokemon GO, Amber! Part 12: Sierra loses

Amber woke up next to Spark. She watched him sleep. “Ahhh… He’s sleeping… How cute,” she thought to herself. “It’s funny… I’ve only been here for about a couple of weeks, and yet… I feel like I’ve connected to you on a deeper level…” After thinking about him, she decided to make some breakfast: Burger-Steak Curry. “I’ve made this in the Galar region and it’s one of Umbreon’s favorites. I wonder if he’ll like it.” The nice smell of the curry woke him up.

“Amber?” He sprung up, “What’s that nice smell?”

“I’m making curry for both of us.” Amber said, “This is something I learned to do in the Galar region.” Amber had just finished boiling the rice and curry sauce. Soon, the patties were done and she put it all together. Spark and Amber ate the curry.

Spark said, “You know what? This is one of the best things I’ve ever had! It honestly gives that curry place a run for its money!” Amber blushed and thanked him. Afterwards, they headed out. After making some final preparations with Amber’s team, she gained some info about the admins from other trainers, on her way around the city…

One said, “I’ve heard Sierra can use a Houndoom.”

Another said, “Cliff’s Pinsir, Tyranitar and Electivire are no joke!”

Another said, “Arlo’s Mawile can trick you. He can also have Scizor, but the Admins’ Pokemon tend to differ…”

“So, the admins won’t always use the same Pokemon!? Oh dear…” Amber was a little worried, “Spark? What did Sierra use when you fought her?”

“I don’t remember, but it was rather easy.” Said Spark, “She was scary though!”

“Hmmmmmmmmm… Looks like I’ll go after her first.” Amber said, “Okay Spark… I’ve figured out who to ambush first.” Spark and Amber were near some Pokestops, but the Rocket radar wasn’t detecting anything… “Weird. Does it do this to you?” She asked Spark.

“Sometimes, yes.” He replied, “But… There are always more Pokestops that have a better chance of one appearing.” Suddenly, the radar showed the Pokestop that had an admin there. “Hey! Right over there!” It was near a warehouse of some sort. A statue that was outside, was labeled as a pokestop. “A Rocket Admin is over there!” Him and Amber hurried over. The admin over there was a rather tough looking lady, in a white suit. “Agh! It’s… Her.”

“Ugh… I thought I’d never see you again.” She glared at him, “How can you have such positivity, in this cruel world?”

“Maybe you should look at the little things in life and appreciate them.” He said, “But, I remember now… You can’t. You don’t have much of a life.”

Amber bursted out laughing, but it attracted the attention of Sierra. She then remembered, “You’re back!? This punk has taken you under his wing!?”

“Yuh… Yes?” Amber said, “But, you guys turned me into a monster! I even attacked Spark! Unforgivable!”

“And what do you suppose you’ll do now?” She asked Amber.

“Obviously… I’ll redeem myself. By beating ALL OF YOU!” Sierra sent out Beldum. Amber decided to send out her Swampert that she had caught and trained up, not too long ago. “Okay Spark, now-” The Beldum was barraging against her Swampert, “GO! SPRAY YOUR MUD ON BELDUM!!” Swampert used Mud Shot and took it out. Sierra sent in Exeggutor, so Amber thought it was wise to switch into Scizor: another Pokemon she raised up. She tried using a charged attack, but… Sierra Shielded. Amber decided to waste her shields and Exeggutor went down. She sent out Houndoom, so Amber went and sent out Rhyperior and she immediately took it out with Rock Wrecker.

“You win this time, but things will go differently the next time we meet!” She then disappeared.


Spark said to Amber, “Amber, you won!”

Amber immediately stopped. “I…” she was out of breath. “I did?”

Spark nodded, “Yes. Sierra retreated, but you won!”

Amber was in disbelief, “Did I really? Um… I don’t believe so. There’s no way.” Amber then looked again and noticed that the Shadow Beldum that Sierra had was left behind. “What’s this doing here?”

“Sierra left it behind, again, when you beat her.” Said Spark.

Amber caught the Beldum and she was still denying the facts, “Are you sure?”

Spark looked at Amber and her Pokemon “This Swampert, Rhyperior and Scizor are yours, right?” Amber nodded. “These are the Poke Balls you used to catch them in, correct?” Amber nodded. “Then, these Pokemon, that are yours, were used to fight Sierra, which occurred recently, right?” Amber nodded. “She retreated, because her Pokemon fainted and you won. YOU. WON.”

Amber gave up. “I’m sorry, I’m just not used to believing that I’m a good trainer, in this world, because of all the damage I’ve caused. I was in disbelief that I actually did something good, this time.” She hugged him, “But… did you like how I took out her Pokemon!? Ah, I wanna fight some more!!”

Spark said, “Well… we’ll have to spot another Pokestop that has an Admin there.” Amber healed up her Pokemon, and the two searched for the other admins…


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